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  1. Anyone have any suggestions for improvements? Got about 700k in the bank. Dont really want to buy Neymar just yet as he is at peak! (Bring in a Mane/Salah/Varane combo?) Feel free to use the bench... I play 4231 in game more often than not, but when not, its 442.
  2. That Pants was right about you all along Gooner!
  3. Rewards day! Untradable: 2X Jumbo premium golds. 2x Mega Packs 2x Rare Player packs Players of note: 1 84 Arthur. Tradable: 2x Rare Mega Packs 1 Rare Gold Pack Players of note: 1 83 Otamendi And my player picks... Ouch. Lucas can get fucked. You can buy that as TOTW for like 27k. Managed to build up my funds again this week, close to Neymar after being able to sell off alot of silvers and rare bronzes plus my 87s and 88s when Sane dropped. Just gotta resist the temptation of pumping all the gold into packs in frustration.
  4. If any of us gets Mbappe, I will eat my own face. I can say that with a bit more confidence because now I know Gooner doesnt have any picks.
  5. I had 85 Ben Yedder early doors, fucked him off for the 86+ SBC and got Depay. I dont deserve nice things. (I did play with him for 100+ games to be fair, we didnt get on for some reason, which is odd because I love Butes and he is basically baby baby Butes.) But I still want the nice things! I would welcome Haland and Casemiro, but yeah the only guys who are going into my starting 11 are Van Dijk and Mbappe. Like Timmo said, I'll be better off just eyeing up what my first owned big league teams need.
  6. Phwoar, 92 Van Dijk and 92 Mbappe in TOTW! I for one I cannot wait to be awarded with Nick Pope and Ciaran Clark for my Weekend League efforts.
  7. Essien is more increase for your buck 1.2m more than Keane! Value difference wise Del is like a 600k increase on a dynamic BenY which has the chance to increase. (Though the value of it will decrease if he gets POTM!) I'd get Essien and replace Kante, but personal pref, I dont find Kante anywhere near as good as he was on 19. Loads of time until you can get that card anyway, so your teams needs may shift!
  8. I can only wish that dilemma would actually come my way.
  9. I had absolutely no idea about the Headliner rules... I knew they stayed ahead of any informs they get awarded but I wasnt aware of... If that players team has a domestic winning streak of 4 games starting from Jan 17th, that player gets a permanent +1 boost and a nice little glow on there dynamic images. I take it this is news to nobody else. Bloody need Wolves to go on a winning streak now! Just gotta beat Liverpool, United and then Leicester... But you would imagine big clubs will hit that 4 games sooner or later. Salah will have his by the 1st Feb at Liverpools current rates. Your looking at a 1 month wait every time the team loses or Draws mind.
  10. Aye! High rated fodders seemed to be up aswell, probably Sane. I sold any I had last night, so might be worth selling them... Advise people check futbin though first, I could be talking pish. Bloody Neymar was down to 530k at one point he is upto 770k right now. Not helping that he is OOP.
  11. Cruyff is my boy! He carries me though the vast majority of my games. I'd be lost without him. I got carried away during the last promo, sacrificed a lot for Upgrade SBCs which led to baby icons, which led to Rijkaard / Bergkamp and Keane, the first 2 dont quite fit into my starting 11, unless I play a 4231 but then I lose my nippy wingers. And have Butra and Villa playing wide. I do like Bergkamp, bizarre how they managed to capture his effortlessly coolness. Defo got something to do with his 97 composure.
  12. Both yours and Ballzzies teams put mine to shame anyways! My Boys! (plus best reserves.) Just need a CB in Futswaps then I'll have 4 positions locked off, so I can choose any players for RW/LW/CM/LB and not have to worry about chem. Still want Neymar though.
  13. I recon he buys packs... No wonder he got 28 wins, that's a back out on arrival team.
  14. Yours certainly looks more impressive than mine. You could use standard Messi on RW if you went for standard Neymar. No CAM though! Not sure if you use one. Could move Viera to the middle and then have Bobby as LCM.
  15. Its hard you probably had a team similar to this anyway! It feels like you can't keep Mbappe and not get Neymar! You can't keep Vidal and not go Messi... You can't keep Varane and not have a La Liga player alongside him. (or Icon...) Switched to 4231or 442 ingame. Butra could be swapped out for another icon of preference. I really like him but you probably won't get on with him because of his lack of skill moves!
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