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  1. Not a single one of them is below 80 pace, the vast majority being over 88 pace.
  2. Holy shit. Those Youth Cards are absolutely outrageous, absolutely stacked. (Upamecano.) They have essentially just produced a big pile of make believe cards.
  3. Actually yeah, further look into his stats... His defending is phenomenal but physically he is a bit of a noodle. I'll give him a whirl anyway.
  4. The Loan Barasi Icon only requires an 82 rated team, bargain. Pretty handy for the weekend league.
  5. About a 100, which I dont think is too bad, the majority of them were non rare golds. Probably would have got more if I took the time to sort out the 'Buy it now' prices but...effort. Just listed all for min.
  6. That Fab is Money! The new league SBCs are out. As tempting as that Doucoure is, I'm flogging all my Prem players. Curious to see how much 100 players gets me, I'm down to 4k at the minute. Edit: 100k which isnt too shabby for all prem players 82 and under. (Chelsea players drew in the biggest bucks.)
  7. Use the 451 then you only need the one strong link to him, gives you more flexibility elsewhere. My out of position Allasandrini is working well.
  8. Yeah just a screenshot before I did it.
  9. How I did it. I used FB Cass too, his card cost about 50k in total to do, when you consider the packs if you get anything semi decent it works out cheaper than buying a high rated player.
  10. No problem. I had 6 games last night with my new line up, Ibra is great. Even from the threat from corners alone. Over the moon to finally have Pogba on my team the lanky arsewipe has caused me nothing but grief this year, so it's nice to spread the joy. Most impressive of all... I couldn't be bothered subbing out Allesandrini for a CDM so I just played him there alongside Rabiot. On 3 chem and out of position as a winger playing CDM he has been spot on. the games broken.
  11. Yeah just the quick formation settings.
  12. The 9 obviously doesn't include loyalty or manager as well.
  13. Yeah subs get 5 Chem, you can get him to 10 with Larsson, depends how you set out your team at the start. My formation I start with above means Zlat only needs one strong link. Same for the wingers and full backs which is useful.

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