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  1. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    These two are betting well. Stokes is due a big performance as well. As I was typing. classic.
  2. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I was really looking forward to this afternoon. Also thought the decision to field was totally wrong, but I always do. Don't see this team getting to the finals, they aren't playing like they recognise where the key points of these matches are and when they need to change tack.
  3. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I got in really drunk and watched highlights, I was out of my seat for brathwaites shot to the boundary, and then caught! Devastating. Incredible match. New Zealand are looking so good as well, can't wait for their coming games.
  4. Aside from the doctor who home I really enjoyed the series as a whole, maybe the ending was silly but it kept me off my phone and at times it was superb. I think with the right co-writer and director/editor RTD could do something amazing.
  5. Best doctor who episode in ages
  6. Does she just speak like that? It's really strange way to speak but the script doesn't help, but when she's given less exposition to get through it's much less jarring.
  7. Yeah, my house mate asked "is that shit program on tomorrow?" He's loving it really.
  8. They made it up, legasov didn't speak at the trial at all and no one used visual prompts like that.
  9. Really really enjoyed that
  10. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    It's a shame, another dull game. I wish teams came out with a bit more aggression, worth the risk isn't it?
  11. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    It's odd to elect to field and then do so defensively. I don't get it, but this phase will be key now and I still think Pakistan are in it.
  12. Pete

    Black Mirror

    White Christmas is probably one of the darkest, and it has Hamm in it.
  13. In parts the writing is so good, but it is also a bit all over the place. I really like it though and I'm forgiving most of it, it's ambitious and all very plausible. My housemate wasn't interested at first and now really enjoying it, and he doesn't like anything. Good on Russell. Loved the bit with gran and her gong, the relationship between her and her daughter in law is wonderful.
  14. I think he is just annoyed that Captain Kirk fought and fucked every episode. I would definitely watch a modern version of that, but where Kirk is bisexual and also will bang any alien. Because normally the aliens he bangs happen to look like models from the 60s, and it's a bit samey.
  15. Oh my that review: Of threads apparently, even though threads never happened and this has been put together from first hand accounts and photos. I think maizan mentions this, sometimes the truth doesn't seem real to us because we're so use to tropes. She then seems to have missed a scene where two female characters discuss the disaster and it's nothing to worry about. She seems to have missed the point, thank God they didn't make this show for film studies graduates.
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