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  1. http://ew.com/tv/2018/05/18/cartoon-network-thundercats-new-animated-series/ WTF!!!
  2. yakumo


    UMM G-GUNDAM sucked more....
  3. yakumo

    Serious Sam: The Next Encounter

    finished it on the pc last week, good game but its gets really boring during the end stages. Plus the final level l thought was shit
  4. yakumo

    Morrissey on Jonthan Ross TONIGHT

    Can someone explain the appeal of Morrissey, for me he sounds like some monotone whinger with a blocked nose and Gene that indie band
  5. sort of new group, but they are DEFINATELY picking it up. l only wish l can invest some time helping them on the project. Ignore my comments about anbu, its a Naruto related matter:)
  6. Ichii is rubbish, the anime isn't that great anyway and l can't imagine someone with a sane completion to watch at least once.
  7. yakumo

    There's a second Zelda trailer

    it all reminds me of Lord of the Rings
  8. Westerners are just as bad, you only have to look at the Star Wars titles
  9. My mate is subbing, well l know him since we chat online but sonchou is doing it. Better than Anbu and Keep in translation
  10. Volcano High is poo, much like his other work Azumi. Versus still rules
  11. yakumo

    Should l learn Maya?

    yeah thats what l'm planning to do as well, l can't be arsed with the warez version it just mean bugs and my os crashing all the time. However, l have played around with Maya 5.0, at the moment I'm trying to get my head around the different tools being labelled properly.
  12. yakumo


    yeah he is expect end of the world type scenarios
  13. yakumo


    but which is going to be shitter? Catwoman or this?
  14. yakumo

    Secret Window

    l haven't seen that, but its pretty piss poor for a film. l wouldn't watch it especially if you seen Fight Club too.

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