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  1. Just picked mine up from the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street (who seemed to have component cables in, by the way). First time I've ever bought a console on launch day and it's sat on my desk (at work) in front of me, just waiting to be plugged in. Just got the console and Zelda. They're not getting Wii Play until Monday so will have a look around at lunch but may just have to play on my own over the weekend. Not that any other fucker would be getting a look in over the weekend anyway... Happy Wii Day forumites.
  2. Had my preorder confirmed by Virgin yesterday - hurrah! They said that I had to pick it up by Saturday evening or they'd flog it to someone else, which I thought was a bit tight. Am starting to regret not taking the day off on Friday - it'll be sat by my desk all day. I'll have to set it up in the boardroom at lunchtime...
  3. I guess for me it's Playing the Angel by Depeche Mode. Shouldn't really be surprised as I've felt the same about everything since Songs of Faith and Devotion. It's by no means bad, just disappointing. Still amazing live, though. EDIT: Back of the class for Dapple - it was released in 2005...Pfft.
  4. Wouldn't really work in first person perspective, would it?
  5. I thought this bit was great! Massively corny but I thought that was the point - he's the all-American hero, returning after a period away. What better way to 'announce' his return than to do it like this?
  6. Definitely. I think the documentaries are excellent as well. The one for Songs of Faith and Devotion is really depressing - it's amazing that they made an album at all, let alone one as good as it is (probably my joint-second favourite with Music for the Masses, after Violator, natch). Makes me wish Alan Wilder would come back, though. He really comes across as being a real driving force behind my favourite albums.
  7. HMV in Covent Garden are selling it for under £40 (£37.95?)...(Did you mean London town?)
  8. That has to be the best thing National Lampoon have done since 'European Vacation'. Actually, that's not saying much, is it?
  9. The 'embassy siege' being a standout for me. Excellent stuff and plenty frantic. See also: Resi 4 - a house, zombies, ladders...
  10. Yeah, seems a bit daft sometimes but wouldn't do it differently it I had the chance to do it over again. The girlfriend treated me to the meal so I thought I'd show my appreciation by getting in a bottle of Champagne in the bar afterwards. As it was supposed to be a treat I didn't go for the cheapest one. It went down so well that two more came and went before we had to leave. Was in work the next day and can confirm that a £300 hangover feels much the same as a £20 one...Was all worth it, though. Spudulis - Reckon the 8 course menu will be fantastic. Enjoy.
  11. I went to Claridge's (with a now ex-girlfriend) last year and it was absolutely awesome. Everything about the place was so special and the service was outstanding (we ordered desserts from one waiter then someone else came over to see if we wanted some wine and knew what we were both having! Simple really but very effective). Oh, the food and wine were sublime too. Whatever you think about Gordon Ramsay, he knows how to run a decent restaurant. Went a little OTT and managed to spend £600 (that's what 3 bottles of vintage fizzy booze does to the bill for you...) but it was such a fantastic night that it didn't matter at all. It's nice to be extravagant sometimes.
  12. I thought that too, but... http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,60-2302641.html
  13. This fella: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Allen
  14. I went to Belgo's some time ago and was baffled by the wide choice of beers I'd never heard of. The only way I managed to choose was to go for one with an interesting name. It could only be - Slag pils. Slaaaaaaaaaaaaag! Pretty decent, as I remember.
  15. Time for my first ever...:
  16. I stopped myself from reading the Edge hands-on preview as I felt it was giving too much away about the start of the game. I sometimes wish that I hadn't read so much about certain games before their release so will be exercising some restraint with Zelda.
  17. I pre-ordered in the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street yesterday and couldn't be any more stoked. Apparently they've only taken 20 so far so things are looking pretty good for the 8th... Pretttttyyyyy, pretty, pretty good.
  18. Everyone you know is a bit weird, more like it. My mum used to make me peanut butter sarnies for my packed lunch when I was about 11. I never used to eat the crusts and used to give them to a guy who spent his dinner money on fags. I'm now 32 and am still good friends with that person. Here's to the friendship-giving power of the humble peanut butter sandwich!
  19. On a six-point scale, 3 would be below average... Re: 5-point scale - what Popo said. No need for 0 out of five. The text can make it clear if it's really that bad. Anyway, I like 10-point scales...
  20. That must be worth a fortune about 1p.
  21. Three - right in the middle of a five-point scale.
  22. Dapple


    None of the above. But it will come with the complete works of Martin Amis instead of an internal clock. Still, saves you having to set the time each time you leave it unplugged for a couple of days... Apparently, there was some debate within Sony as to whether to include the works of Martin Amis or Will Self. The story goes that Ken Kutaragi insisted that Amis's body of work was objectively better than Self's.
  23. Dapple


    Neither do I, but, in years to come, I will be able to say "I was there."
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