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  1. Bibly

    Rick and Morty

    Nothing much to add to the above commentary. A decent episode, but it didn't quite seem to ring true as a season finale. Also I was clearly wrong about them EDIT: And Dan Harmon pretty much admitted that they just turned a regular episode into the finale when they ran out of time and couldn't make the 14 episodes they'd planned: http://ew.com/tv/2017/09/26/rick-morty-dan-harmon-interview/amp/
  2. Bibly

    Rick and Morty

    I dunno, for some reason I didn't enjoy the episode that much. Don't get me wrong - I didn't think it was bad, but maybe I just felt the didn't quite do it for me. It raised a smirk/chuckle, but the ongoing self-referencing of the joke didn't quite keep the humour alive for me. I also think Psyched for the season finale though, can't believe it's coming to an end! Gosh knows how many years it'll be until Season 4...
  3. Bibly


    Just gave that multiple re-listens this evening - great track.
  4. Bibly


    For me it really started to go downhill towards the end...
  5. Bibly

    Anime 101

    Agreed it's a classic, and agreed that I prefer the original series - however I wouldn't necessarily cite it as required viewing. It's certainly very distinctive - but that makes it quite marmite. Not everyone will appreciate its charms. There's plenty of good stuff out there which is less likely to confuse/weird-out over the course of 26 episodes!
  6. Bibly


    So I just watched the series to date over the course of yesterday and today. What a rollercoaster of despair and non-despair. Episode 19 was nice and uplifting. However I must say
  7. Bibly


    I liked it! Thoroughly enjoying Mad Max certainly helped my appreciation levels.
  8. Bibly


  9. Bibly


    Wow, did things get super-meta or what towards the end of the series there? I must say I'll miss the series too - I guess the characters still resonated with me, despite lacking the spark of the Troy-Abed dynamic. The Dean really came into his own, even as Britta slumped. Still, there's always the movie!
  10. Bibly


    As someone who enjoyed the original, I would still recommend Brotherhood if you had to watch one.
  11. Actually the last scene shows nobody rowing at all, just drifting away. If I was the oarsmen I would've really been in much more of a hurry to put distance between me and the undead army. Anyone else get a really strong Left 4 Dead vibe from the last episode?
  12. Probably that and the whole kerfuffle.
  13. Bibly


    Sad the season's over . Still, with the quality so high they've gotta make more, right?
  14. Bibly


    Lolololol, amaze!
  15. Bibly


    Good spot! Crackin' episode for me too.

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