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  1. Dave Kroll recently compared one of her gig's to a Nirvana gig recently. I recommend her Glastonbury set.
  2. Went into this completely cold and really enjoyed it, I found the editing very odd and it took and a while to realise what was going on. As @Hexx points out there's no reason not to use a little time stamp and location. Not enough maps either for me. And just to further repeat others it definitely peaks in the middle, Cavill is brilliant, "the law of surprise" is a fucking stupid name even for high fantasy and the boobies/cleavage count was problematic.
  3. Waaaat?! The Goldeneye soundtrack is my favouritem especially the bits that sound weird.
  4. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Stokes you beauty
  5. I lost interest in this in it's final third, for whatever reason it didn't pull me into it's world and I didn't really care about the characters. My housemate seemed to have the opposite experience, he was busy on his laptop at the start and got pulled in toward the end. At some point he got excited about someone betraying someone and I realised I didn't care. Probably didn't help I had two quite big gaps to cook and clean.
  6. What else did I miss? *Googles it* What!
  7. No, just one brilliant comic. I read it over two days before Christmas. I think in my first read through I was so anxious to get through the plot I didn't really take in the detail, and I think I even skipped some of the back story clippings at the end of chapters. It's crazy because reading it now I realise actually how tight it is. Quite scary how influencial Veidt's philosophing was on a 16 year old me as well! I was surprised how much I remembered. And I adore the line "stop me? It's already happened" (paraphrasing). Who's ripped that off?
  8. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Well that's that then. Back to my book!
  9. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Oh Jonny. Still I think this is going better than I thought it might and I've stuck on talk sport.
  10. The Lives of Others Pans Labyrinth Both in my top ten of all time, also agree I can't chose one Kurosawa. The man was incredibly ahead of his time, his autobiography is highly recommended by the way even if you don't work in film, it's inspirational and his advice of "just read books" is worth hearing.
  11. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    So pleased for Burns, missed all the cricket but it sounds like good knock. How much can we read into this though given the flu situation? I'll be gutted to see Bairstow go, it's a funny game cricket where your own bias is really hard to avoid. I saw him get 70 odd runs in Old Trafford against SA a couple summers ago and the thought of dropping someone who can bat like that seems madness to me. But then he's not batting like that at the moment.
  12. I like to slice the potatoes thin and layer them up, with meat or whatever in between the potato layers, in a gratin dish. Fill to just under the top layer of potatoes with stock and bake/grill until crispy on top. That'll take care of most of the meat and veg and it's delicious. You can make a stock with the turkey left overs too. Turkey curry or risotto also good. Can't help with greens though, they don't like a second cooking normally.
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