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  1. Duddyroar

    SNES Super Play Magazine...

    I spoke to the chaps behind the mag here: http://retro.nintendolife.com/news/2011/05/feature_the_making_of_super_play_magazine
  2. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer - Issue 73

    Seriously mate, if it hit the spot with you then I'm well chuffed. Glad you liked it!
  3. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer - Issue 73

    !!! Pinch me, a positive comment from Meh! I feel truly privileged that it was my feature that caused it, too.
  4. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer - Issue 72

    Thanks for the kind words - really glad you liked the piece.
  5. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer 69

    Hudson did all of the Mario Party games, so I might be able to do something there...
  6. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer - 70

    Ok, let me rephrase that - it's a fantastic experience.
  7. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer - 70

    Shenmue is a fantastic game. If you think otherwise, then you're clearly a nutcase.
  8. I know that the 6 button pad doesn't work with some titles - Golden Axe 2 being the only one I've actually come across myself - but if you tried it with both a 3 button and 6 button pad then I'd assume it's your machine that is at fault. Perhaps there's a dodgy connection somewhere inside? It's certainly one of the more unusual faults I've heard of.
  9. Duddyroar

    Mean Machines

    The site is now here: http://www.meanmachinesmag.co.uk
  10. Duddyroar

    Zelda - A Link to the Past

    LttP also came with a little sealed booklet that had solutions for some of the trickier parts of the game. Naturally online FAQs make it a little pointless now, but it was really cool at the time. I resisted breaking the seal until I got hopelessly stuck on the Ice Dungeon.
  11. Duddyroar

    Albert Oddysey

    Working Designs handled the US version. I have a review of it in a copy of GameFan somewhere; apparently it was nice but the random battles made it frustrating to play - they happened pretty much every ten seconds or so.
  12. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer 63

  13. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer 63

    I doubt anyone else would be. I love Y's and all, but it's hardly going to shift copies in WH Smiths, is it?
  14. Duddyroar

    Retro Gamer 63

    It's fair to say that the illuminati articles ruffled a few feathers across the internet...

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