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  1. Good lord. I got 44 points in a week where the average is 55. And well below what I would have got if I didn't play my wildcard. My team on paper though looks decent though... I'm going (have) to let it ride.
  2. Wait. How come come City are playing well, how come they aren't playing utter shit like United did. I thought they had that same lack of pre season prep?
  3. I should have listened to your wife. Dropped Son, Mitrovic and Antonio with my wildcard. Next year is my year.
  4. His hunger to perform at a PL club may now have increased. Not only to show the world, but as one final fuck you to Real Madrid. Really hope he joins Spurs and smashes it.
  5. They gave him a silly salary which no one will even come close to matching. Not letting him go to China was through there own stubbornness. I'm glad he is rinsing them, they hung him out to dry, and he is getting the best revenge, playing golf and laughing at them. His 'Celebrations' at the end of the season were bloody superb, he has went up in my estimations after all this. If Spurs can cover half his wages and bring him to the Prem then that's a good move for Spurs, yes even paying half that wage is an outrageous amount, but they arnt paying a fee for him and they are still gett
  6. What an utterly appalling week. Not helped by me not realizing De Bruyne and Fernandes didn't have matches. Whoops! Anyway...
  7. I'm getting more office vibes, all it needs is characters sitting down to do interviews and its the Office of the Viking age. I was worried it wouldn't be as good based on such strong word of mouth, but you know what they say, 9 out of 10 concerns are completely unfounded.
  8. Guttered we are playing Watford first! Whilst you still have the bulk of your team. Please sell more players and quickly. Will be an interesting match up though with a manager new to the championship taking on a manager who has been around since before records began.
  9. Maybe I am getting old, I cant see anything wrong with the CGI. Bond went full Sean Bean though at 2.08.
  10. Wow. What a fall from grace that second trailer is.
  11. You'd cant begrudge any fan for getting excited about picking up James and Allan. I dont think any fans would say they are back in the big time, but those kind of signings push them closer to the upper mid tier time. (Top 7 hunt.) Looking forward to seeing them in the Prem, back under Carlo.
  12. Suppose that'll do for the 89+ pack.
  13. I got him in an 81+ the other day. Here's me thinking I got something rare.
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