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  1. Pete

    Salmon bits

    fish cakes are the best, mix it with mash (and parsley, maybe dill) then the old flour egg breadcrumbs and fry. Everyone loves them.
  2. @davadvice1 You'll need to dry roast the spices before grinding (it's from Rick Steins' far east book), this makes enough for a small jar and lasts me about a month: 2 tsp cardamom seeds (40 pods!) 1 tsp cloves 2 x 6cm cinnamon stick 4 large bits of mace (might need to go to waitrose or an asian shop for this one) 2 tbsp cumin seed 2 tbsp coriander seed 1 tbsp black peppercorn Heat them on a very hot pan until they smell amazing and the oils start to come out. Then grind it, smells like heaven.
  3. only just saw this but surely the process is make a curry, then add a shit ton of ghee? I get by with about 15-20 spices, and I make my own mixes with them. Home made garam masala is amazing. And yes always always buy whole spices. When it's ground it reacts with the air and loses most of it's flavour in days, let alone years in a jar. Once you start using spices you'll get confident enough to experiment and then you'll find you get through them much more quickly.
  4. Yeah, it's perfectly suited to animation and is crying out for a big budget touch up, the original voice cast is perfect as it is.
  5. Not much encouragement for those of us that gave up on season 2 when that aired, I was confused enough then and I still even remembered the plot a little.
  6. I thought the sixth episode was the last, but it's not so that makes so much more sense. Coel is amazing, the writing is incredible and at parts it's painful to watch because it seems so real. The tone is very unsettling, it doesn't settle into one thing and in a single scene there can be horror and comedy. I'm very intrigued to see where it's going. As someone in my early thirties it felt like watching Shane Meadows for the first time - here is someone putting actual life on screen, not a version of someone's else's version of real life. At the same time, it makes me feel old as this is clearly a younger generation to me (grinder and tinder weren't a thing in my early twenties).
  7. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    It's also got an amazing reggae soundtrack, and I love reggae. So it's just bliss for me, I saw it in the cinema. When is this test starting then? What will TMS talk about without the crowd? I really want to hear the cricket again.
  8. this is a recent highlight for me
  9. I can't recommend his autobiography enough, one of the best I've read actually. If you read the back, it's all written like that. Really simple, matter of fact, painfully honest. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that the UK's most original and talented comedian is now mostly on twitch but I reckon he's just ahead of the curve again.
  10. The cinema has got to be on the most risky places to be, if you are down wind of an aircon unit and someone with it I would think it highly likely you catch over the running period of a whole film. I don't think it can be safe, unless they go for cubicles or something?
  11. no one is hate watching it even, it's been enjoyable though following this thread as people have dropped off.
  12. Pete

    Rick and Morty

    I found watching this via all-4 nearly ruined it for me. For a 25 minute show with fast pace jokes to have that great whacking ad break in kills it. Thank goodness it's up on netflix next week.
  13. I want to watch series and series about a Jesus figure that saves the universe against a mysterious threat. Can't get enough of that. Proper Trek.
  14. I loved those people that just made chain mail for eight years and were completely thrilled by it.
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