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  1. If one of the contestants susses that it's a hoax this will be replaced in the schedules by... Repeats of Jamie Oliver*. *Cooking in space. Probably.
  2. I remember really liking the first series but the second series was just a bit too implausible and OTT for my liking.
  3. Surely this is an example of Americans turning their back on 'self-help'...
  4. I'd say it's OK most of the time but it does get obtrusive. For example, I was trying to fend off three, er, creatures and the screen was jerking around all over the place - I couldn't work out where the hell they were.
  5. What's more stupid, the topic or the posts that follow it?
  6. Absolutely fucking diabolical, I'm writing to Channel 4 to get the hour of my life I wasted on it back. Everything about it was dire - the characters were cliched, the acting terrible, the script clunky, the camera work was crap (how many times did they cut to a shot through some blinds?). Jesus. It also took itself so seriously when it was totally second-rate. Shoddy and predictable.
  7. After having finished it twice on Normal (I just had to get the 'Typewriter') I've just started on Pro and it's awesome. Massive amounts of tension and near-death experiences (thankfully for Leon, not me) due to lack of ammo/health. Played up to the 'canyon' section just outside the village and it's so frantic. You have to be much more considered about how you go about it (using barrels to take a few out at a time, and so on). Great stuff, but not for my nerves...
  8. A little ironic that Rachel Elnaugh is still on it even though her own business (Red Letter Days) went totally tits-up. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/...1872826,00.html
  9. Part of the problem with updating effects (see: Star Wars Special Edition) is that the effects they add don't sit well with the original ones they leave in. For example, the X-Wings approaching the Death Star are all CGI but then you get the 'Luke strafing a lego Death Star' shots from the original. I'm not saying the original shots are convincing in themselves but at least the film's consistent without CGI. All this talk of Robocop - I have to watch this film again. Awesome. Immensely quotable too.
  10. darthvader_noooooooooo.wav
  11. Instincts went back to Game for a refund on Friday, I couldn't stand it. I went back to Halo 2 over the weekend - I don't know if it's just because I'm comparing it to Instincts but I'm even enjoying the Arbiter sections...
  12. After having played the first few levels I'm hard pushed to think of something more depressing*. You have my sympathies. *Except having to watch that fucking useless intro again (and again, and again...)
  13. The same thing happend to me at lunchtime. I had a wander down Oxford Street and popped into HMV out of curiosity (to see if they had indeed sold out). I'd seen them before several times but the fact that I could buy one there and then...They had a display model showing Spiderman 2, it very nearly sucked me in. The mind says no but the heart is shouting yes. I think I could happily buy one and put it on the mantlepiece...
  14. Strictly speaking not listening to but this one's been in my head all morning - it's Chop-Chop Master Onion's rap from parappa the Rapper. Kick, punch, it's all in the mind!
  15. I bought Midway Arcade Treasures 2 yesterday - £9.99 in HMV seemed pretty reasonable. It's going back today. I appreciate that nostalgia is terrible for distorting memories but this takes the piss. What a joyless, soulless collection this is. I'm fairly convinced that some of the fault lies with the conversions - the controls on several games are absolutely abysmal, rendering them all but unplayable. The 'instruction manual' could have been knocked up by a five year-old with a photocopier (an unlikely scenario, I know) - it's a fucking disgrace. And don't get me started on the 'extras' (a.k.a. piss-poor quality videos of the developers who you can't hear because the sound quality is so bad). £9.99 for 20 games = 50p each. WAY too much.
  16. I predict your prediction to be utterly fanciful. On a more constructive note, it certainly seems to be the case that with each generation of hardware comes greater cynicism among consumers. Entirely understandable, really - this will be the 3rd significant launch of console hardware that I've followed with any keenness and each time the companies wheel out the bullshit / pretty tech-demos etc, etc... Is anyone really surprised when launch games don't live up to expectations? That said, it's naive to think the hype doesn't have an effect. Even if there's a (growing?) proportion that have seen it all before, there are plenty of people who lap this sort of thing up. I'd quite happily stick with my GC/Xbox for a while yet (especially given the quality of recent releases (RE4)) but that's not to say I won't be buying an Xbox360 / Revolution. If I want to play the latest games, I won't have much of a choice.
  17. I had another listen to CD2 this morning and have to say it's better second time around, definitely better than I'd remembered.
  18. I think Heinz beans deserve honourary English citizenship. As does their tomato ketchup.
  19. Beef Wellington. The perfect combination of beef and English military prowess.
  20. I'm a bit disappointed with this one - too few stand-out tracks (am talking about CD2, haven't really given CD1 a proper listen). There are a few that I like (listened to Sk8r by Elite Force on the way into work this morning which is excellent stuff) but at the moment I'd say Volume 1 is better.
  21. Taiko - Echo Drop No contest.
  22. The copy on the website looks like it was written by a 5 year-old. "You are the only one to avert a menace of flooding the world...". Hopefully the game itself is text-heavy.
  23. I bought my Dreamcast for Half-Life... *d'oh.wav*
  24. Agreed! Managed to get a copy of this from eBay a few months back...so sweet. I'd go for: Depeche Mode - Home (the build up to the guitar solo bit towards the end) The Sundays - Love (when the strings come in, again towards the end)
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