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  1. Yeah it shouldn't be a PG (last episode spoilers) I guess they get away with it because they are puppets?! Nightmare fuel, no doubt though it'll leave a real impression on anyone of the right age.
  2. I watched labyrinth for the first time two years ago, I'm my early thirties and have no strong feeling about the film. This is a completely stand-alone, beautifully crafted story. It's predictable but it's also telling it's story without trying to be smart and the world building is perfect. Really surprised I'm enjoying it so much. One episode left.
  3. I missed that? Just been for a swim and come back pleasantly surprised, thought we'd be done by tea.
  4. Yeah even I have abandoned hope. Hopefully they'll have some fun and give the fans something to cheer other than Lyon's catches and inflatable watermelons. Oh and Lyon failing to get a wicket will please me.
  5. Going nicely so far this, 12/42 teams have got to draw on this situation, which is far from a miracle.
  6. Vaughan wasn't very nice about him, he hasn't got a forward defensive.
  7. This has been brilliant from these two. As boycott has said, propa creeekit
  8. I think this is a really good pitch, England should get a good score and give Smith's innings a bit more context. I actually thought we bowled well, we just didn't take those chances. At least we bowled well in spells, for example after lunch. It seems there's an issue with morale in the field when we're facing Smith. I feel the England team have created a monster as it were.
  9. I was hiking in Scotland and missed all the drama, such a strange test to only hear in bits. Couldn't make it up! Waiting to fly home and watch the highlights now! And as the Aussies, I was really impressed with Payne's comments at the end. Proper cricket, fair dinkum mate.
  10. I am one wicket disappointed, so not so bad
  11. Yeah a huge session, you feel any less than five wickets will be disappointing in these conditions.
  12. Ha ha I was just coming in to say this could be worse and we have a chance. If we limit Australia to 280... Bring on the draw!
  13. Well since I've listened there's been no wickets so I reckon we're good now everyone. Boycott doesn't sound as furious as the scoreline suggests he should be, what do we reckon par is in this pitch? And as I type... Fucks sake
  14. Only just tuning in. Pants.
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