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  1. Anyone looking for a setup ready to go, I’ve got one in the trading folder currently.
  2. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    Well that was fucking dreadful. At least we don’t have to get our hopes up only to be beaten by Chelsea again in the Semi’s. LOL. We lose at the weekend and I recon we will have Poch back in by the time we return from the World Cup. Conte ball just doesn’t work with this bunch of losers.
  3. Love this thing. Not had it more than 48 hours and I’ve already ordered an ironclad plus yet to try out the MT32 I got with it but from what I’ve seen online it sounds great. I’m just concentrating on the arcade cores at the moment of which there are masses.
  4. My setup came today, just had a 8BitDo Arcade Stick delivered too. Need to find time to set it all up now lol
  5. Have been looking around for the DE10 for the last few days but they are simply nowhere to be found. So I put an offer or two on the few that are on ebay and managed to strike a deal with someone. Should be here tomorrow.
  6. Can anyone tell me how easy it is to manage multiple cores on this thing. I’m particularly interested in the arcade games and the ao486 and PlayStation cores. What setup would be considered the best for getting the most out of the Mister as it stands? I’ll be using it via HDMI if it makes a difference ? I’m trying to work out the costs involved so any help will be appreciated. Also, anyone got the Ironclad Plus or whatever it is called ? Is it worth it to have the Mister in a decent case with all the ports at the rear instead of cables flying around from all directions?
  7. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    It’s fun being a Spud. Nothing is ever easy is it lol.
  8. I think it was NTSC. Can’t believe how cheap I sold it for back then and what it would be worth now. At least it went to a good home. And yes I still pick things the same way when I sell them. Never had anything arrive damaged Im so close to pulling the trigger on a DC and starting it all again. Loved that console.
  9. I buy and sell tech in here and elsewhere all the time usually within a few months of buying it too. (Reason - have no time to play games but love the idea of it!) Lost count the amount of consoles and PC / Laptops I’ve had over the years, that I’ve bought, sold then bought again. my biggest regret was a Dreamcast package I had, console and peripherals, 80 odd games, all mags and associated demo cd’s. Sold it for less than £150 delivered (was at least 15 years ago I recon). Needed the money at the time. currently have 2 years left on my GamePassUltimate and a year on PSPlus or whatever it is called, but only a Series X under the TV which never gets used. I do have both a Win98 tower and a win xp sff machine to sell as well as a new MacMini and new MacBook Air to get rid of now that I’ve moved up to a MacBook Pro lol.
  10. The black one is going back up for preorders on the 6th - limited stocks
  11. @Fondue that all really comes down to whether they are complete / tested working and the price you want for them in whatever state they are in. I’d be interested in pretty much all of them, but my wallet surely won’t lol
  12. Definitely a few there of interest. More so depending on condition and contents of course .
  13. The glass cabinets in the basement, with all those 8 bit cassettes and Atari carts.... then there were the TV's above the counter showing the latest imports. Had a Saturn modded by them back in the day and was always in there looking at what goodies I couldn't afford. Used to love a shop in Notting Hill Gate too, Computer and Video Exchange i think? Several floors, with the big box 16bit and PC games right at the top (musical instruments and all kinds of other stuff on the other floors.). Remember seeing an imported NTSC N64 playing Mario 64 on it. Good old days.
  14. The retrotink2x is rgb only, but they have a composite to hdmi too if you need that.
  15. Retrotink2x is amazing. OSSC is amazing too, just complete overkill for most setups
  16. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    Now thats a good start.... lets see who else we can get in before the start of pre-season.
  17. Thought Pool were lucky today to get a point. Yes they had most of the possession, but did very little with it. Apart from the deflected goal, and the Lloris save down to his left, I can’t remember a Liverpool shot on target. We did defend well though (for a change). Glad we turned up because it could have been a cricket score. I’m sure we will enjoy the point more than you guy though.
  18. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    I can see a swap on the cards.
  19. @deKay Just tried to download some Amtix and Amstrad Action from your repository and none of the .zips will expand
  20. I was there, showing off issue 4 of my fanzine (Retro Revival) alongside Boyo (Chris Wilkins) who was showing off his mame cocktail cab (who then went on to run Fusion Books). Doesn’t time fly eh?
  21. It was me... I mentioned them. I paid £240 for a maxed out GBA, and I have a £110 eBay special on its way too. The idea is to review the two of them, compare them to each other and to see if the price tag really is worth it.
  22. Just forked out for a RetroSix Prestige All black GBA. Got a few boxed games coming too… GB Motocross Madness GB Navy Seals GB Golf GB Tennis GBA NES Classics Zelda GBA NES Classics PAC Man And one or two others. call me mad…. Go on
  23. I picked up 3 x Xbox Live Golds from CDKeys for £39 each and then converted it to GP for £1, so £127 for 3 years and no VPN rubbish to deal with or about £3.50 per month for GPU for 3 years.
  24. I’ve asked RGT just today about availability of the MegaEverDrive Pro and they told me early 2022 for stock
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