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  1. I really enjoyed that? It felt like a stage production and a homage to all the shit jokes in Shakespeare to me. Not sure about the final reveal though, just left me a little confused.
  2. My main memory of fantastic 4 was that the focus on the Thing's body dysmorphia and relationship break down was a bit of a downer.
  3. Matt Smith is already the best thing about this
  4. At least it made sense? I thought they'd dig a deeper plot hole and spend two series getting out of it again.
  5. Piers Morgan has done sterling work making Partridge's career trajectory seem credible.
  6. Loved Tim Key's shudder of horror after his item
  7. The Flintstones is one of those programs I watched and kind of hated as a child. I just loved the intro I think. That and it was always on.
  8. It's shame there aren't more costumes, but apparently if your a psychopath you get a smaller choice? I am a psychopath, even if I do a nice thing I like to kill them at the end. Didn't realise it would be more interesting if I didn't. Hoping to complete the main story this week, can't recall a game I've enjoyed reading about as much as this, currently going back through this thread and I'm on page 145
  9. Can I just ask, when I finish finish, can I go back and do all the random grey encounters? I feel I've missed so much as I was so anxious about saving in the early game. It's only around chapter 4 when you start to feel really comfortable exploring buy by then the plot was so good I wanted to see it through.
  10. As someone who mainly follows internationals I take it that is now ruined too?
  11. Spent half an hour trying to work this out! And Lawrence Christopher, where do they get their ideas from eh?
  12. It's an interesting one this because I believe it was an original and exciting idea to play a psychopath like that at the time?
  13. I've read the book, but reading the spoilers it feels like I read a different one. I think all the higher level god stuff went totally over my head!
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