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  1. The problem comes from the area to glue being too small. I don't think super glue will necessarily help either. I ended up using pliers to snip a pin down to about 5mm length. I super glued that to the inside of the wrist and forearm, where it was least visible, leaving a few mm standing proud of the break. When that was dry, I glued it in place on the upper arm with super glue and did my best to cover it up with paint. I was lucky that this mini supported that without it being too visible. Yours may be trickier, or easier. I wish you well with it.
  2. Guardian of Souls done: That mini is stupidly delicate. I broke its sword arm off and had to use a chopped off pin and superglue to splint it from behind. You cannot see the pin easily, which is good, but you can still see where it broke.
  3. Oh do shush with this unnecessary modesty. These are genuinely excellent. You should be proud.
  4. Reasonably pleased with this one. I have brightened up those mandibles since I took the photo.
  5. Some still are. My favourite dwarf miniatures come from Scibor. https://www.sciborminiatures.com/ Check out their wonderfully characterful miners. They still sculpt like this, you can see it in some of their photos. And the detail they achieve is just as good as GW stuff. It boggles my mind how anyone can do it.
  6. I agree with Mike's. Of all the sci-fi skirmish games I have played. Infinity is the best game. An excellent tactical and involving one. I have enjoyed Kill Team, and it does take advantage of GWs excellent mini range, but it is unnecessarily complicated (for no good reason either) and difficult to parse when playing.
  7. It does seem to vary some. The recent disappointing removal of some of the earlier Underworlds minis is an outlier I think. They are all great minis. Archetypical of their factions. Using the highest quality push fit tech. But gone already. While some of the old sausage fingered minis from decades ago are still available.
  8. Warhammer 40k RPGs in abundance: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/warhammer-deathwatch-and-rogue-trader-cubicle-7-books That is all of Rogue Trader and all of Deathwatch for a little over £20. I enjoyed the Rogue Trader campaign we ran a few years back. Not so sure about Deathwatch. Role playing a facist warrior monk in space seems a bit odd. Anybody played that one?
  9. No, (and I appreciate this is not really answering) but I bought from them using the hard plastic option a while back. I was quite pleased with the quality of that. Glueing a 2p coin to the base gave it some heft too. I am away at the moment, but when I get back I will look out a photo for you.
  10. Epic. Or Adeptus Titanicus, as it is these days. That mni is just under 15cm tall.
  11. This has been a long time in the making but it is now done. Legio Fureans Warlord Titan Qadi Al'Naar:
  12. Nice work. That looks great. I get a lot of satisfaction from creating good maps. I recommend to everyone Dungeondraft, which you may have used for that. I am also a patron of Forgotten Adventures, which provide epic quantities of assets to build from. Another recommendation for those who like doing this sort of thing. Their tokens are good too.
  13. They can definitely be painted as any faction.
  14. I think there is also a gulf between depicting regressive attitudes in a campaign and subjecting a player's character to those attitudes, understanding that many players see their characters as extensions of themselves to some degree.
  15. Years ago, I collected a bunch of the Car Wars stuff, including this. I still have it all. Though all mixed up and packed down into a folder and an old cigar box. Nostalgia encourages me to keep it, despite my memories of actually playing it being that it rarely lived up to the promises it made. The mats would never fold out flat, the cardboard bits would shift easily in a breeze despite precision placement and movement being critical. The rules were all a lot harder work than you expected them to be. They also contained some funny abstractions. For example (and I am probably remembering this inaccurately): You can't commit suicide by shooting yourself in the head with a Magnum .44. The gun does 1 DMG. You have 2 HP. So it reduces you to 1 HP which means unconscious. When you wake up you get your HP back. Still, fond memories through rose tinted glasses.
  16. Another good expansion is the Inns and Cathedrals one. Like the rivers one, it is a simple addition. An Inn tile increases the value of a road, a cathedral tile increases the value of a city. There are loads of expansions, but the only ones I actually like are the ones that mix in simply with the basic set, like the above. All the stuff that adds extra counters and objectives etc. just ruins the games paired back elegance.
  17. Having played and enjoyed most of the original Time Stories stuff, we have a plan to try the new stuff. I will go into it with an open mind, but consider your experience when I do. Maybe one to borrow and try out.
  18. I can't help you there with that list but it makes me really want to play whatever you have planned. Sounds like it will be awesome. Keep us updated.
  19. I would be surprised if that box is worth less then £300. It looks to be in immaculate condition and if all the sprues are there and untouched you are in super rare territory. With the latest edition of Adeptus Titanicus where it is, al lot of the miniatures in that box are super popular for base decorations and the like. I bought some land raiders, rhinos and walls for just that purpose a while back. Probably paid a tenner for a couple of sprues worth, cut off and some badly painted.
  20. Also, the bit in that interview about exactly this sort of thing. YouTube just saying "do what the algorithm demands" and consequently, everything being the same shit.
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