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  1. My experience of them (previously shared in the UK Games Expo thread) led me to the conclusion that they will be a great help for those with less patience or brush skills. They will save a load of time, but they will not make you better if you already paint well. Tidemarks and overspill avoidance is hard work. I cannot see me using them extensively, although I think they might help me with some of my pile of shame. I bought a whole bunch of Sylvaneth Dryads and Treemen ages ago. I suspect they will be a great help with those because they are nicely textured but also not very varied when it comes to colours on a single miniature. Blocking out the masses fast and leaving tidy up of the few details later might go super fast.
  2. GW have addressed the out of stock issue on their community site: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/10/contrast-not-just-the-red-ones-that-go-fasta/ There will be stocks in the shops but you might want to get there early Saturday to be sure. Or wait until they come back in stock.
  3. Mostly, that miniature was a single coat over primer. The tips of the horns were a second coat with a darker brown. The axe head was a mix of their black and white paints. The flesh was green first, then flesh after. The red spots where applied after that. I was experimenting a bit. I think with a range of colours, you could knock out half decent armies in no time. A thing to be aware of: Applying them neatly is tricky, at least it was with the crappy brush I was using. See the overlap on the hands and axe head. You could always come back and tidy up after if you wanted. Ican paint much better than this (but not in just ten minutes) I can see me using this for some stuff, getting it to a point where the fun detailing happens really fast. I have a Sylvanneth army to paint that this will be a dream for. For those who can't be bothered, or who do not paint well, this is going to make a lot of difference. I think it will be a pretty big deal.
  4. That was probably me. I missed you in the end. So much stuff to do, I barely scratched the surface. Chatted to the Shadows of Esteren guys. I kickstarted that. Thanked Sandy Peterson for saving Chaosium. Tried out the Citadel Contrast Paints which were interesting. I painted this in literally ten minutes with a shitty brush that someone else had already splayed. Bought the WFRP stuff which I am liking a lot. Picked up Fog of Love. Got a miniatures carry case for my Adeptus Titanicus stuff. It was a good day.
  5. No I had not. I knew they were reworking the campaign and that those working on it were some I consider legends. A lot of the original crew. But that set is going to have to be mine. I guess I should start saving now.
  6. I'll be there on Saturday. Not sure what to pick up. New WFRP probably, alongside anything else that takes my fancy. I'll swing by the SU&SD stall and make sure I say hi this time.
  7. The imagery on those armour panels is looking awesome. How did you do it?
  8. The best resin buildings for your fantasy tabletop: https://www.tabletop-world.com The best dwarf miniatures: http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?group=139
  9. On the subject of titans. I have finished (for now at least) a couple of Adeptus Titanicus titans the Legio Artarus (Firebrands). For now at least because I am hoping that they will release a transfer sheet for these, so I have held of on that kind of detailing and the weathering that will be done after. Still I am pleased with them as they stand. I have other weapons to complete so I can swap these (they are all magnetised) and a three other variant heads too. This project is ongoing. Legio Fureans next. All that yellow is going to be a new challenge for me. Anyway, the Warlord:
  10. Second votes for Pocket Hive (two player only) and coup. Love Letters would work too.
  11. The details on these were achieved with the transfers from the House Grifonicus transfer sheet. Behind that is a pretty simple paint scheme: Assemble in two sub-assemblies. Body and carapace. You can see the separates for the others in my previous photo. Body is spayed with Leadbelcher and washed with Nuln Oil Gloss. That gives you a great start. Green, gold, ivory and a few details, all done.
  12. I look forward to whatever is coming. We know they will start selling the Warlord and Reaver weapon sprues separately in the new year. I hope they also include the Warhound weapon sprues. That kit comes with all the guns but only enough for one of each for each titan. Having magnetised my assembled Warhounds, more to allow for any combination would be welcome. I would like to see more weapons and knight variants too. Also other weapon options for the knights which were released without carapace weapons. I am confident that there will be more titans to come. Chaos variants and other races seem likely but we shall have to see. I would like to see another scenery kit too. The Civitas stuff is brilliantly flexible but still ends up a bit homogenous. An industrial zone type variant with that kind of flexibility would be most welcome. Anyway, House Vyronii loyalist knight one is complete. Only 2 more of those, 2 Warlords and 4 Warhounds to go.... Keep on painting.
  13. That depends on how well the game continues to do I guess. And as far as I have been told, it has sold very well so far. Plans to support it continue. Whether it comes to going "full epic" will remain to be seen. As it stands, I can see how they could add other races and vehicles and maybe flyers but I struggle to see how the rule set could be extended to cover infantry. The rules would not scale to it easily. They are very detailed. I have hopes though.
  14. This is the current state of my Adeptus Titanicus pile of shame. ( Not shown: a couple more Warhounds.) Likely getting more for Xmas too. On the plus side I have painted all these buildings and the 3 knights I have shown of in the Miniatures appreciation thread. Also in the background, some Grave Guard that are the tip of an icebergs worth of skeletons and ghosts that await attention.
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