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  1. I think that's a great idea to bring something from book two into this, I thought last night's episode was a huge improvement on the first one for me. Some of the acting was a bit off, and the Gyptian stuff is very Eastenders now someone here pointed that out. But Lucian Msamati is amazing and I love him, and Ruth Wilson has won me over.
  2. David Mitchell is an annoying one, especially as the hairy one writes books too.
  3. New series is incredible, why aren't more people watching this? My housemate eve enjoyed it without knowing what was going on at all. It's become a very sharp satire on social media as well.
  4. I thought it was too fast! In my head it's much much more Gothic, and slow, and the dust reveal for me was completely wrong tonally. But I'm pleased to see I'm in the minority and most people thought it was great.
  5. End of evangelion is basically the last two episodes retold. They both complement each other really well and add to the general brilliance/madness of the series. Someone upthread (sorry I forget who) recommended these brilliant essays, definitely read them if you have the time, they give valuable context around it was made and Japan at the time: https://mubi.com/notebook/posts/tag/Neon Genesis Evangelion Rewatch
  6. I've been catching these late night at weekends, you can just dip in and still enjoy it. The scene where is still one of the most wonderful scenes I've ever seen. Incredible acting as well. It's easy to forget in life so many people carry grief and tragedy inside themselves.
  7. The newest series is brilliant, managed to catch a few at a friends. Still feels fresh and relevant which is quite extraordinary.
  8. You're going to have to explain please.
  9. I had in mind younger people than that, 12-14, but yeah I'm sure it's mainly appealing to geeky middle aged people.
  10. I did have similar feelings to @Thor, but when I was staying up late to watch the next episode I realised any reservations I had were irrelevant, this is a brilliantly realised fantasy series and I think there's a whole generation who will absolutely treasure this. And have nightmares.
  11. And puppet body horror, and puppet existential horror. And prolonged puppet torture.
  12. Yeah it shouldn't be a PG (last episode spoilers) I guess they get away with it because they are puppets?! Nightmare fuel, no doubt though it'll leave a real impression on anyone of the right age.
  13. I watched labyrinth for the first time two years ago, I'm my early thirties and have no strong feeling about the film. This is a completely stand-alone, beautifully crafted story. It's predictable but it's also telling it's story without trying to be smart and the world building is perfect. Really surprised I'm enjoying it so much. One episode left.
  14. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I missed that? Just been for a swim and come back pleasantly surprised, thought we'd be done by tea.
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