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  1. The revolving reastaurant at the top of the Stratosphere is fantastic. Excellent food and the best views you could want...Of Las Vegas. Oh, and have a game of skilliards in the Luxor (if it's still there). It's the ultimate combination of pool and crazy golf!
  2. 'Bullseye' - Directed by Michael Winner (need I say more...) starring Roger Moore and Michael Caine as two sets of twins. Genuinely dire on every conceivable level. The motorbike house-jumping 'stunt' has to be seen to be (dis)believed. I'm sure there'll be disagreement about a lot of films mentioned in this thread (I liked Napoleon Dynamite, for example) - this one, however, is utter dross. If this was the first film anyone ever saw, it would take years to convince them to try another.
  3. As plotholes / inconsistencies go this one's a pretty long way down the pile... Do any films actually stand up to your scrutiny?
  4. I saw the film last night and thought it was fantastic. Batman really came across as verging on the psychotic - I'm thinking especially of the scene when he had the corrupt cop guy hanging upside down, he really was snarling at him, great stuff! Another (brief) standout moment was when the swooping helicopter shot caught Batman perching on top of the skyscraper, gargoyle-like. Ace. I saw an interview with Christian Bale where he said that although there were humorous moments they NEVER took the piss out of Batman. I thought this was the perfect way to approach it - take the character seriously. Forget the in-jokes and wisecracks about yellow spandex (etc.).
  5. Agreed. There's nothing more tedious than fanboys harping on about how Batman should be 6'4" when in the film he's only 6'2" and a half etc, etc, etc... Graphic novels occasionally 're-invent' characters (or re-visit their background) and are all the more interesting for doing so. If people want to stick rigidly to the original source material then nothing other than the comics is ever going to do.
  6. Hmm, shame about that. I really think I prefer this to Involver. I see Involver as being more 'highbrow' and experimental (in a fairly loose sense) than this. To me, Fundacion is more club orientated. My initial impressions were based only on listening to the first parts of each track but it's rarely been off my Walkman since I got it. It's not that I'm saying I prefer this to, say, a set he'd play a few years back (nothing, but nothing comes close to Xpander) but it's nearer the mark (for me) than other recent outings. EDIT: That intro still sucks the fat one, though.
  7. Will be worth the wait though - I'm really liking it. Quality modern house music. The version of (Depeche Mode's) Behind the Wheel is a real treat and the track that follows (don't know what it's called - track 13) is great. Not sure about the intro, though. Very 1980s.
  8. Have really on had a VERY brief flick through the tracks but it appears to be more housey - nice rolling basslines, just like he used to do. The sleevenotes go on about how his new mega-computer-mixing-machine has "re-energised" him as a DJ.
  9. I've just bought Fundacion and after the very briefest of listens it sounds like he may have come up trumps. I liked Involver a lot but it's good to have a more club-orientated mix. Will have to be very good to beat Global Underground - Ibiza, though...
  10. Are you really saying that IF (yes, if) Nintendo should release some killer games for Revolution that you'd deny yourself just because they wouldn't look good on your (unfeasibly) large screen? If the answer's yes, it's nice to see that people are making on what really counts...
  11. Hoist by your own technological petard, it would seem...
  12. I really find this quite hard to believe. The Revolution was never going to compete on the same playing field as the PS3 / Xbox360 (by which I'm referring to the claims that it'll only be 2-3 times as powerful as GameCube). So you're saying that you were happy for it not to compete graphically on the one hand but have given up because it won't display in HD? Does this mean that you'll not buy games for the PS3 / Xbox360 which DON'T use HD on principle?
  13. Sounds like you were never Nintendo's target market, then. This whole argument's a distraction. If you were interested in the Revolution anyway it's so unlikely that this will have made any difference. The proportion of people turned off by this (to the point where they wouldn't buy the thing) is absolutely negligible, and don't try to convince me otherwise. The majority of console owners worldwide wouldn't have a clue what HDTV is. It might be more relevant the generation after next. The fact that a few tech-savvy forumites are upset is neither here nor there.
  14. He's right - the original tune was 'Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13)'. Fact fans: The riff was taken from the soundtrack of Assault on Precinct 13, composed by John Carpenter himself.
  15. Christ, did none of you lot have an ST?
  16. Gran Turismo springs to mind - when I got a decent Impreza (high gear ratios) and 'got' cornering: Brake - weight shifts forwards onto front wheels - turn - and away! Not rocket science but it made all the difference.
  17. I'm sure Captain Birds Eye wouldn't put his name to anything that was bad for you... Would he?
  18. I accidentally left a can of Stella in the freezer once...Ate it like a sorbet. Not nearly as good as it should have been.
  19. Buying Salad Cream always makes me feel like a chav but sometimes nothing else will do... Fish finger sarnie - Sliced white, ketchup, Philadelphia, black pepper. Tabasco is optional.
  20. Have just been listening to a few tracks - absolutely awesome. Each track I listened to sent shivers down my spine (especially Radioactivity). Coldplay and The White Stripes will just have to wait...
  21. Oh yes! Have just taken delivery of this - didn't know it was being released until I happened to see it in NME last week. Saw them at Brixton Academy last year and they were absolutely awesome. You'd never think that four middle-aged German guys who stand still behind keyboards could put on such a fantastic show. It's wishful thinking but I'd pay for a DVD of the backing videos they used on tour... ...and a robot.
  22. Precisely. Bands don't make music on the basis that everyone will like it. Films are no different. This is meant to be neither profound nor a surprise to anyone.
  23. "lucas proberly [sic] knows the OT less well than most of its fans" I'd put it slightly differently - that lots of fans have watched these films many, many more times than Lucas could have expected. Surely most films are, quite understandably, made on the basis that they'll be watched just once or twice, not dozens... I think it's quite telling that comments have been made to the effect that 'I enjoyed it first time but it went downhill from there'... I'm not arguing that the prequels are in any way beyond criticism (I'm sure even people who love them could suggest improvements) but really don't get why people bother getting so uptight about them. George Lucas owes nobody anything. He's not 'raped your childhood' or spoiled anything by making the prequels. If he'd made the films you wanted, someone else would have hated them. The worst that can be said is that he's made some bad films. In that respect, he can join a very big queue.
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