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  1. Here are a few of mine - we must have frequented the place at same time!
  2. i have a stack of old CEX receipts from the Brum store (and some from the Rathbone Place store) which I still leaf through today. A lot of them have faded so much I can barely make them out! Always nice to look back on what I spent my cash on then, though
  3. You used to work at Rathbone Place during the golden era, then! Incredible. What a time that was for CEX... I got all of my imports from the Brum branch but would often pop down to London to visit the Rathbone Place store as it had a much better selection of stock. I must have spent thousands in CEX around that time (well, I say 'spent' but I usually traded stuff in for new stuff as I was a poor teenager!) I remember EDGE featured the store in one of its Retro specials (see below)
  4. Sorry to drag up the corpse of this thread but I'm trying to get in touch with Ash, if at all possible. I visited the CEX retro store (must have been very late '90s, if not 2000?) and picked up a Sega Nomad and a bunch of Japanese games. I visited another time around that period and traded in some Japanese Saturn stuff. I recall Ash mentioning that Hideo Kojima had been in the week previously and signed the store's copy of Metal Gear on the NES - it did indeed have a signature on it, so I assume he wasn't bullshitting! I also vividly recall him showing me a box of faulty Neo Geo CD consoles he had under the counter, for some reason. Would be amazing to find out if he's active online and get him to speak about this stuff, as the store was really incredible.
  5. I spoke to the chaps behind the mag here: http://retro.nintendolife.com/news/2011/05/feature_the_making_of_super_play_magazine
  6. Seriously mate, if it hit the spot with you then I'm well chuffed. Glad you liked it!
  7. !!! Pinch me, a positive comment from Meh! I feel truly privileged that it was my feature that caused it, too.
  8. Thanks for the kind words - really glad you liked the piece.
  9. Hudson did all of the Mario Party games, so I might be able to do something there...
  10. Ok, let me rephrase that - it's a fantastic experience.
  11. Shenmue is a fantastic game. If you think otherwise, then you're clearly a nutcase.
  12. I know that the 6 button pad doesn't work with some titles - Golden Axe 2 being the only one I've actually come across myself - but if you tried it with both a 3 button and 6 button pad then I'd assume it's your machine that is at fault. Perhaps there's a dodgy connection somewhere inside? It's certainly one of the more unusual faults I've heard of.
  13. The site is now here: http://www.meanmachinesmag.co.uk
  14. LttP also came with a little sealed booklet that had solutions for some of the trickier parts of the game. Naturally online FAQs make it a little pointless now, but it was really cool at the time. I resisted breaking the seal until I got hopelessly stuck on the Ice Dungeon.
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