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    Is your local cinema terrible?

    Duke of York is quite sweet and old fashioned. Little bar upstairs. I like it I used to go to Peckhamplex for years. Main gripe is the ticketing system being same place they sell popcorn. Gets chaotic. Can’t argue with those prices tho
  2. Brunceling

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    @gommy ha. Fair comment. That’s the entrance and bar screens and other seating areas off to the left
  3. Brunceling

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    Living in a small town with no cinema, used to mean an 8 mile schlep to Brighton or Uckfield And then, a year ago, this 3 screen beauty opened in the town. Seriously comfortable seating with tons of legroom, local beers, special showings (eg, original Alien, remastered, with a talk from nearby university on current state of space exploration) I keep thinking I dreamt it into existence
  4. Brunceling

    Edge #310

    This, from JPL, should have got more kudos
  5. Brunceling

    Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

    @ Elmo Bless - you honestly think Mr Farley isn't as we speak, falling down a rabbit-hole. He'll ring you up to talk about the Bonfireside Chat podcasts next, and how he's rolling a pyromancer. ;-)
  6. As Into the Night got mentioned, is that on the radar for a future article?
  7. Microprose Golf on the Amiga was a blinding game as well - felt like so many shots had to be really considered with great risk and reward. Too many golf games since don't REALLY punish you for wayward shots
  8. Brunceling

    The Beer Thread

    Just who are all these Dulwichites I may know on here? Agreed Flying Pig is ace - jealous I won't get to try new beer shop as I moved away earlier this year
  9. Brunceling

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Anyone remember when they were young and were forced by their parents to eat food that was good for them?Many on here will have rebelled at being forced to do something, even if it was good for themOther people will have parents who didnt force them but, instead, persuaded (by one method or another) their children to eat the same foodIm not saying Xbox One was good food, but regardless of how good it is, they were never going to succeed with such a bullish (bullying) approach to gamersAs for the multiple problems price? Yeap, too much. DRM/ownership I agree with most of the people arguing against it but in reality Im reasonably happy to download a game and accept the license restrictions with one exceptionIn no universe, this or parallel, am I ever going to accept that I cant play games on my machine just because my internet (or their side) is down. I accept I cant play WoW in this situation, and I accept I am missing out on the online aspects of Dark Souls but you tell me I cant play Dark Souls at all because of someones dodgy connectionAbsolute fantasy and arraogance of highest order (I have no idea why all of the paragraph formatting in that last post of mine went AWOL - sorry guys)
  10. I’m still watching it And enjoying it mostly It’s true that sympathetic characters are almost non-existant, but it does reflect the narcisstic lives led by many people in NY (not that that’s a trait specific to NY of course… but as it’s set there, I have to say it rings true) But it does seem to subtly ask where are they all going –ie what is the point of all this self-absorption? If nothing else it’s a change of pace from much of the rest of TV shows at the moment
  11. Brunceling

    Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

    really? Ach, That's a shame
  12. Brunceling

    Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

    Something I’ve been wondering, and can’t find example of anywhere is… With just Gwyn left to tackle, has anyone emptied the rest of the entire game of all possible enemies? Ie – could they then just roam through ever level and view the environments without seeing any enemies? I know there will be a couple of anomalies, but you get the gist of the question? I think it would be a pretty cool feeling How annoying would it be to then drop off a platform accidentally and hear the bonfire noise, knowing that all of that hard work is wasted
  13. Brunceling

    New Bowie Album

    quite so, vermin I genuinely thought he was "done" but that if he did make an album it would be along these lines. Reality was last stab at "thrusty" music but I prefer my older artists to take a step back
  14. Brunceling

    New Bowie Album

    Interesting to see who is playing on the album I know Earl Slick did, and it's produced by Visconti. Does that sound like Mike Garson on piano?
  15. Brunceling

    New Bowie Album

    elegaic is the word I believe you are after ;-) It's not going to wow the casual music listener but to those of us brought up on a diet of Quicksand, Word on a Wing, Warszawa, It's Gonna Be Me and Thursday's Child, I'm very much enjoying it But in 2013, how the hell does something like this not leak out? Impressive control..
  16. Brunceling


    edited as posted on wrong forum
  17. Brunceling

    Real life/Videogame clash

    Funny you say that splode but that was EXACTLY what I thought when I saw yesterday's paper My other half (who finds Bioshock far too creepy to ever spend time with) also spotted the thematic similarities
  18. Brunceling

    Cookbooks - recommend me do!

    A book I would never buy on appearance (shallow!) but did buy because I was on holiday and turns out to be the best I have ever bought is: Some Like It Hot by Clifford A Wright Check out various review online - all recommend it. Yes most are spicy but all are tasty and enjoyable to cook and source
  19. Brunceling

    Disappointing Food

    (My first post so please bear with me.. ranting is involved but is not unrelated) Leaving aside for the moment those pubs and restaurants we KNOW to be very good (and they do exist but for whatever reason they exist just outside the mainstream) The problem as I see it is not whether we complain or not.. put simply, just like the music and film charts, just like politics or anything resembling reasonable debate, just like the national newspapers which sell more than say - oooh 500000 copies, the NO 1 reason why restaurants and pub food is awful is because... thats what the majority of British people want. Or more specifically... how cheap is it it? Its still a postwar mentality despite years of advance.. Now, I pray this isn't true, but lets look at the evidence Newpapers - what sells? Sun, Star, Sport, Mail, Times - You may buy these yourself.. good luck to you. But please don't complain when such babyfed drivel translates into food.... Politics - not happy with Labour, Tories or Liberals? Well vote for who you want but despite what individuals such as us would like, people say one thing and vote for another - want better services and hospitals? they cost! Well I still want them and prepared to pay.. Thank you sir/madam, can we count on your vote? "err... sure" Trust me - politicians of all parties know what their constituents want.. but when push comes to shove those same voters will vote for selfish reasons on the day. "How much tax will I pay?" ANd lets not pretend its poor people who do this - people quite happy to pay 2 quid for a ringtone will bleat incessantly about a 1p in a pound tax which might mean more for the genuinely poor who dont have a choice (I exclude from the dfinition of poor those living on council estates with bulging freezers, a sky dish and broadband - these people have more access toinformation than milllenia of richpeople but choose the Sun anyway) Films/TV/Music - I can't even begin to contemplate the horrors at the top of these charts...remakes of Amytville Horror? Yes, good stuff is on the way but how will it do? So to food: the mentality is still "How much do I get for my money" (there is a side effect of this - people with more money than sense will pay extortionate sums for nonsense...just to differentiate themselves from the poor0 Do I have a point? I'm pretty sure I do... the level of debate on this board is pretty high so next time our friends invite us to some godawful chain lets challenge them. Not just on their shocking choice of food... but what informs them of the other decisions they make? Or are they merely consuming fodder who like nothing better than to spend weekends grazing around Bluewater or Lakeside... I know people like this. I may have even been one of them. But like Steve from Shameless knows... "the truth is out there"

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