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  1. I'm assuming you just jumped into rivals, but you are very late in the game to expect to compete in FUTs most competitive mode after putting little to no effort into building a team. I mean the vast majority of criticism Fifa gets, it fully deserves but your expecting to rock up 8 months into the game and compete with a shit team. Whilst its fair to say EA are as stingy as ever when it comes to dishing out free packs, they still do dish out a decent amount of packs through weekly rewards/SBCs/Objectives. They also give away specific players who can only be a
  2. Those teams are nuts, make mine look like absolute trash. I have been really struggling in the tactics department on the rate occasions I do please. Going away from any that the youtube tell me and coming up with my own never ever works out. Going to go back to Ovvy, see what he has for me.
  3. I didn't play WL, but I did get Vardy in my silver rivals rewards Will go nicely with the Beckham I got yesterday when I tossed all my fodder into the midfield icon SBC. And by go nicely I mean they probably won't play together because Beckham is pointless in fifa.
  4. When did they get rid of the forum empathy button.
  5. Cancelo for me. Which is alright I guess.
  6. Guaranteed Prem TOTS pack is out at 200k...let us know which one of the 3 playeds who cost below 200k that you get... Gundogan Ederson Soucek
  7. Fair enough, more my kind of player
  8. Wait... Is prime Stoichkov not a good pull?
  9. No prizes for guessing which community TOTS player I got...
  10. I had to play to get 4 wins for my icon swap pack 25×83+. It was fucking dreadful. The two new SBCs today! 86 squad for a 2x86+ pack and then an incredibly overpriced icon attacker SBC! Whoop! About 600k. Fucking hell.
  11. Middlesbrough doing our very best to keep Derby up. Which is strange considering our recent history with the chairman, fully expected us to be on holiday mode in both games. Footballing integrity lives on!
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