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  1. After rising through the divisions I'm now having far less fun. I'm not even that high, Im just not winning all the time anymore, what a sick joke.
  2. Not going to lie, anything else will be a bitter disapointment.
  3. Hero pack was actually alright, Park Ji Sung, not a banger but fits nicely into my team as a second CDM. I didn't realise Heroes get 3* chem as standard. FWIW really enjoying this game, cant wait for them to patch a ruin it.
  4. Red pick was alright, I suppose... Icon pack was alright aswell, I suppose.
  5. Red Dwarf. Father Ted. The Simpsons. (Pre season 7(?)) Thunder in Paradise.
  6. Love Plotwords. Plotwords #94 Clues used: 1/24 https://plotwords.com/daily
  7. 1. Step Brothers 2. Groundhog Day 3. Four Lions 4. Anchorman 5. Home Alone 6. Shaun of the Dead 7. Napoleon Dynamite 8. Bridesmaids 9. Jackass 2 10. The Hangover 11. Zoolander 12. Superbad 13. 21 Jump Street 14. South Park 15. Emporers New Groove 16. The Wolf of Wallstreet 17. Dumb and Dumber 18. In The Loop 19. Team America 20. The Inbetweeners Movie I refuse to be drawn on why Step Brothers is number 1 and why Groundhog Day is the oldest movie on my list. Thank you.
  8. They have ditched the old position change cards. CF>CAM, RM>RW etc. Only some players can change positions now and it's limited to what they have as options specific to them. Examples...
  9. Never seen it. Framed #186 https://framed.wtf
  10. #Posterdle #2022-08-26 #1201games seconds ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ https://posterdle.com Yay!
  11. I don't think I've played more than 10 (I miss the old stat which used to to tell you at the top how many games you had played overall) games since Feb. I don't think it's a bad game, I just think fifas grip after all these years might be finally loosening on me. Jumped on for a stint last night and I've been dunked all the way down to Div 8! Even though playing the game its self has dropped off a cliff for me I've still been doing the app, the team over the last two weeks though (Like everyone elses I imagine) has gone off! (All untradable.) I'll no doubt be back in the swing of things for the new version though, best part of the game, that initial build! But even that has lost its appeal somewhat, long gone are the days when you had to slum it with some upper 70s even for a few weeks, the good teams seem come around alot quicker the days!
  12. I think we saw the consequences of that scene at the end of the episode and it was the Neuman (Head Popper) being appointed running mate. That was the favour she asked of Homelander in exchange Ryans address...
  13. Cannot believe people are referring to an episode that contains this.... ...as filler! Solid. Gold.
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