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  1. I was looking forward to this, but was annoyed and then bored with it. Yes I've heard the plot, and yes I heard that alien can smell lies. The acting was bizarre at times.
  2. If I lived your way Capwn I'd be getting into Bourbon!
  3. I'm agreeing with all those who were impressed but a bit detached from it. As a contrast I watched Bait last night, another nautical black and white tale with a boxy ratio, and it was interesting that I felt I was watching real people rather than a "film".
  4. Nah man that's how you should drink it. Though if that's a 25ml dram that's very slow! But you want to savour it, often I just bring it to my nose to smell and put it down again. Thanks for recommendations folks keep them coming.
  5. In the history of TV? Probably not
  6. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I have to say I like how some of the shots have crept into test cricket, and now if the top order does well you can expect the middle and lower order to play like it's a T20. It's completely insane some of the shots they pull off: that one someone flicked off their leg for six?! (I can't find a clip)
  7. I've not been in this thread before but last year I had the realisation that if I drink expensive whisky I drink less, spend less, enjoy it more and have less of a hangover. I guess I'm lucky I can sip a whisky at the rate much people drink a pint happily. Anyway I thought I'd rank all the (affordable) ones I've tried so far that I can remember. I'lll stick to scoth as I don't haven;t had enough bourbon to comment but Buffalo Trace is the best of the cheap ones for me. Top Tier Glengoyne ten year (really good tour this one) Highland Park Laphroig Middle Tier Glenmorangie Glenlivet 12 year Glenfiddich (bit boring) Lidl Speyside (Ben Bracken), glad others enjoy it too. Incredible value for money Talisker Lidl sold out of all their whisky before Christmas but my local is fully stocked, so I'll report back on their Islay and Highland versions when I've got some more cash. It's important to have nice cheap whisky, so you can give guests a little of an expensive one and then lots of the cheap ones.
  8. Any fans here? I picked up A brief History of Seven Killings and it immediately became my favourite book of the decade, since then I read The Book of the Nightwomen, which is also extraordinary. So I was more than a little excited to find he was a big Tolkien fan and wanted to write his own fantasy Trilogy. I got the first part, Black Leopard, Red Wolf and am about 80% of the way through now. I have to say i find it hard going, especially the first 50 pages or so. For some reason he has this thing where a character will enter a scene with speech but no description until later on in the paragraph, which is a maddening device to get used to. Neil Gaiman tells me this is rich as anything Tolkien did, but I have not found the book very escapist.
  9. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Do people care about T20? not just you guys, but also real life cricket fans people know? I mean I sort of care, but only in so much as to how it informs the selection for the test side.
  10. Yeah relying entirely on GPS is fucking amateur, it's no way reliable enough if your personal safety depends on it. Anyway the forced banter seems less forced now, drop your celebrities and I'd say it was excellent.
  11. Looks like it is a new version, the pirates don't speak at all in the opening scene. In the older dub there's "wacky dialogue" and some plot exposition. Still I don't like the way actors have to hurry lines, it doesn't seem right. Especially when you know the care that has gone in to make the animation seem realistic.
  12. Well it was incredible marketing, I think someone made the new coke comparison earlier in the thread. But like new coke I don't think they meant it.
  13. I was just coming on to say how much I was enjoying this (first of this series I'd seen) then saw the guests I felt Harris was pissed off with the team in the Baha maybe?
  14. Not castle in the sky - they add dialogue over the silent scene setting shots for no reason. At least in the old dub. Since then they've been better though.
  15. I do think the hype blunted this for me, I was expecting something more extreme or shocking to happen in what is really a film about inequality.
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