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  1. Big fan of Garwoofoo's comment becoming firmly enshrined in The Back Page lore.
  2. Despite it basically being Matthew's to lose as far as I'm concerned, it was actually a pretty close run thing. Also; because I have loads of time on my hands apparently; here are my two versions of the draft. Gamecube Xbox
  3. It's funny you should mention that, because aren't the Lords of Shadow games the Castlevanias he's big on too..? I did think to mention this in my post earlier but honestly couldn't remember if they were the right ones!
  4. Unfortunately I think the Silent Hill Collection was the standard bearer for dreadful remasters up until about two weeks ago.
  5. I completely loved it. It does get pretty difficult right towards the end, but that was my favourite bit.
  6. Nah, I don't think you're missing anything. I thought it was pretty dreadful unfortunately. Tempted by Boomerang X and Grindstone. I've had my eye on Spirit Hunter: NG for a spoOOoooOOoky visual novel and that's got some money off. Absolutely no time in my packed gaming schedule to play any of them of course, but I'm looking forward to agonising over buying them for the whole weekend, eventually giving in and then not touching them for months.
  7. That's pretty much how I felt. I found it tremendously uneven, with moments of genius wedged between total shite.
  8. Just had an hour on this an absolutely loved it. Totally my jam. Although the care and attention I'm giving to putting stuff away is clearly not in keeping with the character, given the total chaos inside some of the boxes.
  9. Jolly

    Disco Elysium

    I think I've decided this just isn't me and it's time to move on. I've found something pulling me back over the twenty-odd hours I've been playing but I'm no where near connecting with it in the same way as this thread. I just find the world a bit confusing and unpleasant to be in. I also don't understand what people find likable about Kitsuragi. And I'm amazed people find Cuno funny. I must just not be wired to whatever it is this game is trying to do!
  10. I've been getting an extremely strong first impression from this with my first two hours. I've always sort of admired Arkane's work rather than truly loved it because I didn't find the worlds particularly nice places to be in. No danger of that here. What a place, absolutely bursting with character. Can't wait to be neck deep in it.
  11. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Was thoroughly enjoying becoming reacquainted with the excellent Star Fox 64 and its nostalgia-tingling script, but bugger me the Landmaster Macbeth level highlights the inadequacy of the control options. I remember it always being a bit tricky, but the rocket boosters being on ZL and R is such a headfuck that it's very nearly funny rather than irritating.
  12. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd somehow managed to forget how intense the match point music is in Mario Tennis (64). Absolute fucking drama.
  13. Jolly

    Disco Elysium

    Spent a couple more hours on it today and I think it's starting to win me over. It's made me laugh and there seems to be some interesting threads emerging. I'm back on board!
  14. Jolly

    Disco Elysium

    I'm sort of struggling with this a bit after three or four hours. I'm just not really gelling with the world. Am I likely to suddenly turn a corner? Everyone with an opinion I respect seems to love this so I'm a bit huffy it's not clicking
  15. If it's abundantly obvious that the game wants me to go in one direction, I will exhaustively explore the opposite first.
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