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  1. Probably from the same people who compared GRAW to 'Halo 3' in Time Out* the other week... *I think it was Time Out
  2. Ha, I was there too. Fantastic gig, despite the best efforts of hordes of Sisters of Mercy fans in black wedding dresses (or worse...). First time I'd seen them and, at the time, Songs of Faith and Devotion was my favourite album so a very memorable day. I'm getting all nostalgic now... I thought the Bravery were OK last night but given previous support (Fad Gadget, Marxman (remember them?), Dub syndicate (remember them?)) they were positively superb! The music they were playing just before Depeche Mode came on was awesome.
  3. The response to 'Never Let Me Down' was awesome viewed from the back - EVERYONE'S hands going back and forth! Great stuff.
  4. I was at Wembley last night and despite literally being in the back row it was awesome. I'm not a huge fan of albums since Ultra (their best is, and always will be, Violator) but I'm definitely going to go back to Playing the Angel after last night. Better than the Exciter tour for me, looking forward to seeing them in Hyde Park in the summer. I do wish they'd play 'Nothing', though...And 'Get the Balance Right'...And 'Clean'.
  5. Dapple


    I bought a bottle of the raspberry Absolut - it's not nice. Tastes like someone's added the cheapest raspberry squash they could find. Fake and sickly.
  6. Nowhere to Run - Martha and the Vandellas
  7. Agreed, a really nice move that 'Charlie Broker' [sic] didn't feel the need to have the last word.
  8. I've tried that a couple of times. I'd like to think that it's a big con, that you can never hit an owl and that the person responsible has been on the verge of dying with laughter for several years because of their awesome joke. But maybe you CAN hit an owl...
  9. Pretty bird...pretty bird... The 'Don't Play Movie' option on the DVD is well worth checking out.
  10. Dapple


    Totally agree. The kebab van I used to go to of a Friday night used to do 'burger sauce' (much the same as thousand island). Burger sauce and chilli sauce are a fantastic combo.
  11. I thought playing The Ace of Spades over footage from Question Time was genius. Will definitely be catching this again.
  12. Dapple


    It's all about Zelda: OOT if we're talking about great use shields in a game. Apart from the standard defensive shields, there was also the reflective one used for solving puzzles. Nice.
  13. Dapple

    Brit Awards Winners

    I'm not a massive fan of Prince but that performance was an absolute masterclass. Amazing. All other performers = not worthy.
  14. Dogs of the AMS...time they made a move
  15. That's just plain wrong. I'd guess that part of the reason Nintendogs has sold so well is that it's different and makes great use of the DS's USPs (touch-screen & microphone). People have been intrigued by it, including lots of people who might not be interested in more 'conventional' games.
  16. Or a mini-game where you 'buzz' the tower and have to make the captain spill his coffee... Those pics remind me of Blue Lightning on the Lynx.
  17. Has to be Zelda: Ocarina of Time for me - the most engrossing and beautiful game I've ever played. Literally wonderful. Perfect. Just how do they give a game a sense of 'soul' like this? Oh, and Halo. And Dungeon Master on the ST.
  18. And they'd actually chosen the people who they wanted to 'go up' a while back...
  19. A mate of mine's working on this - I was talking to him about it last week and although I'm not sure he would have said as much I didn't get the slightest hint that it's a joke on the audience.
  20. But just think of the 5.1 surround goodness plus the fantastic visuals they used on the tour - it'll be well worth the wait. You'd better get practising your best robotik dancing...
  21. Just been into HMV and saw that there's a live DVD of Minimum Maximum. Lovely stuff. There's also a limited edition pack (£50) including a booklet, or something...
  22. Reading this thread last week made me want to go back and play Halo again but I put it off because I could visualise the game so well...But I'm just going to have to relent and fire it up - it's such a good game that even if you do know it inside out, once you're stuck in it doesn't matter. I finished Half-Life 2 last week and thought about the 'cutscenes vs. in-game narrative' argument - I'm definitely one for a good cutscene myself (and I'm obviously not the only one to think the one before the Flood arrive is the best bar none - awesome stuff). I know that Half Life 2 was praised by some (Edge?) for not snapping you out of character by playing cutscenes but I was infinitely more involved with Halo (and Halo 2 - yes, even the Arbiter sections). I end up desperately trying to save the other marines and generally getting much more drawn in.
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