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  1. My personal mantra when feeling overly critical is to focus on gratitude and being in the moment, but in regards to a hobby so closely linked to escapism, maybe that's not a good fit. The first cut is the deepest ... We all witnessed the heady creation of videogames as the premiere "art" of the epoch. Games developed at mach speed, going from the first Mario Kart to F-Zero GX in 11 years! Like Botticelli to Raphael, it's a period that can't be replicated. Back to my earlier point, to me it looks like the most creative and imaginative types are drawn to make games, not books or movies
  2. F355 Challenge The game is the license.
  3. I think it comes down to horses for courses, but that's just me, and round and round we go. No surprise the chat is circling, as it touches upon one of the most ancient unsolvable philosophical questions — form vs. matter/content. Games are, more or less, foremost form. Without rules checkers would just be clutter, not a game. Strip down the settler or farming themes from board games and they play just as well. The challenge is the game. The point is the rule-set. Could a rubix cube have an easy mode? And of course there are exceptions. RPGs. There content/matter is king. Maybe with rpg'
  4. For some games content exists to test mastery. I couldn't unlock the most advanced Super Monkey Ball extra stages, though that doesn't bother me. Those stages are designed to challenge players far more able than me. It's still my favorite game.
  5. Sega. This whole thread reads as a panegyric to the loss of a creative giant.
  6. It's a good question and I doubt if even Nintendo know exactly how it happened. I think in part it has something to do with the magic of intention. Nintendo always wanted their games to hold value just like all the best toys -- Thomas trains, Monopoly, Legos. Whereas an entertaiment company seeks the most eyes, Nintendo is happy currating and growing a toy catalog.
  7. I admire Zok's passionate appreciation of Cyberpunk. Enthusiasm, as the Ancient Greeks understood, is the breath of the Gods. I also admire Tim's videos. And it was such an appreciation that drove me to Tim's Discord server, which in turn, sadly brought me down to game forum infidelity. While here I silently lurk, there amongst Tim's groupie dweebs, I was outspoken and confident. I thought fans of Tim's verbose pretensions would welcome my own, but alas, it never works that way. Things soured and it ended. The falling out happened over Cyberpunk 2077. Outside of this thread, the game is
  8. I remember renting Blackthorne a couple times and for various reasons wasn't able to play it as much as I wanted. And since the kids have been playing and enjoying Huntdown, I think there's a good chance they'll like Blackthorne, too. I'm extra grateful for all the Huntdown recommendations. Thank you.
  9. Bowser's Fury is like the ultimate DLC. Beyond just an open world try, it's more a shadow world, a carefullly crafted inverse of 3D World. It takes the same elements, play-fully rearranges everyhing, which proves game-changing. In the original Greek sense of the word as an overturning, Bowser's Fury is truly cat-aclysmic.
  10. Best platformer since Rayman 2 and Mirror's Edge.
  11. Game of the Year A1. Cyberpunk 2077 A2. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics A3. Hades A4. Mr. Driller Drill Land A5. Streets of Rage 4 Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics — Instead of the best game, Go, which I was expecting, this includes a connect four variant, Gomoku. All the poets and all the hyperbolic whiners could never dream of a greater contrast.
  12. Thanks. Since compulsively reading this thread today, I'm in. Fifty for the game, controller, and doodad proved irresistible. Just after signing on to Stadia, I learned of GeForce Now. It's difficult to imagine how it could compete with the current promotions.
  13. Sunshine is twitchy like a Ferrari. World class control, handling, and extreme speed is not for everyone, I get that. Which is why, for the vast majority, a Corolla or Galaxy is preferable. That said, playing Sunshine with a joycon is like playing Ferrari F355 Challenge with a keyboard.
  14. I highly recommend Dan Deacon. A few weeks ago he was my personal highlight of Bonnaroo– the best of the best. It's great crazy trippy dance music that's complex and original and fun. I can't stop listening to it. If someone knows how to embed video in the forum I hope they do it for the above link. My other recommendation is Quintron and Miss Pussycat, the brilliant New Orleans dance organist and also famed inventor of the Drum Buddy.
  15. Giles


    I didn't know Gilliam was even considered for the project until this morning. It's a shame the powers in Hollywood are too shrewd to entrust Terry with 150 million. Gates of Eden would have been better, more apropos opener than The Times They Are A-Changin.'
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