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  1. I'm on a GTX660 on PC and the crowds in Marakesh are basically a no-go zone, but otherwise performance is alright. It's a great level though. One thing that bugs me as I explore to learn the layouts: Agent 47 seems like a pro at hurling wrenches into peoples necks from miles away, but as soon as I need to use my pistol once I've been spotted, I cant aim for my life with the controller. I end up hoarding bricks and wrenches so I can toss them into peoples faces as it's a more reliable way of silencing them. They should really improve the weapon auto-aim, or give that as an option.
  2. This is probably right. The dots are probably retro-reflective, and they use that big IR camera in the background to do positional tracking. The dots give them some nice easy markers to track. I bet that's the only reason why it's a funny shape too, just for making positional tracking easier.
  3. Not as awful as I feared. Glad it tread new ground with the whole vaguely-plausible drone fear angle. The leading man was a bit pants and it really let itself down towards the end, throwing around references to the original over painfully bad CGI and weak villain posturing. A decent supporting cast with Samuel L Jackson and Gary Oldman made it more bearable.
  4. Don't be silly, there's clearly a knife or some sort of angular pointy thing
  5. I came here expecting interesting discussion on the feature. I am disappoint.
  6. I thought this was pretty good - a nice solid sci-fi movie, but no classic. Edit: Moon spoilers included!
  7. Is there a Google Docs or some sort of group for mukkers' IDs on the 3DS? I'm so lonely
  8. Yep, I have one. It's really quite handy, though feels a bit flimsy. It's just a plastic cradle that you stick onto the end of your normal 3DS charger, I think. I'd say it's worth it, but I've become lazy enough to not stand for having to physically plug things in unless I have to - wireless charging Lumia 920 ruined me.
  9. Scroll lock is good for sifting through a stupidly busy debug log during development (im looking at you, Android)
  10. Well we knew it was coming. I seriously hope it ends with some real crackers, sometimes I feel it would have been better if it weren't renewed after the 4th season at all, as it's standard was so high. That article has some pretty big spoilers about the finale too, so watch out.
  11. I agree.I would have finished it if it were about three times shorter perhaps. Feels weird to complain about games being too long, but whenever it came up with something remotely interesting it just hammered it into a mindless slog. Seems like a waste of what could have been quite enjoyable if they'd kept things flowing.
  12. Every mission in Spec Ops: The Line 2 ends with you accidentally murdering civilians in progressively more gruesome ways, with the UE4 engine's fantastic particle effects finally doing white phosphorous justice.
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