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  1. Pre kick off... Post kick off... Been on a decent run of late when I have managed to play, so I'm looking forward to undoing all of that by introducing 3 new starters. Bammy, Ramos and then Torres has been promoted from super sub.
  2. I'm clearly in the minority but I don't think it looks that bad.
  3. Are these whoppers ever going to be required for a SBC or shall I just quick sell them for 14k each.
  4. I didn't even get a player pick. Outraged I was. I say played 5, I actually played and won 4 then started and quit the last game to get me over the 5 game requirement barrier.
  5. I played 5 games in the WL last week.
  6. That cannot be real. Has to be a joke. Paddypower do like to push their sense of humor.
  7. So we are not getting an Asgardians of the Galaxy?
  8. The above says a squad max, so maybe you can't even have them on your bench.
  9. I was really hoping for Clem Fandango response at the end of that.
  10. You can get inform Goretzka or Witsel or Havertz or Delaney or Brandt for fairly cheap. (Sub 30k) Probably wont look as impressive alongside the rest mind!
  11. I'm finding that with MVB, very heavy but still popping up with some important goals for me. I might give Torres a run out in his place though, he has been impressive off the bench.
  12. Yeah, I'm sure he is untradable. If you move Reus up you could use any Bundesliga player you want in his CM slot. Reus and Mbappe belong together uptop in that team.
  13. That's no biggie really, I can live without Juves kit, badge and stadium. Which is essentially all that is. Dissapointed we won't be getting a Ristiano Conaldo though and we are stuck with the real thing.
  14. When defending, manually move your goalkeeper to cover the near post player and try and get a defender infront of the near post player. When attacking aim for the near post player about 4/5ths power. Aiming the header to the back post. Just do it fast to try and get the corner in before the defending team can get set. (This is based on the massive assumption your near post player isn't tiny.)
  15. Scoops Troop! Most upset I wasn't able to place Super Jock Douche Reporter as guy from Starship Troopers.
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