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  1. I didn't know the Nick Diaz was fighting, was the fight any good?.
  2. Sorry, the reasons why Absolute cost more is due to having ribbed spines, and the production cost involved. Yeah, its expensive and would I like to pay less?, most definitely but then I'm reading Sandman in an ostentatious manner that cannot be replicated.
  3. I disagree, Absolute are well worth the money, the binding, paper, quality of the printing is second to none. The only thing which is over priced are standard issue comics which I concede. But then again yon the flip side people pay $25 for EVS shitty Cyberfrog per issue and more.
  4. However, coincidence Doctor Strange is already dead in the new comic, and Ben Reilly is coming back?.
  5. Yeah Marvel/Disney is claiming that the contracts specified that the hired creator would make characters/comics for Marvel, meaning that the characters are actually Marvel's property and not the creator's. Marvel's argument is the most correct given that was exactly how contracts worked in the comics industry for the Big 2 (and continues to work in this manner). That's entirely the reason why the independent comic industry exists- the creators would be able to profit off of their own work while getting published.
  6. Hellboy is great, some of the stories are hit and miss later on though but is early stuff is magnificent. Here's a few more Locke and Key Paper Girls Fables Sandman - the Diner issue is brutal though, still makes me feel uneasy. Marvels by Busiek and Alex Ross Doctor Strange: The Oath Thor by Jason Aarob Punisher Max Animal Man Grant Morrison Wonder Woman Greg Rucka and Cliff Chiang All Star Superman Plantery Ex Machina Blacksad Scott Pilgrim
  7. Yup only two outcomes to this a) the heirs don't win b) the heirs get money and Marvel keeps making the content However, if Kirby estate couldn't win and he created more characters for Marvel than Dikto, then sadly they have no chance. Even though Dikto's Spiderman is the one I adore, growing up reading reprints in the UK Exploits of Spiderman magazine?.
  8. Apprehensive, The only thing I'm concerned about is what Dream's voice will sound like. The most recognizable speech bubbles in DC deserve equally distinct delivery.
  9. Wasn't there a Mr. A story where the good guy was the publisher taking control of his magazine and IP and the bad guys were the small fries who wanted to have more creative control?
  10. Holy crap Episode 8 Lop Ocho was easily the most gorgeous and amazing short of the lot hands. The animation, the backgrounds and the amount of effort reminded me of a anime movie. Amazing. For me ranked, I definitely preferred the studios which were wilder in their approach. 1.Lop and Ochō 2.Tatooine Rhapsody 3.T0-B1 4.The Twins 5.The Duel 6.The Ninth Jedi 7.The Village Bride 8.The Elder
  11. Its the Rock one. I understand why people will dismiss this, the whole tone is off kilter. You have some more mature and darker stuff to then have stuff aimed at kids. If anything I want a second series of Visions and this time with European studios because some of the animation I seen is amazing., and more akin to western sensibilities.
  12. yakumo


    Guy has been recreated that scene, did interviews and said he was OK with it. Now he wants the money. Oh well, nevermind.
  13. I had the opposite reaction, I loved it. Its so stupid and ridiculous that it just made me smile. Cmon Bobba drink Bobba tea?, how can you not like that?.
  14. Gearing to watch this tonight in the dark for the right atmosphere. Cannot wait, as Flanagan is one of the best horror directors out there.
  15. I just finish it, but I'm one of those people that no matter how bad the film is I still finish it. However, if not just avoid it, I didn't think it was great either. Also Midnight Mass is out!!!!
  16. Can't believe Trigger had one of the best and worst episodes. Elder looked awful, art direction was bland, backgrounds were boring, I just can't believe this was my beloved Trigger.
  17. yakumo


    Yeah it only feels like yesterday when I was playing Nevermind on heavy rotation, playing Doom instead of doing my Geography homework. Good times.
  18. Dub is good, no need to worry. Wish we did have a bad dub though like the old 80-90s though.
  19. Former Sonic boss?, you mean legend Yuji Naka (Ignore Balam Wonderland) I bet he's got a bunch of copies of mint Sonic.
  20. Definitely, I can see Star Wars fan raging at this, again Kathleen Kennedy ruining Star Wars.
  21. Found this awesome, I'm an anime guy anywhere but its so ridiculous and so Japanese at times that I can't believe this is actually a real thing. I wonder what the hard core Star Wars fans will think of this.
  22. Interesting article about DC's failed New 52 reboot, well worth reading. https://www.polygon.com/comics/22679756/dc-comics-reboot-new-52-writers-oral-history
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