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  1. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    I find the inclusion of the New Horizons DLC oddly confusing. I can only assume they're doing it to sell the sub to a more modern audience, but it just feels really untidy.
  2. Jolly

    Disco Elysium

    I started on Switch this evening. Not played it on any other format before and I must admit to finding the controls and interface a little frustrating. I'm sure it'll be fine but it's not completely right.
  3. I'm going to go for Guardians of the Galaxy to be 'suprisingly alright, actually'.
  4. Yep, I've given up looking at it this evening.
  5. It's a bit of a relief to read this. I've always found his style pretty irritating but he seems to be universally loved. Pleased he's got his fans though. He's certainly a bit different.
  6. What an brilliantly dreadful name for a videogame. Totally love it.
  7. Noticed the sub option on there earlier this week and one of the articles behind the paywall was on the excellent The Ringer podcast '60 Songs The Explain the 90s'. Rather than encourage me to pay up, it just pissed me off a bit. Made me realise how difficult a tightrope it must be the balance this stuff so you don't alienate existing readers.
  8. Yeah, great stuff from Simon Slash Parkin. Some fantastic stories!
  9. Finished this tonight and after not being all that bothered by the original, I thought Part II was a genuine masterpiece. A smart, engaging and brutal story combined with truly extraordinary combat that always seemed to find a way to suprise me or push me into improvising. I was totally blown away by it.
  10. Must be the irresistible pull of...
  11. I agree with you, Popo. Seemed certain that Castle would smash this one but it all started to go a bit pear-shaped for me from Action RPG onwards. Really loved this episode. Particularly after what I found to be a rather dry episode on immersive sims. Sometimes the guests feel a bit like they're getting in the way of Sam and Matthew chatting away like mates, which is where a lot of the fun comes from. When they started totting up the multiplayer games they had Also; N64; what a fucking machine. You could easily make another decent mini with the stuff they passed up on.
  12. Apologies for being the super-unimaginative, re-release enabling fanboy but I would absolutely love them to announce the rumoured Wind Waker/Twilight Princess HD collection for Switch.
  13. I'm not sure 'normally works fine' is the zinger you think it is.
  14. I've only played it single player so far, but I'd say two seems like the optimum number. It feels like that's what they had in mind.
  15. My two are just coming up to 11 and 9. Eldest has only really shown an interest in three videogames: Minecraft, Fortnite and Splatoon 2. Youngest has a far broarder taste and finished Ocarina of Time during lockdown and is currently spending a lot of time trying to get a victory in Tetris 99. Definitely just let them play what they want though (as long as its appropriate of course). Trying to inflict your own taste on your kids is pretty fucking icky and will surely only lead to rebellion.
  16. Wario Cup looks fun this week - pick five characters (with various score modifiers depending on their trickiness) and just keep going until you lose with each one. Can see me spending a lot of time on that this weekend.
  17. Just noticed I got an email on the 10th that doesn't explicitly say that my 2022 order won't ship early but gives a very strong impression that's the case. Does take the lustre off the whole shebang a bit, but feel like I've spent the money now so I think I'm going stick with it.
  18. 6696 in the Wario Cup putting me in the 4% . I don't think I've ever successfully done the 'LIGHT UP!' at around game 32 but other than that a perfect run seems so possible now
  19. Hmmm. There might be something in the endgame here that's spoiled it for me a bit. Doesn't seem to be an awful lot to spend your coins on compared to previous entries?
  20. Aw man, this has made a very good first impression on me. That 9-Volt boss level
  21. Great start to the latest episode of The Back Page for all you magazine anecdote fans.
  22. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Do we have any idea if Crusin' Blast is likely to be any good? I've not played any of the series before and my overriding memory from the mags at the time was that they were pretty middling on the N64. HOWEVER! I am desperate for a new arcade racer and I do like Eugene Jarvis so feel so compelled to buy it. Finding it oddly difficult to find any actual opinion on the game.
  23. Apologies in advance for the kind of question that inevitably gets asked a million, billion times in these threads... Myself and my two children share a Series S in the living room. They have children accounts connected to my Microsoft account. We all have our own profiles and use my Game Pass subscription happily. Thinking about getting a second Series S. If I do so, will we be able to use the Game Pass subscription on both machines simultaneously? Ta!
  24. I think the magazine anecdotes are naturally likely to decrease over time as they tell them all, but magazine culture and history is a fundimental part of the appeal to me. I'd never read PSM2 nor heard of Dan Dawkins prior to his appearance and I think it was one of the best episodes. Made me wish I could go back and be a bit broader in my reading, rather than just picking up Edge every month because I got super fucking snooty about games when I turned 20. Hoping they go a bit further back at some point and get someone in from N64 magazine. God, I fucking loved that thing.
  25. Sam of Big Sammy Holdings tweeted about this very thread the other day, so it's nice to know the good vibes are getting back to them.
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