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  1. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    this has aged well
  2. Matter Really enjoyed this one, the first time there has been a fact filled appendix and lots of aliens interacting with each other. But maybe because it doesn't focus on the minds or AI, it is also one of the least interesting on a philosophical level. It makes up for it though with some strong characters and the concept of a shellworld is brilliant, if a bit mad. I also actually laughed quite a bit, the Oct in particular were good value and I hope they return. Already cracking on with Surface Detail now as my friend who I'm borrowing these from is leaving my work, I must say I am getting weary of anything with virtual worlds (and time travel or multi-verses) but this is Banks so I feel I'm in good hands.
  3. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    what an absolute treat that was
  4. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    more boundaries now than any test match
  5. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    blimey I was going to get some work done and crack open a beer with 40 runs left, calm down jonny I have work to do. Egg on my face for calling him to go as well I accept.
  6. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    What a player
  7. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    no wicket for the first twenty minutes, this is a good sign for England I feel. Sounds like they are playing the situation as well. Would be nice to have a win!
  8. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    England now favourites, very strange match. Bairstow really needs to go I think, and I say that as a fan of his. As Cook said today it's not complex. Stokes just gone, meh.
  9. I#ve not seen the show but finished Empire of Pain by Patrick Radden Keefe over Easter, it's a masterpiece of non fiction story telling.
  10. Yeah one of the best things about this show is every character is smart, in fact Saul seems the least aware of what's really going on, despite often being the protagonist. So often on this forum we are moaning about characters being stupid to serve the plot.
  11. Yeah it's definitely lost something. There seem to be fewer emails? The ads are awful but I get it and can tolerate it, but the podcast doesn't really flow like it used to.
  12. one question: I missed that, but I think I might watch this episode again anyway
  13. I like how that episode did clear up lots of questions and made me feel less stupid, I think it's like a novel where you need to have faith in the writer a bit. As I get older though I tend to just assume I zoned out at some point. Anyway, holy shit!
  14. Pete


    Aside from the terrible first episode (so on the nose it's painful) the new volume of Love, Death and Robots has been brilliant. The Crab one my favourite so far, I thought Swarm had a bad start but the idea was very interesting in the end.
  15. Another great episode, I actually would have liked this as a series.
  16. I've not updated my sub, it's summer and there wasn't much there for now. Replaying RDR2 will keep me busy enough.
  17. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Hopefully he can make them enjoy playing again, that's all I want to see at this stage.
  18. To be fair they have a whole 10 second bit where he's sad about that.
  19. He is an outstanding actor, I was really excited to see where his career was going after Sex Education. He stands out on that show which is full of brilliant performances, can't wait to see his take.
  20. Such a disappointing ending, all the energy just seemed to get sucked out of it as it went along.
  21. Real top tier episode that, grinning the whole way through.
  22. These terms are acceptable
  23. Yes I've also given in, they clearly are running out of ideas which is shame when you have an entire mini society to explore.
  24. Great to see Italy finally win, hopefully they can build from here. They played with real spirit throughout.
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