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  1. I've done one! It's called 'Mark Wahljump'. And like everything I do, the pun came first. 7CF-592-38G
  2. Started playing this evening and spent the vast majority of my time on @Jamie John 's Simple Stomp Speedrun - it's excellent! Didn't finish, but I'll be back tomorrow!
  3. Finished this today on the Switch and after struggling with it a bit of the first hour, I can safely say that I think it's an absolute all-timer. Playing it so quickly after Sekiro was perfect. Everything that game got wrong about difficulty this game just got right. It's a real high class battle!
  4. Finally caved on Katamari and there's a good chance I'll fold on the Castlevania collection too. Please help me. I can't stop.
  5. This is just so, so brilliant and Segary. I'm completely in love the mad little fills on time extend. ALSO: 'Gaaaaaaaaameeee Overrrrrrrr!'
  6. I can see Grand Prix as an option in on both the leaderboards and the manual but can't for the life of me figure out how you select it. Can someone help? Ta.
  7. I don't have a problem with it either way and consider this skill to be my astonishingly shite super power.
  8. This is brilliant so far. Getting strong vibes of the unfairly forgotten Bizarre Creations game The Club
  9. Just Shapes & Beats getting some rep' in The Long Game is nice to see.
  10. Just had the horrible realisation that the Mario and Sonic Olympic series is 12 years old. We are all very old.
  11. Daresay we'll get a new DLC Smash character announcement in this Direct. Even better, would be an AVAILABLE NOW! kinda deal. Even better, it's either Jimmy from WarioWare or The King of all Cosmos.
  12. Yeeeeeah, I can't echo that I'm afraid Stanley. I played through the entirety of Kirby with my wife and our 6/8 year olds and found it very pedestrian. Beyond that natural fun that comes from any same room multilayer it didn't really offer anything exciting or clever. On the Switch in particular, Family Fun Time Gaming is a rather crowded genre - I can't think of any reason to recommend Kirby when stuff like Mario Kart, Smash and Super Mario Party are available.
  13. Are there any videogames you love even though you find their presentation or style completely fuck awful? I'm dipping in and out of Trials Rising at the moment; the fourth time I've got involved with the series, putting significant time in each; but Jesus Christ these games do everything in their power to put me off. From soundtracks that are so consistently woeful I can only assume they're compiled with a deliberate conscious effort to ruin the very concept of music, to that horrible KER-RAY-ZEE!!! sense of humour they try to shove in at every moment; pitched somewhere between a thankfully forgotten, late nineties MTV stunt show and Jonathan Wilkes era You've Been Framed. Somehow, SOMEHOW, the games themselves manage to transcend all this fucking nonsense and that perfectly pitched platforming, that compulsive one more go time trialling and that desire to gain some mastery over this unweildy thing shine through and deliver a brilliant series of videogames. What could have been if only it had the smallest iota of style? What's even more frustrating is that I think the presentation is getting worse. At this rate I'll have to somehow find a way to play Trails Next Gen with the television off.
  14. Just another voice to add to the chorus of approval for Yoshi's Crafted World. It's a completely fantastic game and an absolute fuckton better than Kirby (which it always seems to get bundled with). It's more of a 'Explorer' than a 'Platformer'; the fun coming from investigating all the little nooks and crannies, finding the ingeniously hidden collectables and seeing how the levels are pieced together - both literally and stylistically. Judging it on purely go-from-left-to-right terms is just not what it's about. I don't blame people for dismissing it, the series has hardly been a crown jewel since the SNES days. I only bought Crafted World because I thought the children might like it. Turns out they're not bothered and it's one of my favourite games of the year.
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