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  1. Blood red sky was a great action horror. Don't watch the trailers but would recommend. Blame me if you dislike it but was not expecting anything but came away impressed
  2. 2 is the best, gives her the goal and motivation.
  3. Dude that video does not do him Justice
  4. One of the things I dislike about the new series. I think Teela is strong, competent and intelligent throughout her iterations. Kevin Smith wants her to be tough, but falls in the trap the character trope of strong female must mean rude, brooding to give her character.
  5. I felt Randor was a dick to Duncan, I can understand why as it was the heat of the moment. But even after the years past I thought he be forgiven as this was not something he could control or tell.
  6. I can agree with that. I admit I'm biased since I'm a woke soy boy leftie communist.
  7. Sorry I'm confused here, but am I wrong in many of these people calling the new He-man woke when its obviously isn't?. This is what I mean by people injecting politics when there isn't any. Regarding Critical Drinker, my problem with reviewers like this is that he's obviously not objective. Being objective means that despite you personal viewpoints etc., you understand that reality doesn't revolve around them. That's not the critical drinker. In this world where art is influenced by everything, culture, ideas, political viewpoints, historical events, etc., everything that doesn't fit in the fictional reality of anti-sjw land is political, not art, and agenda. Any time a woman does something it's an agenda. Any themes regarding issues conservatives don't think are issues at all are agendas. To people like them, They so fixated on finding agendas and stuff to rant about that either they don't give the movie the credit it deserves or ruin the movie experience for themselves. Look, it is possible to put too much political content into something that it is off-putting. But people need to learn what the word political means. Captain Marvel wasn't political in the least, it showed a basic truth that women have and continue to be treated differently. It' didn't go wild with that fact, and it didn't push it to the extreme. You can argue the quality of the movie. But that movie is only political if you can't handle that truth, and that is a lot of people like him.
  8. Yes, and because of what happened its given Clownfish some legitimacy with his youtube numbers growing. All I want to do is enjoy He-man without having bad actors hijacking it with their agendas and politics.
  9. Yeah do we really believe He-man isn't coming back?. How many series, comics have we had about MOTU focusing on He-man. I found its a nice change of pace, and while not amazing as I hope it was still enjoyable and I could recommend.
  10. Clownfish another of these alt right comicsgater grifters. He literally doesn't care He-man at all but the $$$ from the outrage. Wish Kevin wouldn't give those idiots exposure.
  11. I agree, I wasn't a huge fan of Orko's design more so with the eyes. But I loved Cringer, he has a heart of gold. Plus I was so sad with what they did with Orko, it was obvious when we see him again what was going to happen.
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