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  1. Vardy and some 84. My two jumbo rare packs though!!!
  2. Another shite TOTW, Son and then Lewa or nothing. That'll be nothing then!
  3. For Mid Icons, thats: Scholes, Nedved and Van Nistelrooy. Baby Icon rolls: Cruyff, Keane, Bergkamp, Lehmann, Rijkaard. I'm not complaining, I know the odds are awful for getting someone good! Im just a sucker for rolling the icon dice. I am too poor now to have another go...for now.
  4. Just ran out of time. It wasn't Van Der Sar! I'm going to say worse than Van Der Sar. This is my team, he will not be going into to it.
  5. I had probably my best weekend to date on 20 I think, using the defensive tactics you posted Gooner. So cheers! 20 wins with 4 games spare. I got Lucas from the Fut birthday surprise, which is a bit pish could have been pisher, but considering I have Adama and James he is completely surplus. Tried him for 7 games, underwhelmed thus far. For my 18 win I got a 91 Lewendowki, whom has already been punted into an Icon SBC. I was surprised to see he is one of the cheapest 91 rated players, but happy with a high rating atleast.. Shall we play the guessing game again! Mid Icon SBC... Dutch Flag...So many possibilities!
  6. Standard Liege took out the mighty Boro in the last round. The Wolves team is head and shoulders above the rest though, you guys should clinch it! Just pass the ball to Adama!
  7. 2 84 rated GK in mine. Even in a shite TOTW I can't get anywhere near a top rated player. To be fair none of the players this week would make it worth the agro.
  8. Cool, I'll give that a shot, I've been playing 4222 for a while now, mines on width 3 and depth 4, pressure on heavy touch. Then balanced and 5 on attacking. I have one striker false 9, the other in behind, 1 CDM sit back, the other cut loose. Have been pretty successful with it, bar the recent shitty WL performance. Makelele is unbelievable, I think him pressing high will yield some solid results!
  9. 9 depth as in pressing crazy high!? Or 9 depth as in sit back really deep? Thanks for your tinternet tips, I haven't had any issues since.
  10. Rolled mid icon again. Nedved. That will do I suppose! I would have been happier if he had his mane, but he has stupid short hair.
  11. Cheers man, I'll give that a crack.
  12. Most upset old Disney Junior shows arnt available like, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso. Little Einsteins theme tune is a jam!
  13. Ding ding ding! Timmo got it in one. I can't believe I got Scholesed. I keep getting weird lag, where it slows down and then fast forwards, it started a few weeks ago but has become a huge pain in the arse this weekend, proper fucked my weekend league up. I'd show a video but... Even when I am full green bars it's going nuts. Absolute shit show, this kind of lag is why PES became unplayable. I might just punt my 1m into two more mid icons.
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