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  1. Bodean's ribs are worth making the trip to London even if you have to crawl there. From Edinburgh. Fortunately for me I work about 10-minutes away so can go there for lunch... They do some fantastic combos - half rack of ribs, quarter chicken, pulled pork. Go on a Monday or Wednesday for the burnt ends. Sublime stuff, people. A true meat-lover's paradise (even the barbecue beans have pork in them). Man, I'm hungry.
  2. Dapple

    ur doing it wrong

    Fuckin' 'ell, that's laughably bad. Worse than I could ever have imagined.
  3. I'm off to Tignes tomorrow! My mate booked it all a while back so don't have all the details but we paid £365 each for travel (snowtrain!!!) and half-board in a nice chalet which seems like a very decent price. I've been skiing several times but decided to give boarding a try so can let you know costs for stuff like lessons when I get back if you like.
  4. You can buy it on its own but it's great in two player (head-to-head or co-op). I only recently bought a PS2, purely because of Guitar Hero and it's about the only thing that could keep me away from Zelda at the moment. It's so hard to put down, I always want one...more...go...
  5. Immediately thought of The Sundays and St. Etienne.
  6. Me too. I'm sure I would have made the jump to LCD/Plasma by now if it weren't so good.
  7. Some Atari 800 loveliness...The music on Tail of Beta Lyrae was just brilliant. Tail of Beta Lyrae M.U.L.E Rescue on Fractalus
  8. I want my ST back...
  9. Dapple

    I bought a DAB.

    BBC 6 Music. Best Radio station bar none.
  10. I couldn't wait to get home to have a go on Friday so set it up in the boardroom at work. Within a few minutes people started to come in and watch. The second person to have a go (on Wii Sports Tennis, after me, natch) was the MD, followed by another director. Everyone who had a go took to it immediately and seemed to have a laugh. Then I set it up at home and my flatmate, who has never enjoyed games, loved it. I've bought an extra controller - the Wii will be the first console I've had since the N64 that will be used for multi-player gaming.
  11. Another for the West Wing, simply amazing telly. Surprised no-one's gone for the Sopranos. Given that you like Curb Your Enthusiasm I'd suggest Seinfeld for some light relief. 22 series all in (7 West Wing, 6 Sopranos (with another half series to come) and 9 Seinfeld). Should keep you busy for a while...
  12. Just picked mine up from the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street (who seemed to have component cables in, by the way). First time I've ever bought a console on launch day and it's sat on my desk (at work) in front of me, just waiting to be plugged in. Just got the console and Zelda. They're not getting Wii Play until Monday so will have a look around at lunch but may just have to play on my own over the weekend. Not that any other fucker would be getting a look in over the weekend anyway... Happy Wii Day forumites.
  13. Had my preorder confirmed by Virgin yesterday - hurrah! They said that I had to pick it up by Saturday evening or they'd flog it to someone else, which I thought was a bit tight. Am starting to regret not taking the day off on Friday - it'll be sat by my desk all day. I'll have to set it up in the boardroom at lunchtime...
  14. I guess for me it's Playing the Angel by Depeche Mode. Shouldn't really be surprised as I've felt the same about everything since Songs of Faith and Devotion. It's by no means bad, just disappointing. Still amazing live, though. EDIT: Back of the class for Dapple - it was released in 2005...Pfft.
  15. Wouldn't really work in first person perspective, would it?
  16. I thought this bit was great! Massively corny but I thought that was the point - he's the all-American hero, returning after a period away. What better way to 'announce' his return than to do it like this?
  17. Definitely. I think the documentaries are excellent as well. The one for Songs of Faith and Devotion is really depressing - it's amazing that they made an album at all, let alone one as good as it is (probably my joint-second favourite with Music for the Masses, after Violator, natch). Makes me wish Alan Wilder would come back, though. He really comes across as being a real driving force behind my favourite albums.
  18. HMV in Covent Garden are selling it for under £40 (£37.95?)...(Did you mean London town?)
  19. That has to be the best thing National Lampoon have done since 'European Vacation'. Actually, that's not saying much, is it?
  20. The 'embassy siege' being a standout for me. Excellent stuff and plenty frantic. See also: Resi 4 - a house, zombies, ladders...
  21. Yeah, seems a bit daft sometimes but wouldn't do it differently it I had the chance to do it over again. The girlfriend treated me to the meal so I thought I'd show my appreciation by getting in a bottle of Champagne in the bar afterwards. As it was supposed to be a treat I didn't go for the cheapest one. It went down so well that two more came and went before we had to leave. Was in work the next day and can confirm that a £300 hangover feels much the same as a £20 one...Was all worth it, though. Spudulis - Reckon the 8 course menu will be fantastic. Enjoy.
  22. I went to Claridge's (with a now ex-girlfriend) last year and it was absolutely awesome. Everything about the place was so special and the service was outstanding (we ordered desserts from one waiter then someone else came over to see if we wanted some wine and knew what we were both having! Simple really but very effective). Oh, the food and wine were sublime too. Whatever you think about Gordon Ramsay, he knows how to run a decent restaurant. Went a little OTT and managed to spend £600 (that's what 3 bottles of vintage fizzy booze does to the bill for you...) but it was such a fantastic night that it didn't matter at all. It's nice to be extravagant sometimes.
  23. I thought that too, but... http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,60-2302641.html
  24. This fella: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Allen
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