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  1. In Nottingham this weekend. Planning a visit to Warhammer World, either tomorrow or Sunday. Really looking forward to it. They are having the Vigilus Weekender, which might mean the place is super busy. I shall have to see.
  2. This looks great as it is but I suspect your dissatisfaction comes from the cloak seeming similar to the rock and you want to distinguish them apart more. Perhaps using less de-saturated colours on the cloak, so highlighting with a light drybrush or thinned layer of screaming skull and then point highlights of pallid wych flesh. That will introduce more tonal contrast between the cloak and the rock. Try it on a little bit near the rock first to see if you like it before you commit. I look forward to seeing what you settle on. It is looking really nice already.
  3. Monikers has been a hit everywhere I have ever done it. You do not even really have to buy it. Just find out how it is played, ask the people present to write some famous names on bits of paper, divvy them up to your teams and then play. Guaranteed to be a hit across generations.
  4. Here is a picture of the three of them together:
  5. I drilled out the arms of these and inserted magnets to reattach them. When GW get around to releasing sprues of alternative weapons I will be able to swap them out. This magnetisation thing is one of the most satisfying modeling bits I have done in an age. Every time I pull off an arm and put it back it makes me smile. Simple things I know but .
  6. It has been a while because I have been away in Oz but today I completed my traitor faction knights for Adeptus Titanicus. The first one I posted a while back, here are the other two:
  7. Completed the first of my Adeptus Titanicus knights. A test colour scheme for my traitor faction. It works well I think.
  8. Warming up to painting the contents of the Soul Wars box I picked up last week. Although this picture has just allowed me to notice that ugly silver finger print I left on the middle front one. I shall go and sort that out now.
  9. First the new Age of Sigmar box with all those lovely Nighthaunt minis, now the rerelease of Adeptus Titanicus. I am going to have such a backlog to paint and where am I going to stash all this stuff? Look at this video: Unboxing the new Adeptus Titanicus
  10. I bought a small Tabletop Tyrants bag at the UK game expo this year, for my infinity miniatures. I strongly recommend them. You could not crush it under something heavy, but it is great for usual carry to the club stuff. The only thing that matters is selecting the right foam trays for you minis. It seems you are getting great advice here for that job. Their build a case tool on their website is a good guide. A small case can easily fit two thin trays and a thick one.
  11. I went for the light magnifier option first and the got some goggles too. To be honest, the light ended up being a bit too static. So it was hard work to use. I much prefer the goggles. I still use the light from the big lens because it is a nice daylight bulb, but I rely on the goggles for fine work. Mainly I wish my eyesight was not deteriorating as I get older.
  12. The official announcement for the new version of Age of Sigmar is up. Oh my! Those Nighthaunt miniatures are amazing. All my money is draining from my pockets. I can feel it going.
  13. Had a great time yesterday, my only regret was not trying to make proper conversation with SU&SD guys. Everyone was so busy. Bought Escape from the Temple which has been on my list for ages but I have never managed to pick up before. Hive pocket which will be great for when we go trekking. Blades in the Dark as a book rather than relying on the PDF as I have before, and a carry bag for my Infinity miniatures. My friend bought me the wooden insert for Gloomhaven which was very generous of him. I suspect putting that together that will be this afternoons job. I spent a good long time chatting to the main creator of Shadows of Esteren, which I have Kickstarted a couple of times. It was a really interesting talk. The chap from Battlesystems was kind enough to give me free stuff when I chatted to him about his Kickstarter (which I also did) and some past correspondence we have had. Played Fog of Love which I liked a lot but could not afford on top of the other stuff and generally had a great time. I would like to play it some more. I was overwhelmed at the beginning and tired come the end. Glad I went and will go next year for sure. Not sure I could do more than a day though. Although an evening playing i attractive. We ended up going home and playing Gloomhaven until midnight anyway. I did not play enough demos, so maybe I have got more in me than I did this time.
  14. It is listed in the Seminars section. It is happening between 1730 and 1900 on Saturday in the Toute Suite. No tickets being sold for it so queue or bust I guess.
  15. I am going on Saturday with a few friends. First-time we have actually managed to get our acts together, despite meaning to for the last few years. Looking forward to seeing if GW surprise us with anything. Possible if unlikely. Would like to go to Shut Up and Sit Down Live, but I am not going to give a load of time to a queue, which may be necessary.
  16. A reasonable amount. The GW fluff got me into wargaming. The Old World was such an interesting place that I also role-played in a lot. I was always interested in the historical context of the historical games I played. It developed in me a fascination for the English Civil War and conflicts of the 17th and 18th Centuries. But then I really like playing Infinity, which is an excellent warband/skirmish level game, but the fluff leaves me ambivalent. It is quite interesting but not enough for me to have consumed avidly. I guess good fluff will allow me to put up with an OK game. Good game will allow me to put up with OK fluff. One of them has to be there. If I can have both that is amazing but it is a long time since I saw that in anything substantially commercial. Only in pamphlet level historical stuff.
  17. My copy arrived a couple of weeks back and I have been most remiss, mainly because I have been working away. I opened it, was amazed by how much stuff there was in it, and then just hid it under the spare bed. I have limited space and feel I must free up some before it actually goes in the games cupboard. Massive Darkness and the collosal amount of stuff it came with is going to eBay I reckon.
  18. A little bit of greenery might work. I would err on the side of keeping it dark though. It is very much a style thing though. Cocky's stuff is amazing with little base work. I tend to quite heavy on significant models like this one. It is a mostly mix of flock and sphagnum moss I picked up while walking in the woods.
  19. My pledge was influenced by Atia's review here. It was positive enough for me to take a punt. I do not mind the replaceable surface. It is the tight seal that interests me most. My home made one is just a button tray I bought in a craft shop. The lid slips over easily enough, but it is not airtight so it dries out quicker than it might. Also the sponges I use for a reservoir need replacing every now and then. They are washing up sponge cloths and they go hard eventually.
  20. Been tracking that one for a while. Backed it promptly. My home made one is fine but can't be sealed up tight, so it can dry out if I am not attentive and is not without its faff factor. I hope this one works out well.
  21. Careful use and cleaning. Never dip too close to, and definitely never beyond the metal. You will get paint in the depth of the bristles that will not wash out and will cause them to splay. Roll them to a point when removing excess paint on your pallette, Never rest them in a water pot or touch the bottom of that pot. Clean them all the time. Lick them to a point (acrylic paints a re non toxic.) Others will have more tips I am sure.
  22. I did. I liked it a lot and probably milked it dry in the end. Although I did take a massive break from it after getting to the stronghold. I found getting into it again to finish it was actually quite hard. Eventually I ended up playing it when I broke my wrist because it was a game I could play with just the mouse and the odd spacebar tap. That focused my attention on it. But I did have to spend a stupid amount of time re-reading the codex to develop a handle on wtf everybody in the game was talking about. More has been written on the poor presentation of Pillars lore in that game elsewhere. But once I was into it properly, I really really liked it. Enough to back this sequel, which I am looking forward to a lot.
  23. I enjoyed reading that. I grew up in Newark. My parents moved there in 1981, just when this stuff was picking up momentum. Being there at that time had a massive effect on me as a teenager. It still lingers now. My local Wargames Club was the Newark Irregulars. It was run by Duncan McFarlane. He edited Wargames Illustrated and turned the magazine into what it is today. It is a shame he is not mentioned in that article. His influence is probably just as important as some of those who are mentioned. When I started going to that club we had no idea what it was all about, we were just D&D players investigating something new. But with Citadel still being in town, Rick Priestly and Richard Halliwell used to come occasionally. Some others I remember less well, the Perry twins maybe, although I got to know them a bit more later. They came less to test out their GW stuff, but often to play with others. At the time the club was on a big Marlburian Wars kick and a lot of that was played. Wargames Foundry were doing the figs, which were great, and Duncan had loads he always used to bring. Rick liked playing WW2 stuff and ancients. I made some of my oldest friends at that club. To be honest I do not remember much Warhammer actually being played there, except maybe by us. When I was about 13 I got to visit the Citadel Miniatures buildings on Victoria Street. I remember meeting John Blanche. He was thin then. I say that now and people look at me like I am mad. I was there when Micheal Perry got his hand blown off while trying to ram a re-enactment cannon. Another guy I knew, Roger, was holding his wound shut while paramedics were called my my friend Richard. I am going to play board games with Richard this evening. Clearly that article has brought up a lot of memories. This hobby will stay with me until I die.
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