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  1. Hey There, hoping there's room in clan for one more, gamer tag is edargyle, thanks
  2. edargyle

    Dirt Rally

    I'm just in awe of some of those times. I was determined not to DNF this time around and at least I achieved that! I had one fantastic stage where I was only 20seconds behind Karzee but the last half of the final stage was a disaster and I must have had to reset 3-4 times. I don't think I gave proper respect to the fact the condition of the car was failing, I seemed to be sliding off track much easier. oh well. Love the videos people are posting, it's great to see how it can be done
  3. edargyle

    Dirt Rally

    So i jumped into the rllmuk rally (xbox) during the week (thanks for adding me Sharky). This was my first drive in anything other than my 1960 Mini - chose MacRae's suburu - and yeah.....its a bit different in that type of car! I smashed my radiator on the second bend of the first stage and managed to bounce myself off the track and cliff side half way through stage two! Ummm DNF obviously. Still can only get better from here right?
  4. edargyle

    Dirt Rally

    Ah ok, I've just followed the link and requested to join again
  5. edargyle

    Dirt Rally

    Can you add me to the Xbox league as well? I sent you an invite, I think, via the dirt website? cheers ed
  6. edargyle

    Dirt Rally

    No problem, always good to have more Rllmuk'ers on my friend list.
  7. Hi Sharky,


    Just a quick note to say I sent a request to join the RLLMUK online Rally, be great if you can accept me




    (tag = edargyle)

    1. SharkyOB


      Hi Ed


      Thanks for letting me know but I've looked and I can't see your request. Which platform ate you on? 



      I've just seen from the thread you're on xbox, defo no requests pending on there though. Can you try and send the request again when you get chance? 

  8. edargyle

    Dirt Rally

    I just started playing this on xbox. U can add me to your friends list. Tag is Edargyle
  9. Hey guys, i'll be playing this on Bone as well, GT = edargyle. C u online!
  10. Got this at the beginning of december thanks to the comments on this thread. It was a game i fancied on release but cos of reviews at the time i opted for forza horizon 2, (which i DID really enjoy). Anyway its been a real surprise for me. I've really enjoyed it, particularly as an alternative blast to long fallout sessions. Its clearly no where near a refined a racer as Forza or even horizon but the open world is amazing and i've had some great extended faction races. A night time race from Florida keys to Armadilo is a recent standout. I know it had a graphical update recently but for me its an example of where general review consensous turns you away from a game that is actually really suited to you personally as i value the sense of place, exploration and freedom this offers over perfect handling and say, tire physics. Anyway i'd recommend it to anyone who values exploration and freedom in a racer and am greatful to the commenters in this thread for nudging me to get it!! (Its prompted me to login and post a comment rather then just lurk for the first time in years))! Not done any online or Crew stuff though. If people are interested can u add me, i'm edargyle on xbox one.
  11. Game of the Year Skyrim Gears of war 3 portal 2 From Dust Most Wanted Game of 2012 Mass effect 3 Bioshock Infinite GTA5 journey The last guardian Hall of Shame Killzone 3 Sony hacking Anyone wanting next gen Hardware soon Naughty Dogs default stick configs for uncharted 3 Best Technical Achievement Bethesdas amazing Skyrim world Zelda skyward Sword, beautiful looking game on the Wii Nintendos 3DS LA noire Best Online Experience Gears of war 3 COD MW 3 Best 3DS Game Zelda Ocarina of Time Mario 3D land Best PS3 Game Motorstorm Apocalypse Uncharted 2 LA Noire Best Xbox 360 Game Skyrim Gears of War Portal From Dust Driver San Francisco Best Wii Game Zelda Skyward Swords Best Download-only Game From Dust Bastion Zen Pinball
  12. so just some quick advice on these two comments cos it was causing me a few issues, 1. with blacksmithing you can easily gain points by using the skin of animals you kill to make leather. You should be able to make leather armour as a result. 2. I missed the smelting kiln thingy you use to turn Ore into ingots which you need to create metal pieces. Not all blacksmith areas have smelting things mind. just following those two points above should help you level enough to make steel and then more valuble items. If i need raw materials, head for a mine and make sure you have a pickake handy. 3. as for enchaning, I don't really understand the problem. you start of as a poor enchanter but the more you use it, the better you get. I've been making jewelary as a blacksmith, pretty easy to do and then doing crappy enchants on the rings and such to help upgrade blacksmithing and enchanting at the same time. not sure if this helps or no - but by doing this I've been getting close to the magical LV60, upgrade magical items goal I've been working towards
  13. Alan Wake 22.01.11 Very enjoyable game, great environments and audio. Delivering the game in Episodes was a great idea and really helped frame the chapters. The character models and animation were a little bit old and ropey but the fantastic natural, spooky environments distracted me from the dodgy or aged part of the game. It’s all really nicely paced and though the core game-play doesn’t get all that varied, there is a nice solid feel to it. By the end of it all I was taking out The Taken all over the place and feeling nicely empowered. Not really sure exactly what was going on in the story right at the end but everything gets so damn spectacular I didn’t really care. Best trees since Oblivion as well. Halo Reach – Heroic 23.01.11 My GOTY for 2010. I finally completed the last Pillar of Dawn level. The last couple of sections, clearing the landing zone and blasting the covenant cruiser were totally epic. I’ve no idea how many times I died taking on the last group of 5-6 zealot elites but it was uba-satisfying when they finally bough it. It took some clever use of the hologram ability to enable me to flank and pick them off. That’s a great example of why I love Halo. Playing on normal I didn’t really take much notice of the abilities but the harder difficulties really introduce you to the games further nuances, A.I patterns and mechanics, it really helps in extending the games life and interest. Can’t see myself doing much of legendary in single player but co-op is a possibility.
  14. Got into the habit of being a regular lurker in the forums these days - RLLMUK is my "read on the toilet while I'm at work" iPhone app of choice which makes actually contributing a bit harder, so I trying to actually write a bit to back up my votes this year. great great year for game, strangely, maybe uniquely(?) the first months of the year might have been better then the second half? The top three game in my list are actually really hard to separate, and I could probably make a case for any of them actually getting top spot but.... Game of the Year Halo reachNever been a massive Halo player in the past, but this had the best single campaign of any Halo game and the best this year from any FPS by some margin. The story was told in such a mature, subtle way when compared to something like Black-ops which thought violence and blood meant Adult and mature but in fact made the whole thing feel childish. The escalation in the conflict was brilliantly told and paced. Loved the line "Are you trying to find out if we're winning", reply, "I'm trying to find out if we've already lost". Adding matchmaking to firefight enabled it to finally become accessible to me (no other halo players on my friends list really) and this has become my go-to online game as I'm not much of a Verses online player - in fact I've not even played those modes in HR. The space flight shooter sections was also fantastically realised, again showing Treyarch how its done. As a graphical showcase it also helped demonstrate that art design and lighting are just as important, if not more so then concentrating on texture mapping and realism - yep Treyarch take note again. HR allowed Bungie to show how much they've learnt over the course of producing the series and its a fitting final entry for them, a fantastic package of a game when you consider campaign, firefight, Verse, forge etc etc. Great value. Mass effect 2 Pretty much everything to say about this game has already been said already by forum members. It is a massive improvement on what I thought was a promising but pretty flawed (rushed) first game. Graphically and sonically stunning at times I loved the episodic structure provided by the team recruitment \ loyalty mission set-up. It made the game feel like a sci-fi series and it didn't make the game feel any less epic compared to the first. An amazing last 1\2 hours of game play as well. They could really, really, REALLY do with streamlining the planet scanning though. i understand why they did it - but probably like many on this forum, I'm hopeless systematic when I play games and it resulted in me unnecessarily scanning every planet in the solar system and extracting a ridiculously excessive amount of raw materials over my travels. My sheppard is not only the galaxies Savour but also the Rio Tinto mining mogal supreme with probably enough cash to intimidate the illusive man once I've saved humanity - simply can't wait for number 3. please please please don't be delayed! Red dead redemption The most beautiful game of the year, maybe ever? just riding on my horse from A to B, soaking up the atmosphere was enough. Which actually was just as well because really, really, if we're being objective and honest here, the actual mechanics of the game and mission variety was on the slim\ basic side. The writing was excellent, with the first and third sections of the game really tightly delivered. Such a same that the Sergio leonie style mexican section dragged. Just with GTA, rockstar's problem is that their great writing is needed to distracted the player from some fairly basic mechanics and game structure. Mostly the writing is actually good enough for us to invest in our character and "get involved",which in a videogame is an achievement to be celebrated. The problem with this is that when "my" Marseden started to help the military kill\massacre rebels, including women it broke my connection and sympathy with character. I understand that section is meant to be a Fist full of dollars pastiche, eastwood playing both sides for his own purposes, but it was clumsily done - and Eastwood would never have gone as far as Marseden in killing those rebals. The lack-of player choice alla MS2 in this section showed-up the limitations of the underlying mission story mechanics. when the writing and character buy-in broke down, I got bored and fed up. Thats why RDR took about 2.5months to finsh. Mind you the final third of the game was totally amazing, and is up there with the best 1-2 hours of a video game ever. Rockstar like Kojima, really really need to find a strong editor who is brave enough to cut material. DJ hero 2 a really great surprised. got it on the cheap this xmas and I can't recommend it strongly enough- the whole family were playing it. the peripheral is really well made and solid, and the feeling, when you get it right, especially the sections where you have control of the two mixes \ fades. It really deserves to sell buckets Final Fantasy 13 My guilty pleasure this year - at one point I thought it could be game of the year for me. I hadn't played a JRPG for years so this probably helped me in thinking that FF13 felt fresh and different. Won't argue that it was a really cut down RPG but i really didn't miss running around generic village a-b-c staying at an inn to recharge hearts and all that bollocks. the game was basically a really nice battle system with niffty graphics and great music. I found the whole thing strangely relaxing. i spent numerous sunday afternoons slouched supa-low on my couch (you know that position when your almost lying on the couch but your head is just propped up some-what just twiddling a few buttons causing super-spectacular mayhem on screen. You can't play Halo or Pro evo like that - well I can't anyway - but for FF13 its the perfect position. strangely when i got to the "ooh it all opens up" section and started to read about just how much end of game grinding it takes to reach the highest levels, create the best weapon and take on some of the highest level beasts I started to lose interest. I think I got pretty close to the game's end, having played about 50-60 hours and then got distracted by GOD3 and Heavy rain and I haven't been back to it since. But I really enjoyed what I played of it(sorry!) I've pobalby not played a single game of as long all year. Most Wanted Game Of 2011 Mass effect 3 Gears of war 3 Last Guardian Child of eden Arkham City Hall of Shame God of war 3 Can game be a technical marvel and in the hall of shame? Unbelievable visuals papering over a last gen game design. Consider the advances made by Mass effect 2 and Assassins Creed 2 over their predecessors and compare against GOD2 to GOD 3 which was also a generation leap! apart from being able to change between blades outside of a pause menu I can't really think of any new mechanics or systems. The titan clashes were amazing and are some of the best visually presented moments available in gaming but other bread and butter mechanics - the jump button, standing in save lights and not being able to save - were poorly implemented. the story disintegrated into total mess and the last 1\4 of the game was totally dull compared to earlier sections. In terms of pacing Halo and Mass effect are light years ahead. It seems like a classic example of a developer focusing on technical delivery over design and story (hello Killzone 2!). no game has impressed my more with graphics then the moment when the camera zooms right in behind Kratos when he first moved into a crack in the wall. The texture on the wall and the way it came out of the screen was literally jaw dropping. 3D without 3D, but really your game is in a bit of trouble when that is the best part of the game Gran Turismo 5 See above, last gen - actually make that PS1 gen game structure papered over with (sometimes) amazing car models and tracks. Why there wasn't a total outcry about this game from the community is beyond me. X years of developed and its not launched with proper integrated online play. Developers should be ashamed. See previous comments about game director needing an editor! Give me Need for spped hot pursuit any day please. COD Black ops I actually got into the multi-player a bit and don't have a problem with that - but I'm certainly no online FPS expect so I'll bow to other views here. campaign is another matter however. Black-ops was juvenile in the extreme mistaking graphic violence for maturity and providing the most linear FPs I think I've ever played. At times super frustrating as well - at least 2 sections in the game required me to restart many many times and actually had me switching the damn 360 off with frustration (the silent kill you are required to make from the water in Vietnam, and the "stealth" starting section towards the end (you start in a crate with your russian mate) when guards automatically detect your presence even if your hiding causing you to have to redo the whole fucking section) The "kick the barrels" section I've read caused problems for many was fine for me mind you but is another example of shoddy design. I can't think of one section \ level I want to re-play. I understand that CODs are not about sandbox levels and choice, I'm fine with that MW1&2 are among my favourite games this gen. But the developer is responsible for hiding the limitations behind smoke and mirror. infinity ward understand how to do this. In MW2 there are still many levels with alternative routes in a limited sense, the fast food level, Favella level and fight in the suburb \houses to quickly name 3. there is none of this in black ops, I lost count of the times I was blown off my feet and dragged in slow-mo by some colleague - yawnnnnnnnnnn. Also The vehicle \ non-FPs sections all felt gimmicky and poorly delivered upon. Prehaps worse then any of this was the feeling that I was on my own in think the game a massive disappointment as reviewers all over proclaimed the game the best COD single player campaign - no no no! Best Technical Achievement God of war 3 See comments about best walking through a crack in a wall graphics EVER. Also when the baddies appear from behind Kratos, kind of from the back of the screen kind of thing and when the game zooms righhhhttttt out and you can still control Kratos - jaw dropping stuff Need for speed hot pursuit Kind of simple but auto log, really well implemented idea. just a shame the load times, particularly to re-start an in-progress level were just a little long for me alan wake certainly not for the lip sinch but for the lighting and the trees, really really nice looking game. DJ hero2 I'm sure its simpler then I realise but my friends and I were awed but the overall smooth presentation of this game and quite how the developer makes those cross fade and free scratch sections work - amazing stuff. Red dead redemtion the sunsets, sunrises and thunderstorms! Best Online Experience Halo reach Love that Firefight NFS Hot pursuit autolog and cops and robbers black ops Actually got me playing death match for about 10 hours Blur Like DJ hero 2, its such a shame if didn't sell Best Mobile Game Drop7 again, still my most played mobile game peggle nights angry birds Best PC Game Football manager 2010 torchlight only played for the first time this year - can I include it? Best PS3 Game I've just listed here the top games I played on the PS3 this year FF13 DJ hero 2 Blur pixel junk shooter heavy rain Best Xbox 360 Game Halo reach mass effect 2 red dead redemption alan wake NFS hot pursuit Best Download-only Game pixel junk shooter
  15. Done!! My gamer Tag is edargyle if people are looking for another hopelessly average player to add to their Wall! love the photos being shown on this thread BTW - excellent work!
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