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  1. I don't think I've ever agreed with a game-related post more I know I'm supposed to be "wrong" and that many people rate it pretty well but it's the only game in the series that I've tried maybe 7 times and never come close to finishing . Everything about it is a trudge I can see several echoes of DS2 in Elden Ring but they have all been done properly in ER
  2. You'd be a better man than me if you can do this - even 1 way In a month or two Beak (and Harveys obviously ) will be joined in Lewes by Abyss' Taproom - their beers are excellent as well if you see them around
  3. Beak are suspending canning for 3 weeks whilst they refocus on Keg, so you might see stock dry up Guess I'll just have to walk down to the taproom then...
  4. Strong agree with this If someone had shown me 6 or 7 years ago what my local Tesco beer section looked like I'd have been amazed. But I don't think many of the beers taste much like they did back then - certainly punk IPA, and the Beavertown beers seem like pale shadows of their former selves But that Northern Monk one is (for now) excellent
  5. As a PC owner, with gamepass, it feels like I almost have an xbox PS catalogue is still pretty much off limits to me, in comparison
  6. Beak tap room reopening next month - some amazing street food at weekends there as well Local rivals(?) Abyss opening up a tap room about a mile away as well - promising live events and Mexican food
  7. Brunceling

    New Order

    Didn't even need to click the link to know what this was
  8. Oh yes - Him. Made me jump The bell you rang at the top of the tower is one of two you need to ring to progress the story
  9. AFTER you climbed the tall tower after the gargoyles first tho, right?
  10. The bloodstains show you previous players dying as they attempted someothing in the same space - sometimes gives useful clues on what not to do Messages on the ground - after the initial prison these are left by other players - often invaluable, they can equally just be trolling ("jump off here")
  11. Local cinema showed Kill Bill 1 recently so I went along as I hadn't seen on a big screen Was much better than I remembered it and would have watched KB2 immediately afterwards if it was on Found KB2 on Netflix a week later and watched it (even tho I distinctly remember it being poor back in the day) and really really enjoyed it this time too SO both KBs have improved with age IMO
  12. I read this as Uncle saying "people should have been able to find SOMETHING in the Kylie set to like - there is more to her than just the early PWL songs" Did I get that wrong? I'm no Kylie fan, but I thought the Roses/Slow/Fashion/Confide was a classic run of songs and a Glastonbury highlight
  13. Duke of York is quite sweet and old fashioned. Little bar upstairs. I like it I used to go to Peckhamplex for years. Main gripe is the ticketing system being same place they sell popcorn. Gets chaotic. Can’t argue with those prices tho
  14. @gommy ha. Fair comment. That’s the entrance and bar screens and other seating areas off to the left
  15. Living in a small town with no cinema, used to mean an 8 mile schlep to Brighton or Uckfield And then, a year ago, this 3 screen beauty opened in the town. Seriously comfortable seating with tons of legroom, local beers, special showings (eg, original Alien, remastered, with a talk from nearby university on current state of space exploration) I keep thinking I dreamt it into existence
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