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  1. Ah yes, the 'North' CD from the first collection...Lovely. (Maybe a bit up-tempo?) http://www.global-trance.co.uk/fr_index.ht...n_Exposure.html
  2. This: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=141595 ?
  3. Dapple

    BT: Binary Universe

    I bought this yesterday and it took a few tracks to get into but I think it's absolutely beautiful. Sounds incredible in 5.1. Very melancholic, some of the tracks reminded me of the Solaris soundtrack. A little 'noodly' in places but you can't have everything... Am looking forward to getting my TV back so I can actually watch the DVD, rather than just listen to it.
  4. I think I'd agree with hellsbells in that, for me, Sam's Town is a better album but Hot Fuss has the better standout tracks. I've been listening to Sam's Town a lot recently, it's grown on me a lot since I first got it. I think the differences between Hot Fuss and Sam's Town meant that it is more in line with the type of music that I like. It does seem to have had the opposite effect for quite a lot of people in this thread, though...
  5. I'm going to have to buy some Walkers because I've not noticed any change. Hula Hoops, on the other hand...'Less fat and same great taste' they say. 'Balls', says I.
  6. Carling's only an option if I'm steering clear of strong lagers. It's good to see Amstel and Becks Vier making an appearance as a nicer alternative. Corona's lovely and refreshing but only with lime. Had a bottle without the other week and it was just too flavourless.
  7. Dapple

    Best start

    Not sure this qualifies as it's a mix album but the opening of the Sasha and Digweed Renaissance Collection is sublime - three versions of Leftfield's 'Song of Life' mixed into each other, building up as they go. Amazing. The fact that it then goes into Bedrock's 'For What You Dream Of' is the icing on the cake.
  8. Sounds like you might like 'Big Bang' by Simon Sing. More depth than Bryson's book (to be expected as it only covers one subject - can you guess what?), it's excellent and very readable too.
  9. You've got me on the title but it's the Echo & The Bunnymen version that's on the Lost Boys soundtrack, which (I felt) gives it added Halloween-ness!
  10. 'When you're strange' - Echo & The Bunnymen (from the Lost Boys soundtrack)
  11. The Swingers soundtrack is great, so many superb tunes. Star Wars (Episode IV) gets a fairly regular outing too. Wonderful stuff and demonstrates how essential music is to the film.
  12. It was Ice-Cream, wasn't it? Whatever it was, it was wrong, purely because the mind is wired to expect crisps to be savoury (trust me, I'm a neuroscientist*). *Or I would be if my mind were better at remembering useful information, rather than music from old adverts for crisps...
  13. "I'm in pieces for Bitza Pizza..." I often wonder what sort of person I'd be if my brain were better at remembering useful information, rather than music from old adverts for crisps...
  14. Let me see if I've got this right: We (the UK) get a new console plus a game, a few weeks after it's launched in the rest of the world, for £180 and people are complaining? The word that comes to mind (and I think I'm spelling it correctly) is - 'pfffffffffftttttttt'.
  15. I'm surprised that no-one's mentioned Walker's Salt and Vinegar (they haven't, have they?). Other pretenders come and go but these will always be great. Definitely my desert island crisps. Honourable mentions go to: Bacon Taytos Cheese and Onion Square Crisps Chilli McCoys Jonathan Crisp Jalapeno flavour And one from the vault - Cheese and Bacon Say Cheese!
  16. Jonathan Crisp's Jalapeno flavour are bloody lovely and have a bit more kick than others. (OT but their website says they do Horseradish and Sour Cream flavour...Must find some)
  17. Watch 'Bullseye' (starring Michael Caine and Roger Moore - twice!) and tell me that he's underrated. It's the film which springs to mind whenever anyone asks me what the worst film ever made is*. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101518/ *Which isn't all that often.
  18. Man, that ape really does turn a five-star hotel into a three ring circus... For what it's worth, mine's Star Wars (Episode IV, numeral fans). Time to watch it again with the sound turned up to 11. Should I be surprised that no-one's mentioned it yet, or is it properly uncool thesedays (post prequels)?
  19. Dapple


    Has anyone else tried Hendrick's gin? I remember it being very nice - I think it's 'infused' with cucumber. They recommend having a G&T with a slice of cucumber instead of lime. I had both in it and it was bloody lovely, give it a try.
  20. Fuuuuuuuck! The penny drops! Brilliant - "George let me tell you something ... From 1973 to 1982 I ate the exact same lunch everyday. Turkey chili in a bowl made out of bread. Bread bowl George! First you eat the chili then you eat the bowl. There's nothing more satisfying than looking down after lunch and seeing nothing but a table." And: Mr. Steinbrenner: A calzone huh? Pass it down here. Let's have a look at it . I want a little taste. Come on, come on. Pass it down here. That's a good boy. Okay. What's in this thing? George: U . Cheese, pepperoni, eggplant . Mr. Steinbrenner: Eggplant. Yes. That's a hell of a thing. Okay let's get back to business. Okay here you go. Very good, very good. Excellent. Excellent calzone you got there Costanza. Okay a little jealous now. Okay lets go . Ok last week..... You know that eggplant was very good. Everybody out. I got eggplant on my mind. Costanza, get me couple of those calzones right now. Pronto. Move out. Big Stein wants an eggplant calzone. Must have one. Everybody out. Out!
  21. Not sure why I'm reminded of these, it's not like I've seen any of them, but I'm reminded of trips to the video shop where I'd see (rubbish) films on the shelves like: Lifeforce: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089489/ and Angel (looked racy!): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086896/ And I remeber seeing this one in the local video shop's magazine: Chopping Mall - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090837/ Someone's already mentioned C.H.U.D., which was another. I guess it's because they were 18 certificates...and were an alternative to seeing Romancing the Stone for the 15th time...
  22. It's very wrong. Get on the case. Now! But don't judge it on Seasons 1 and 2 alone. I'd say it hits its stride with Season 3 but it is worth watching the first two because of the references later on. Oh, and watch/listen out for Larry David. I don't think he ever appears as a 'proper' character but he appeared as a lawyer in a cape and I heard his voice in one episode the other day (asking for his kosher meal on a plane).
  23. My favourite episode is the one where Kramer finds the set from the Merv Griffin show and sets it up in his house. It's got a fantastic story for each of the main characters: Kramer - Being a chatshow host, including taking commercial breaks Jerry - Drugging his girlfriend so he can play with her toy collection ("My father died from a long and painful bout of..." "SUPERBOWL!!!") and then inviting the others round ("When I saw George on the street with an 18 pound turkey and a giant box of wine, I thought, what a coincidence, we're just about to eat") Elaine - The sidler ("I'm Lou Filerman, I'm new here") George - Running over the squirrel ("That clock's 5-minutes fast" "Why don't you run it over too?" "Zing!")
  24. I bought the new Keane album yesterday and I'm not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. If I repeat it often enough, maybe I'll believe it. I think the only way to restore a modicum of credibility is to listen to some Kraftwerk or the Scratch Perverts' FabricLive mix each time I listen to Keane. And even that may not be enough.
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