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  1. Pete

    The Last Kingdom

    I do think they would generate more buzz releasing this gradually, I'd already watched it all on day one or two. There must another series, or someone should be arrested for criminal under use of The Actor Kevin Eldon.
  2. Pete

    Doctor Who

    That was an amolgomation of everything bad about Dr who in an episode. Confusing, pompous and boring.
  3. It's only your choice if you know about it. I for one thank Tom, thanks Tom.
  4. Is that why HD adverts in pubs look so trippy? Kind like everything is too sharp? My friend was just telling me Tom Cruise moved a whole cast screening to a different cinema because he wasn't happy with something. Just left and marched everyone to another cinema!
  5. Pete

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    Ha ha imagine trying to explain that to the police
  6. Pete

    Doctor Who

    The frog part was amazing. "She delighted in this form, as do I" Ha ha normally it'll be a horse or some shit, but a frog. Brilliant.
  7. Pete

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    Wow. I'm still really chuffed I've done a 6a at my local bouldering wall. The idea of doing harder stuff, for four hours, with the risk of death... Just insane. Can't wait for this.
  8. Pete

    A movie watchers blog

    I saw three indentify strangers yesterday. My friend actually worked on it, really proud and happy for him the film is as good as it is and it's done so well in the States. Pretty amazing story and lots to talk about. Great date movie in that sense.
  9. Pete

    Doctor Who

    It the fan theory is true... I like it though
  10. Pete

    Doctor Who

    Much better this, on about every level
  11. Pete

    Ant-Man and The Wasp - July 2018

    In response to end of film and infinity war speculation:
  12. Pete

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    The canned laughter is too much, or is it just me?
  13. Pete

    The Last Kingdom

    Really enjoyed the series, though found that bizarre narrative dead end very frustrating. It still seems trying to be honest to the history which is lovely, it feels like it's made with care and love.
  14. Pete

    The Last Kingdom

    oh my god and it's my day off tomorrow! I've got a huge soft spot for this this show - it was the first piece of entertainment/ art that I was able to really enjoy and escape to after a pretty awful break up, I'm glad it's not just me that's a big fan. Anyway thanks for the heads up.
  15. Pete

    Doctor Who

    I forgot it was on, which says it all I'm afraid.

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