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  1. It was either an Aldi or a Lidl that I saw something called "Wine Flavoured Drink". Presumably this is a mix of grape juice and meths. Although grape juice might be to expensive so maybe they use grape juice flavoured cordial and meths instead. The Horror!
  2. Apparently Battlefield 2 is coming now too. Battlefied 2 for PSP news
  3. I got mine from Lik-Sang. Ordered last week. Turned up yesterday. Value Pack was £145. Games were £26 each with free shipping. If I had got the games shipped seperately so I could dodge the duty on them the package would have come out cheaper than the UK prices. As it happens the whole lot cost me only about £10 more than it would at the UK prices and they delivered it it to me for that, 5 months early.
  4. I always thought the person who should play Rorscach is the gangly ginger one from the full monty. He looks the part completely and the guy is actually a pretty versatile actor, where simon pegg is a one trick pony.
  5. Now having played it a bit the game seems to be more of the same with Max Payne and HL2 bells and whistles. And the atmosphere is not there for me in the same way. I found that the full game (despite valid criticisms about the world being inconsistent in its attempts to be 'believable’ and there being a lot of windy corridor walking) to generate an atmosphere which was capable of scaring the bejeezus out of me. I would quicksave and quit rather than open a door, from behind which some ominous moaning and scratching was coming. In that sense I think they got the survival horror feeling right. They then went on to ruin it with a lack of imagination in the deployment of their scares. So later in the game I used to just stride into the rooms knowing that something nasty would probably pop out and being totally unsurprised or scared when it did. The claustrophobic environment suffered in the same way. Originally it resulted in some frantic close quarters scrabbles and desperate shootouts. Later they just got annoying. Close quarters fights with beasties that stop you flat in 3 blows were too hard for me so I then tried to bring some tactics into it. Unfortunately the environments then conspired against me so it was just die, quickload, shoot, quicksave, die, quickload, shoot, repeat until the bloody thing goes down. This expansion pack seems to be more of the same and consequently the things that grabbed me originally do not anymore. Still I have only played a bit and I will give it the benefit of the doubt until I am done with it.
  6. Has anyone played it yet? I have a copy and am filled with a desire for it to be fun and a dread that it will be shit. The same mixed feelings I had about the full game. That kept me excited for a while. Then I became immune to the shock tactics and it got old really fast from then. God knows how I ever brought myself to finish it.
  7. How sad am I? I completed the first level on realistic without killing anyone. I might have blown up the robots though. But they don't count.
  8. Not really a single scene but the thing that stays with me about this game was the way my view of the in-game politics changed as I progressed. You start the game with a clear view of who the bad guys are and this changes. But rather than it being the well telegraphed flip-a-coin change of alliegance cliche other games have got away with it is a much more subtle, building over time as information comes your way to illustrate that the situation is more complex than simple black and white. The game provides quite a few options to swap sides. You end up doing it when you have had enough, which probably depends quite alot on your personal politics. I have played no other game in which the choice I made felt so free (even if it was not, I was convinced I was doing it now because I wanted to, not because the game wanted me to.)
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