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  1. Futbin is your friend. Use that to guide you through SBCs, don't follow it to the tee but use it to guide you in what kind of players you should use. If you haven't done the SBCs...does that mean you haven't done hybrid league/nations etc? That are really good, get some really good packs from those. I'd start with those, they would be a good intro too.
  2. He looks rather tidy! Let us know how he is Al. I'm trying to resist the call of SBC players.
  3. I think Black Friday is regarded as a good time to buy players who are in packs, when people open up the sale packs and flood the market. Plus people panic sell because of this which rocks the market even more. Thats players that are in packs, the best time to buy players who are no longer in packs (Like Sissoko RTTF) is supposedly Monday after WL has wrapped. If they are a cheap icon, now might be the best time to buy, expensive icons like Rio and Vieira, Monday is probably the best shout. I'd say Sissoko is a better investment than Vieira personally. Whic
  4. EA are crafty bastards. So the Baby icon got dropped as a none repeatable, fodder went up but only slightly compared to what is posted here. If you invested a couple of weeks ago you would have made good profits still, if you invested on my prompt, you would have made a small amount of profit. But profits be profits! The markey this morning says... 83 - 2+ 84 - 4.5+ 85 - 8.5+ 86 - 15+ 87 - 21+ 88 - 28.75+ 89 - 38+ 90 - 45+ 91 - 54+ I've cashed out (On everything apart from my 83s). It may rise still, but I was ready to jum
  5. Nothing for me on the PS5, I'm finding it alot smoother if anything.
  6. Anyone able to recommend a good headset please? Thats not a Pulse 3D! Cant find a pulse...
  7. Over 5000! (by my guess...) Say you sell them for 850 on average, thats a 25% profit on a 650 purchase. Simple and effective! If you have time, keep that up, thats way more profitable than my one time payouts, quite intensive though I imagine.
  8. Got a little bit distracted from my actual job this morning... A guide to fodder investing and the potential Base Icon pack drop. Even if the base icon drop doesn't come, hype will push the prices up and you can duck out early. Black Friday is also upon us, the market is crashing on Meta players. Disclaimer: I was shit at maths in school, this could be full of errors!
  9. Yeah, having tactics set up is a must! Just gives you so many more options in how to make sure you get good chemistry. This is my team at the start, but I have never played that formation... I switch it to this: Or this: ...Depending on how the game is going. In other news, TOTW isn't utter shite for a change. I mean all of our picks will still be shit but thats besides the point. And the silver objective player this week is better than Martial...
  10. Anybody had a whirl on the UCL upgrades? Did 3 and got: Ferran AWB Wijnaldum So not too bad at all, not going to do more until I have more untradeables to toss aside. Regarding WL, me and Baring got to 17 wins this week, I wont post the breakdown of who got what, but one of us had a stinker. Mbappe was unsurprisingly, a phenom. And Son continues to be the best (he is so cheap now! I cant recommend him enough, easy to fit in as well with a strong link to Reguilón, who is very capable at the back... Also still great is the Kouli-Mano
  11. Yeah coop is best, it just makes it far less of a grind. My only disappointment with it, is you can't do the player challenges in coop, which makes no sense to me, its a bloody friendly mode. Mbappe plan is to give him a run out this week and then maybe trade him in for Ronaldo. Maybe...
  12. Was guttered when I saw the overall TOTW options, wouldn't have been happy with any of them but as for the other packs I suppose that's OK for Gold 3...
  13. Some honking decisions this weekend. Harry Kane being the pick of a rotten bunch for me. He turned, looked exactly where Lallana was then backed into him, endangering Lallana if anything, how that's a foul on Kane is beyond my realms of comprehension. Also contact shouldn't mean penalty, it just bloody shouldn't, thats why you have people throwing themselves around. They talk about contact because its black and white but football isn't, the force of the contact has to be considered. Was the contact enough to impede that person? Was it enough to knock that p
  14. Fair enough, but still, just one 77 player SBC is still lacking by a considerable margin compared to the other major leagues.
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