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  1. Her Story is made by the same chap and has a similar mechanic I believe. I've not played it myself but they're certainly both stand alone.
  2. Telling Lies - 8/10 Very clever, Memento-esque, FMV/visual novel thing that needs as little known about it as possible to get the most out of it. Plays nicely on webcam paranoia and feels very, very grown up when compared to other videogame narratives. Can sometimes feel a bit weird when you spend five solid minutes doing nothing other than looking into a characters face in total silence, but now I think on it this unease is probably intended. Main guy does a little too much eyebrow acting, though.
  3. Jolly

    Edge #346

    DOOM Eternal got a fair old hammering in the dedicated thread on here whilst I thought it was absolutely amazing so I'm pleased to see that I may not have lost my mind.
  4. Jesus wept, 32 bells on Jollywood today. Weekly high of 130 If anyone has anything remotely decent this afternoon I will be very grateful.
  5. I pretty much bookmark my life by Zelda releases and consider it to be easily the most consistently excellent video game series there is. But! I think Breath of the Wild is a unfocused pain in the arse. God, I found it so frustrating! I'm not completely nuts; it's a solid 8/10 for me; but it brings me nothing but sadness that the new direction that it's taken the series and its critical and commercial success probably means that's it for 'old style' Zeldas. Fortunately, I'll just play all these other series that follow that template. Oh, hang on. There aren't any. I hope you're all fucking satisfied.
  6. Yep, me too - thanks ryodi!
  7. I could also do with visiting somewhere if possible! The peak buy price in Jollywood this week was 60-something
  8. @moosegrinder was correct in the eShop thread; I've stuck with Mega Picross and completely fallen for it. This seems like such a good thing to be getting back into right now. A perfectly contained little world where everything makes sense.
  9. I can only assume those suggesting they remove bits to improve the story(!) are on the windup. One of the first subplots to hit the cutting room floor would be 'MIIIIIIIKE!'; literally one of the most iconic parts of the game.
  10. Picked up Picross S1 and had my first few attempts at Mega Picross and now I feel really stupid so thanks a bundle for the confidence boost everyone.
  11. Sorry to go all proud parent, but as part of a home school project my youngest - who is completely obsessed with Breath of the Wild - has written an 'in chunks walk froo' which I present below. Think he's got it totally bang on, tbh.
  12. That's great news about the Picross games. I've been loving Murder by Numbers but am nearing the end now, so will need to pick something up to fill the void. I will absolutely have to ignore the advice and start at S1 though. I would feel completely revolting joining a series (with no ongoing story) partway through because of the order in which numbers go in.
  13. In order to escape the feeling of being trapped indoors by a malevolent, near-unstoppable force we decided to watch Misery last night. Not seen it for over 20 years and it's still absolutely fantastic with a phenomenal performance by Kathy Bates, who flips between emotional deadness, creepy over-enthusiasm and total fucking physco seemlessly. I did find the score a bit overbearing for the first fifteen minutes or so, but then I was completely lost in it. Just brilliant. 5/5
  14. Yeah, I've spent some more time on Rise today and it's good fun! Reminds me a bit of Hydro Thunder Hurricane and the Challenge mode is nicely put together. The lack of polish does appear everywhere (menus are fairly dreadful, it doesn't explain itself very well and the music is pretty poor) but the actual driving is excellent. And as you say, the boost system is rather smart.
  15. I've played about half an hour. Initially it does seem very cheaply put together (outside of the actual races themselves) but I really enjoyed it and want to play more. I'll no doubt play a fair bit over the weekend so will give a more informed opinion once I can.
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