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  1. I bought the new Keane album yesterday and I'm not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. If I repeat it often enough, maybe I'll believe it. I think the only way to restore a modicum of credibility is to listen to some Kraftwerk or the Scratch Perverts' FabricLive mix each time I listen to Keane. And even that may not be enough.
  2. "Down with this sort of thing" "Careful now"
  3. Anyone else catch Kasabian at the Brixton Academy last night? Bloody aces. Probably a bit difficult playing material from an album people haven't heard (and don't know the words to...) but they are fantastic live. I thought the set flagged a bit about half way through but the encore was storming.
  4. You may well know this but this is based on one of Pixar's early short films, 'Luxo Jr.' http://www.pixar.com/shorts/ljr/index.html With all these new-fangled bespoke intros, I've got to go for the classic 20th Century Fox fanfare. Always makes me think Star Wars is about to start... Not sure this really counts but the Paramount logo fading into the mountain at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark is nice too.
  5. I switched this on half way through and thought Dragons' Den was on...Needless to say, I was a bit perplexed. "I have one of these in my house" "No you don't, you can't" "Yes I do, I have one in my house" "Do you have one of these in your house?!" (Poorly paraphrased, I know) Brilliant. Made me think of people who would have switched on The Day Today years ago and thought they were watching Newsnight.
  6. Without a doubt it's Violator by Depeche Mode - for me it's perfect and absolutely timeless. Some great standout tracks but works so well as an album. I bought it on release 16 years ago (half my lifetime) and still listen to it regularly. My current thinking is that 'Clean' could be the best song ever recorded.
  7. Coldplay 'Let's Talk' / Kraftwerk 'Computer Love' It's pretty well acknowledged by Coldplay that they took the melody directly from the Kraftwerk track.
  8. GRAW's pretty bloody good in singleplayer too...
  9. This thread is good. Why? Because I now have 'Autobahn' in my head. All together now: 'Aaaauuuuuuttttoooooooobbbaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn...'
  10. This one's worse: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=128713 This one's worse: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=128713
  11. Scoop out the potato and mash it with some mature cheddar, salt, pepper and a small spoon each of English mustard and mayonnaise. Then put the mix back into the skins, top with a bit of grated cheddar and put back in the oven for 10-15 minutes until the cheese on top browns. Lovely. EDIT: Throw a bit of butter in too, softens it up and make it easier to mix
  12. If you do, take a look at James Lavelle's Barcelona mix - I bought it yesterday and CD1 is absolutely awesome. Am only half way through CD2 so can't really comment but after a slow start it's looking good too. £3.99 really is an absolute steal.
  13. Cheers. The first one here is maybe even more RE4 than the others - complete with redeye for effect. I was obviously at a safer distance for the second but the light in the background (which I think is from a video camera) is quite a nice touch.
  14. I took these on bonfire night last year in a place called Ottery St. Mary in Devon. Each year, people hoist burning tar barrels onto their shoulders and run through the (very) crowded streets...Absolute madness but great fun.
  15. I was listening to CD3 on my way home last night - cue a full-on nostalgia attack when SAS: Amber Groove came on. I'm quite liking GU10, I had thought that (much like someone previously) it would be a bit of a mechanical 'Ministry of Sound' style jobbie, with too many tracks squashed onto one CD. From what I've heard, the mixes are pretty good and work well but I don't think something like this could ever be as good as one of the original DJ-led ones. Anything that includes 'Giv Me Luv' by Alcatraz can't be all that bad - must hunt down the original... I was surprised by the packaging - I was expecting a plastic case but got a 12" red 'velvet' box-set, not bad for £14.
  16. Michelle looks like one of the Stepford wives. I wouldn't be surprised if she had no colour in her iris, just big black pupils.
  17. Is probably an easier way to get it working again but try going to 'change media settings' and clicking 'apply changes' - worked for me (several times...) EDIT: Erk! Too late...
  18. 4, 5 and 4, if I remember rightly. I think they felt obliged to give EpII 5 because it was better than EpI which they gave a 4 (and said as much in their review).
  19. I’ve got mixed feelings towards the Special Editions. I can understand why Lucas wanted to do it but at the same time, when you have films as loved and as watched as these, there’s no way it’ll ever really work – people know the films too well. Every time I watch the Special Editions, the new scenes stand out for one of two reasons: 1 – They’re shit (Jabba in EpIV, the approach to Mos Eisley) 2 – They’re not in the versions I watched over and over again as a kid The changes to Episodes V and VI aren’t so bad but they’re still changes and stand out because of that (unless, as Snowman said, you weren't really that familiar with the original versions). The other thing is that they’ve gone back and changed some things but not others. Take the Death Star battle in EpIV – snazzy new shots of X-Wings and so on, mixed in with Luke strafing what looks like (and probably was) Lego with some fireworks going off. Just remembered a new shot in EpIV that I fucking love – the Millennium Falcon as it climbs out of the hangar in Mos Eisley – brilliant. Seems like a good place to finish this post.
  20. So, Empire Magazine have gone back and (re)reviewed all three prequels: http://www.empireonline.com/ (they're on the homepage at the mo') For me, they're spot on - sorting the wheat from the chaff and the enjoyable from the unforgiveable. Probably too much to have a real discussion about and I don't mean to open up old wounds but I thought they were interesting...
  21. Swingers - one of my favourite films. So good and so easy to watch. I was trying to think of other suggestions yesterday but couldn't think of anything. Lo and behold, what did ITV2 show last night? Payback, that's what. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120784/ Hired it speculatively a few years back on video and really enjoyed it.
  22. Tilt: I Dream (Casa de Angeles Mix). Progressive house doesn't get much better than this. I bet the Libra Presents Taylor is the awful Granny mix. The original is sublime, the tune that got me into progressive house.
  23. I got Violator and Music for the Masses and they're both superb in 5.1 (finally, something to play on my SACD(/DVD) player). It does seem that as well as remastering in 5.1 an amount of tinkering has taken place. Obviously some sounds are now more obvious now it's playing in surround but I'm sure some bits and pieces have been added / made much more obvious than they were on the original albums. May take a bit of getting used to given the amount of times I've listened to both of these albums but nothing too contentious. I thought both DVD documentaries were excellent, great to see Alan Wilder interviewed but just makes me wish that he'd come back, given his obvious (positive) influence on both albums. Roll on the remastered versions of Black Celebration and Songs of Faith and Devotion...
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