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  1. I guess because of the fingers are moving the texture has become stretched, I doubt it be bad UVs for the model.
  2. Thanks it should have been posted like I done before instead of a link, but thanks for the heads up:)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K71JAJMWeco
  4. The steamed pants thing is weird, it sounds more painful than anything but I can also understand that as being humiliating too for the female.
  5. I was going to post this too, so excited to buy this. EDIT: Only Part 1, who's the smart ass who decided this:)
  6. Looks like its cribbing from Scott Pilgrim. How hard is it Hollywood to find an Asian lead which isn't John Cho?, not a knock on him but its like he's the only asian male I see all the time. Same with Awkfina.
  7. Something, something gubbins multiverse....... probably to do with Doc Strange, since we see in Homecoming the different iterations of villains from past films.
  8. I'm not sure if the comedy is meant to be intentional or not, but this film is hilarious.
  9. I hardly play new games anymore, and if I do its mainly Nintendo first party, or a game which has been talked among peers I respect. But like many I been playing more retro stuff, games I couldn't play when I was younger or had access like recently Cruise for a Corpse. I do find as I'm older gaming more of a time waster, instead of spending that time to get better creatively. But then when I'm gaming I forget about my worries.
  10. God that looks awful, some kind of cheap mobile phone game.
  11. I disagree, Venom has always been a massive fan favourite, not sure where you're getting that take he's shitted on. Venom is cool as hell.
  12. I think it helps I don't know much about Adam Strange besides from what I seen in the Justice League cartoon, and also with the few issue with Green Lantern. But highly recommended.
  13. Also anyone reading Strange Adventures, his best work since Vision. I know people have a love/hate relationship with Tom King but finding this pretty stellar due to also Doc Shaner's artwork.
  14. Talking about Alan Moore, I been reading Scream and he was a regular writer for that UK series. Not shocking I know, UK writer writing for UK comic but this was pre Warrior. Entertaining enough Vampire story.
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