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  1. Watching Batman Beyond, and he Pattinson looks a lot like Terry McGinnis. Anyone else seeing it?.
  2. Overall good season, but I feel like the dialogue writing was super weak and unbearably corny at times (i.e. "Sorry, but I have school!"). Also not a huge fan of the forceful SJW moments, I feel like they need to work subtly weaving it into the story lines. Instead, I felt like I was being lectured. It was simply OK.
  3. Pattinson is going to be great, Good Times was brill. Pattinson vs Phoenix would be crazy.
  4. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Haven't CFW my Switch, seems too risky unless I'm mistaken. However, I really do have an itching to play Future again.
  5. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

  6. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Actually totally forgot, Timesplitters too.
  7. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah Powerstone is a missed opportunity for Sega. Pretty much pre Smash Bros.
  8. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    I totally forgot that, I wouldn't mind so much if they did a Crazy Taxi and had some "inspired" tracks instead. The game is great and quickly been forgotten and lost as years past.
  9. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Why, does MS have the rights to Future?
  10. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Can't Sega please give us Jet Set Radio and Future please on the Switch.
  11. yakumo

    Pet Sematary 2019 remake

    Plus it has the typical modern horror ending which has become much more popular now. Rewatched the old TV movie and maybe its nostalgia but it was whole lot of fun to watch than the remake.
  12. No interested in Susy/Theo thing, It doesn’t bother me that he’s trans. I just hate the mannerisms, the mindset and the motives behind everything and just seems clumsily done.
  13. yakumo


    Any good?, enjoyd Dodoro so similar?
  14. Even Zod and Superman are like WTF bruh?
  15. This is probably's Snyder's wet dream for his next Superman film.

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