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  1. Martin McNeil must have sent them to George. If so its fair game, I mean Martin must be pissed at them destroying his name that he allowed this. I don't think he hacked her or him, and I also don't believe he made it up these message because legal troubles etc.
  2. Skarsgård is easily the best thing about it, watching him acting across anyone else just shows the gulf in skill.
  3. Another thing I don't get is all these proton layers, does Steam automatically adjust and chooses the best profile?. Or is this a case of just just testing to see what works best case by case?. Also anyone using desktop mode, wondering how is it for Chrome etc.
  4. Thanks , yeah it does sound more I should wait until duelos is officially introduced in Steam OS 3.0 before thinking of snagging one. I'm so tempted but while I don't fiddling with controls, I'm not sure if I have the patience.
  5. If you wiped the deck to be Windows only, does this mean you lose a lot of functionality baked into Steam OS?. Also is performance worst as well playing in Windows?. plus I guess configuration is more of a hassle since you have to manually tweak everything?. Also what app are you talking about regarding the controller?, is there a video demonstrating this as well?.
  6. No, this is all new to me. I never had an Amiga so never read Amiga Power, and the only gaming magazines I bought was when I had pocket money and they were always Mean Machines, ST Format before I stop buying them as I could buy UK Marvel comic reprints instead.
  7. Yeah but I'm a sucker for cursed movies, apparently its good too. Thought it was a spin off from that awful Truth or Dare movie.
  8. Just finished it. Not a fan of the ending at all, just finished it but that felt like a gut punch.
  9. I love Halloween, chuck full of horror movies and TV series dropping: Mike Flanagan The Midnight Club* Smile* V/H/S/99 Barbarian* Halloween Ends Pearl My Best Friend’s Exorcism Terrifier 2 Hellraiser* Terrifier 2 Wendell & Wild Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities* *Must watch for me.
  10. Yeah I don't buy the whole PP fees thing, if this was real the Quartering would be poking his head and making noise online.
  11. Yeah it's one of those really fucked up dramas that as a whole is the horror.
  12. Hold up, they didn't refund the money after Quartering paid the bill?.
  13. So gone down the rabbit hole and read the thread, and watched the videos. This funkyspectrum guy is a real character, I like how he says the word bastard. Quartering is a massive colossal shit and I'm surprised the couple took his offer of help. Though didn't they do raise enough through people donating?.
  14. Thanks @SeanR for bringing this to my attention. I remember watching Lady Decade's video at the time, and did feel sorry for her but even then I was like you got loads of games behind you, and they're always abroad somewhere. Slowly trudging through this thread when I should be working.
  15. I would legitimately buy a book with his gaming reviews if that was possible. I'm currently googling his reviews and going through them.
  16. Thank you for the summary. It's good to hear that even then Kieron Gillen was producing gold and cutting his teeth before his leap into comics.
  17. OMG its actually him, why was I not aware of this.
  18. This is the first time I heard of Kieron Gillen being a games writer, this literally made me go what?!. I been reading his comic output for a long time but never knew he reviewed games too, need to source some of them now.
  19. Oh man 1 last chapter left, easily one of the best games I played this year.
  20. Never has happened to me before but I take you're word for it. If in doubt, https://www.mymemory.co.uk/ is another good place.
  21. Amazon but make sure it's sold and fulfilled by Amazon and not a third party to avoid fakes
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