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  1. Yay! Prime Nine SBC gave me my best pack to date.
  2. Also Its a lot more useful if you have 100 transfer slots and just keep it full. Then Re listings once the hour is up.
  3. Just instant sold a bronze french manager for 1.8k. (A. Ballier) Huzzah!
  4. Are you just listing them at 200?
  5. Many loans on the catalogue? Always good for a little early boost. Nevermind - Found it: https://www.fifauteam.com/fifa-19-catalogue-items-ultimate-team/
  6. Squad is coming together nicely! No monies spent. (I ditched the prem for better value elsewhere.)
  7. A plague upon on all of your houses.
  8. Steely

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Best thing about Adama, those YouTube highlight reels! Phwoar. Immensely talented dribbler, but once his head is down he just cant see what is going on around him, he draws so many players to him aswell where you think he could just lay it off to another player in a better position but it almost never seems to happen. It sound strange but you never see him use his pace off the ball (which would be such a weapon), he always picks up the ball from a standing start then cuts loose the boosters.
  9. Steely

    Grand Designs

    She looked properly fed up and very resentful of the build and him by the end.
  10. The 4 players of choice is 80 and under, it seemed like it was just an option of one from each league. I just pumped mine into all prem. I bought some players earlier @Mitchell and they didnt show in my squad, I had to log out and in before they appeared. Might the same for the objective.
  11. I've been steered towards the Premier League with my freebie packs, Kosielny, Rojo, Torreira. Premierleague isnt as fun as starting in like Seria A
  12. My start up team will be wherever my packs guide me. 30 is a lot more reasonable so I'll be more likely to give it a go, I'll still never clock 30 like. The other rumor going through the mill is that packs will show a high level % of what kind of player ratings a pack will give you? Example, Normal Rare gold pack is 5% chance of getting an 84+.
  13. Steely

    FIFA 19

  14. Starlord is dead to me after what he did in Infinity War, the dick.

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