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  1. Thanks for this, I've done this mission before so a bit confused, I guess it deleted my progress in the update?
  2. I'm a total noob to this and I'm a bit baffled. I'm following the main story I think but I only two main guns and they are both shite. Currently takes about twenty minutes of painful shooting to get to a boss who kills me. Am I missing something? How do I get more ammo? How do I get supercharged? Is anything explained at any point?
  3. If we're doing that I just want to highlight all the films on iPlayer, including lots of classics. Finally got round to watching The Apartment, everyone was right! Amazing film.
  4. I made Chelsea buns! They do not look pretty, but my they are delicious. Ruined my dinner completely.
  5. I'm shouting at the TV when on the wall in only connect they don't use the infinite guesses they have at the start. Come on keep trying all those combinations!
  6. I'm not buying Lee Scorsby or the Bears love for Lyra, which is is a shame..I couldn't even remember Lee and Lyra sharing a scene. However the last scene was brilliant. I also read the books about 20 years ago, I remember much more about the third book and have no idea how they are going to film it.
  7. I thought that was superb, real return to form. The drap back-story to Charles paid off in this series, it makes his treatment of Diana much more understandable and both sides come across as victims, much like every member of the royal family in this. Except the Duke of Edinburgh, who continues to look like he's actually enjoying all the skiing and free booze. Oh and Andrew of course! Glad they got a peado refernce in early there. The Aprateid episode is one of the best they've ever done, even if the cheese factor was a bit high and the "man in bedroom" episode was at t
  8. One and two are equally excellent, three was the weakest but not much in it. Matt Smith remains the best thing about the whole series.
  9. Yes, and you can choose between multiplayer and single. Not easy to find the menu option though!
  10. I miss the history bits as well! Fuck you channel 4. Come dine with me was better when they all got on as well too.
  11. Have to agree here, in the technicals they've been set up to fail either with the timings or the instructions. The key thing thing with last week's pudding was that the lemon needs to cook, they just didn't have the time to stream it properly. Matt Lucas is awful.
  12. I love this game. As someone in thier thirties it does feel it's made for me, every one of my favourite cars from the 90s feature (one was a barn find!) and just diriving around on it is fun, especially now I don't really the sat nav to get around. I've got my head around "skills points" though to me, swevring around taking out fencing isn't skill but anyway. I also found after about 20 hours of playing the wheel spin feature, so I got to use about 50 in a row which was very exciting and now I own three houses
  13. The trial of the Chicago 7 avoided nearly every courtroom cliché and was clever and funny, as well as being pretty upsetting at times. I could not of watched this knowing trump could still win, as things are it's a very timely watch.
  14. Nice one, expect more stupid questions around then.
  15. Took me ages to find this! Couldn't naviagte the menu system and walked away. Brutal for noobs! Just started the single player campaign (I think?) and it's making more sense now. Will all these menus and other stuff get explained at some point?
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