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  1. Platinum really do not know how to start a game, do they? Four hours in and I was ready to completely drop this; the tiny flashes of brilliance weren't proving enough to drag me through all the bullshit. But finally, finally, it's all starting to make sense and is actually giving me the opportunity to have a sustained fight so I can figure out what the hell is going on. I distinctly remember having the same feeling with Bayonetta and Vanquish; neither of which did I start to truly love until my second playthrough where I felt happy enough to skip all the cutscenes. I do think I'm going to really enjoy this now; and I think I may just give up on trying to find anything engaging about any of the characters or plot; but fuck me, that was hard going.
  2. I'm ridiculous enough to be put off by collectors editions because they'll often change the design of the actual box and make the spine look wonky when lined up with the others on a shelf
  3. Day 31 - Guilty Pleasure Gangnam Style - PSY Genuinely believe that this is brilliant and I will shout into the behind of anyone that argues otherwise Thanks for that everyone; it was a lot of fun!
  4. Day 30 - Cover Version Tainted Love - Soft Cell I think I prefer the Gloria Jones version which probably isn't in the spirit of the theme, but this bangs anyway.
  5. Day 29 - A Great Instrumental Halfway Home - TV On The Radio I do love a big ol' crescendo and the the last minute and a half or so of this fits that brief rather nicely.
  6. Day 28 - A Great Male Vocal Alphabet Aerobics - Blackalicious
  7. Day 27 - A Great Female Vocal I Feel Love - Donna Summer
  8. Really not feeling inspired by either of them at all if I'm honest. However, I absolutely love a new machine launch day so I expect my non-existent willpower will eventually see me pacing round the living room jumping off the sofa and hanging round the front door like dog every time a delivery van drives by. It'll probably be the PS5. I've gone riiiiiight off their big name exclusives but the second tier stuff is generally more appealing to me. Can't quite overstate how shit I think it looks physically though. I think given the right circumstances - Series X out first, a bit cheaper, easier to get hold of - there's a good chance I'll switch on a whim because I don't want to have to look at a PS5. Either a sign of how shallow I am or just how silly that thing looks.
  9. Day 25 - Something You Recently Discovered Made it Weird - Jacknife Lee ft Open Mike Eagle Day 26 - Classic Album 2000-2009 Cross - Justice Probably not in the top five tracks on the album for me but any excuse to watch the video again. Still great though, obvs.
  10. Day 24 - Music That Fills You With Nostalgia The Whole of the Moon - The Waterboys My mum and I were on our own in a crappy little flat until I was about five. She's well in to Kate Bush, Bowie and The Waterboys amongst others and certain songs cause a memory trigger of that time, but few as strong as this one. And in that way very early childhood memories are entirely about atmosphere and feeling rather than anything actually specific.
  11. Day 23 - Music That Makes You Feel Relaxed Untitled 3 - Sigur Ros I am not a particularly laid back man by nature, so found this more difficult than other days. Even the song I've eventually settled on still kicks off a bit at the end.
  12. Day 22 - Music That Makes You Pumped Ante Up - M.O.P At my next performance review I'm going to request that this is played every time I enter a room in order to boost my morale.
  13. Day 21 - Music That Makes You Sad Breathe Me - Sia My wife is a huge fan of Sia and combined with this songs use in the final scenes of Six Feet Under it seems inevitable that this will one day be used at her funeral. Just always reminds me that at some point, it's very likely that one of us will be alone. Good morning, everyone!
  14. Absolutely love that track @cubik. Great pick!
  15. Day 20 - Music That Makes You Happy Point of View - DB Boulevard Tried to pick something that's just happy regardless of my personal reaction to it!
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