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  1. With the caveat that I'm one of the outliers that prefers Bayo 2 to Bayo 1, I'm starting to think this is pretty fucking great. Really enjoying wieving attacks between the demon slaves and the lady herself. The game does a pretty terrible job of onboarding, but I'm finding it more and more satisfying to play with each passing hour.
  2. Sekiro definitely went too far for me. I basically spent the same time on the final boss than I did on the rest of the game and it was a feeling of quiet relief rather than accomplishment when I eventually did it. I'd not recommend the game to any one because of it. That fucker made me feel like I was losing my mind.
  3. I can't seem to find details on this anywhere, but is there a way to switch between enemies when you're locked on? I'm not quite as down on this as the thread. I've always found these games immeasurably better the second time round when I can guilt-free skip the cutscenes, mind.
  4. I've only recently started listening to Filthy Casuals and, despite me being a bit huffy about adverts in general, find the way they weive the Manscape stuff in absolutely hilarious.
  5. It's pictures with pets on new hardware day, right?
  6. Mines with the UK courier now! It's Evri.
  7. Live and let live and everything, but if you prefer mouse and keyboard I do think that we can never be friends.
  8. I saw the credits roll on this today after around ten hours and absolutely loved it. An extremely unsettling and cursed experience that was constantly giving me the shivers. For me, the footage discovering mechanic just didn't get old; partly because of the constant whatthefuckery of what would be revealed but also because I found the scratching of the visuals to peel away what was behind it creepy as hell. There's just something fundamentally off about watching stuff backwards and forwards in slow motion. And man, the timing it used to make you do it; forcing you to meticulously investigate invasive or troubling scenes. It all just felt so much more adult than any of game I've ever played. I could feel it hovering over me whenever I wasn't playing it. You know that bit in Twin Peaks when Bob is hiding behind the sofa? It felt like that. I found it truly, truly terrifying. But I also completely loved it. I'll be talking about it for years. I don't really feel the need to totally understand it. I'm just happy to have experienced it. So good. So good.
  9. I realise it's incredibly tedious to read delivery updates but HOLY SHIT MINE HAS BEEN DISPATCHED!
  10. Admittedly, boycotting the game isn't about to make her as financially bankrupt as she is morally, but imagine the ripples if this sure fire hit was to bomb even slightly. Now imagine the message it would send to her if it were to fail completely. It all matters.
  11. Jolly


    Finally got round to starting this today and I've lost about four hours. Totally blown away by it, frankly.
  12. Mario Kart and Breath of the Wild may well tEcNiCaLlY have come out on the WiiU but they're definitely, definitely Switch games.
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