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  1. Well music magpie have returned it apparently after fixing, so I might keep it after all.
  2. That's great news, I'll have to wait for the paperback but I can't wait.
  3. I thought it was just me who made up lyrics, I'm glad harry is a fan. My favourite is singing "it's the news" to the Channel 4 news theme tune. Try it.
  4. So my refurbed Xbox one from music magpie has died, well the power unit has. My old Xboxes still work, so I'm pretty disappointed. Just going to get a refund, these new consoles aren't for me really, too much time needed and all this online nonsense and updates piss me off, and now I can afford another holiday.
  5. Gatwick is the UK's best airport though
  6. The history one is amazing, the juxtaposition of the great Ken Clarke with Danny Dyer's own documentary efforts is the gift that keeps giving. Laugh out loud funny, though I wished it settled down sometimes and was a bit more straight up "history of TV" as some of the things he touches on are interesting. What happened to the food poising iron age settlement?
  7. Ha yes the fucking is there, way too much sex stuff. It's like everyone is as horny as a teenager. But the acting is great, and the show lays out it characters so well.
  8. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Again I always feel T20 fizzles out more often than not, but great from England. So many options in this squad, good times.
  9. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Buttler there with the worst ever review I've ever seen. Incredible.
  10. Do we need spoilers? Anyway I'd stop when I remember that being the last story arc that wasn't a bit wank maybe?
  11. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Well the cricket is on BBC1 and you couldn't have hoped for a better start, can't stop smiling at this amazing bowling.
  12. Kaufman I think, or the other person in the interview about Anomolisa, famously told the UK's most popular film podcast that films are "a succession of still images" it was a running joke for a while and I got the impression they just didn't get on.
  13. So my sister and her partner are obsessed with this and after being baffled for so long I think I finally understand what's going (almost). Is there a more complex and baffling sport? The adverts on ITV4 are driving me mad though, they seem to go on for ever or I manage to leave the room and return as a new set starts? who knows.
  14. It does seem Nolan was banking on people seeing these twice, or at least happy with the idea of that. In fairness, I did put the Prestige on straight after watching it. This was exhausting though in comparison, it had no room to breath.
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