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  1. If you can please try Hugo Sanchez for me and report back before I make my swaps decision. I miss Icon loan cards.
  2. No mention of AI, hopefully they have overlooked the Squad Battle filth. That method got me 3 glorious 1 nill wins yesterday. What's the crack with headers, I don't want them to be OP again but fuck me, they are near totally useless at the minute.
  3. Ah, I had no idea the promo was finished! Thought it was still rumbling on till Friday. Still, it was a big spike!
  4. What the hell happened to the RTF cards? Why did they all go through the roof last night?
  5. I'm a firm advocate for Packs, it's why we play the game, the thrill of the pack. But given your pauper status, and the fact I don't think you are doing first owned objectives. It's probably best to just take the cash. Take packs in a few weeks, once you have a solid competitive team. 17k goes a long way at the minute!
  6. Buy now prices for non rare golds are on the floor at the moment. Stock up on these with players from the major leagues, Premier League and La Liga are usually best. (But Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 will all still work.) This isnt a quick flip like Pants posted before, the quick flipping wont be working very well today, due to the lack of SBCs, so you will buy these then wait, you can probably sell them Tonight/Tomorrow night when an SBC drops. (Should drop.) Advice, buy Defenders and LM/RM, you can buy them for around 400 and then sell them for 800+ . GK/CDM/CM/CAM/ST are not usually as sort after and may sell for less, though it does depend on the formation of the SBCs, so dont ignore them completely, you just may not be able to flog them for 800+. You can never go wrong buying none rare golds from big leagues at 400, they will always go for more, and usually you dont have to wait for more than a couple of days. I'm just stocking my club to the nines. (Also, rather than just sniping buy it now, you can also do bidding to store them on your Transfer Target list, until they need listing.)
  7. Those things are genuinely less boring than playing the AI. Fucking squad battles, I really hope that works! Do you know if it works on any difficulty setting Timmo?
  8. You fuck. I didn't realise this one ended today. At work till late now. Id be more annoyed if I wasn't chipping away at icons whilst doing these challenges, so not an exclusive waste of time.
  9. Back to back lifted through ball goals.
  10. Note to self. Don't do weekend league this weekend! Must get Mbabu and Icons cards instead of putting myself through the pain of forcing myself to play games.
  11. Click the Right Stick and direct where you want to flick the ball at the same time.
  12. My favourite moves are: Double tap through ball for a slight lift. Doing this to players in and around the box is great, I've scored so many volleys. Also the click the RS in and direct, flicking up the ball with his first touch. Again around the edge of the box, if you play a normal pass to the strikers feet, it's great for flicking it around defenders first time.
  13. Yeah, you can bring 3 superstars on. They don't have to be first owned or of the same requirements.
  14. New icon challenges are out, very much in the same spirit as the previous ones. Tip: When doing the 7 player league minimums, do one using a full first owned 11. 2 rewards, one team. If you are lucky enought to first own 11 Brazilians from one of those league, you could hit 3 with one team. If you have 7 Brazilians from one of those leagues you can do another 2 at once. By topping it up with Brazilians from anywhere else. Im starting with a first 11 owned Prem and If I'm lucky enought to pack one more Brazilian from LA Liga, I can double that one. That takes me to Keane!
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