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  1. She said she's on her way... Lol Thanks mate.
  2. So the missus needs to get some more 'things' apparently. Anyone want to share Dodo codes? Hers is 2MYRN.
  3. Literally just done this myself. All additional user need individual Nintendo accounts, then once they are set up you need to go onto your main account on your PC or mobile (not the Swith) log into your Nintendo account (the one you purchased the family membership with) then go to Settings and Family Group, and add each new account to your family membership by inviting them via their email addresses used for their news Nintendo accounts.
  4. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    We've been going backwards for the last 18 months. Fact. Don't forget that this is the same Poch side that messed up the first part of the season, albeit with missing players making it a far worse side. Need to see out the season, then start selling those who clearly are not bothered, starting with Dele and Lloris. I'd even go as far as cashing in in Kane. The few bright sparks are coming from Le Celso, Tanganga and Skipp at the mo. Not entirely sure what Mour is supposed to do with the shit that he has to play with right now. Personally, I
  5. Must admit, I haven't been involved in the scene for a while now, but from my brief recollection of days gone by, didn't Kieren fuck himself over with many people in the retro world and therefore has little reputation to protect? Or did I just imagine that?
  6. Thought you said there was no money in it Chris?
  7. Raspiboy (was a kickstarter project) - You can pick up an assembled unit for £120 on ebay or the kit (minus the pi) from 8bcraft.com
  8. I was a Liverpool fan back as a kid. Had the bootbag, lunchbox, bedspread, curtains, lampshade, pajamas etc. Must have looked like a right knob lol. Saw Spurs lose to Coventry in 87 on the TV and cried my little eyes out. Really felt for Mabbut and his right knee! Been a Spud ever since. Started out as a Palace fan mind you, back in the days when Wright and Bright were leading the line. Went to many a home game being about a mile from the ground.
  9. Glad we didn't get the Stadium back then and even more so now. Brady is a cunt and always has been, she has no place in football. I'm not an Iron appreciator, but fuck me, you lot don't need all that shit going on at the club. The board need to go (as do Arsenals and Newcastles for that matter). Its the only way to get reform and move on to better (potential) times.
  10. It was a pen, but Rochdale deserved that. We played pants (as we always do when The 30mil ex-Geordie plays).
  11. Amazon have fucked up my Doom preorder and are now delivering it on Monday. Fuck you Amazon!
  12. SimonG

    SNES Mini

    My local CEX has 8 (yes 8) of them in the window, all boxed, all mint, all £150. Also there are a shit-tonne of them on AVForums at the moment, ranging from £80 - £110 plus delivery. Not to mention the masses on ebay. None of them are selling.
  13. Picked up Lego City and Mario Kart 8 on my travels today (had £80 CEX voucher burning a hole) Plenty of eshop games to get hold of too.....got a bit of catching up to do it seems.
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