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  1. Opened my 81+x25 pack! Henderson + 1x84 + 2x83 The rest 82 and below. Shiiiiite.
  2. That's a very decent pull! He is an absolute unit. But best of all, his ponytail game is next level.
  3. I've got no chance but you should almost certainly do it! I mean really you probably shouldn't, but then that's not as entertaining! Do it!
  4. Yes please @kthxbliz I spunked all my moneys up the walls months ago, but love a good method! I need to build up some funds again. Living on crumbs atm. @hannay that is silly money! I could waste that on SBCs soooo easy. In other boring news. Does anyone have baby Vieira? It's madness but I've dropped his untradable from my team, I'm just getting nothing from him at all. It's bizarre, I expected him to boss the midfield but the game just passes him by he just doesnt seem intercept or tackle at all.
  5. The only way SB is made bearable (If I have to play it, I really don't want to have to play it properly). Havent tried it yet, if anyone does! Let us know how you get on.
  6. Options...with only 9 tokens available for now...
  7. Which ever way you look at it, that's a piss poor selection from EA. Baby Butra and Baggio are the best you can get and you won't have them till the end of March, eh! Blanc is probably the best option but even then, doesn't seem worth the graft given TOTS starts to ramp up in March. 25x whatever packs it is!
  8. Spot on. I packed TOTY Alisson last year, and he was fucking trash.
  9. Haha! I've never used Pope but he is the one I fear most. I would second Ter Stegan as my fave. Courtois is my current because of Real, but I've been happy with his work also.
  10. That's really not bad considering some of the shite out there. Seen some opening videos, they have been brutal. Happier with my player now, even if I do end up kicking him into an SBC in the not too distant future.
  11. I did the party pack! Got Ozywhatshischops. (88LW) Thought it was a shit pull, then realised it could have been so much worse when I saw the horrors others got on twitter.
  12. @gooner4life is your man! He has been smashing the Weekend Leagues. I think formations always plays a big part in it! And having 2 or 3 you can use depending on your opponent. Personally, I am out the loop, havent played a great deal recently and I havent played weekend league since before xmas, the thought of it haunts me! Maybe went TOTS drops I will venture back into it...
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