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  1. Brilliant. Wonder what the Mad Stuntman's up to these days. EDIT: http://www.myspace.com/themadstuntmanofficial !
  2. Thanks to this thread I was inspired to make a lovely pasta sauce last night (onion, garlic, chorizo, red and yellow peppers, a tin of tomatoes and some balsamic vinegar). Bloody lovely! Cheers for the inspiration.
  3. ...With pasta and cheese in it. What about getting some veg to add to the pasta sauce - onion, pepper? Just fry some stuff up with strips of bacon. I feel like I'm on Ready, Steady, Cook. On the losing team, though .
  4. Sand in the Vaseline today?
  5. Dapple

    Sisters Of Mercy

    Never a fan particularly but saw them in 1994(?) when they supported Depeche Mode at Crystal Palace. Think it was the first gig they'd done in a while because there were loads of people who'd obviously come to see them. How could I tell? Well, it was something to do with the leather trenchcoats / black wedding dresses and the rather plain looking girl in the row behind with sharpened canines wearing what can best be described as a black leather swimsuit... Good gig, though.
  6. Don't think anyone's mentioned Future Wars - Time Travellers (by Delphine, think it was the first in a line of games, some mentioned already). I had it on my ST, really good as I remember. My game was buggy and I could never get past a certain point. Gutted. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Wars
  7. OK, so it's not going to win any awards for quality but you can't argue with the subject...
  8. I think I've got the Weekenders on video somewhere... As I remember, it was part of a series of pilots called something like 'Bunch of Five'. Weekenders was just great. Phil Oakey selling his wares at the meat festival, the Alan Ladd Memorial Heel Bar ('tuck in sir, it's all free') and the unforgettable Grass-Snake Man.
  9. I think Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate bar's pretty good - maybe their white chocolate's better than the stuff they pass off as milk chocolate.
  10. Not quite as convenient as Bluewater but I found this place whilst in Paris a few weeks back: http://www.chocolatmichelcluizel-na.com/ 25 euros for about twenty chocolates but they were flippin' lovely. Well, the couple I had were really nice and the girlfriend seemed to like them... I'm with K on Hershey tasting like sick - totally rank. As I remember, they (Hershey's Kisses, I think) had a weird grainy texture as well. Not good.
  11. I saw Richard Schiff in the Eurostar terminal in Paris two weeks ago. Verging on properly starstruck. He was with his family so there was no way I was going to go up to him (not that I would have done anyway...).
  12. They'd better keep this bit in: Whitney: The piranhas... Buck Gardner: What about the goddamn piranhas? Whitney: They're eating the guests, sir!
  13. Dapple


    I absolutely agree. There have been times where I've 'forced' myself to buy a game, simply because I'd not bought a new one in a while. It would have been far better not to have done - I just ended up buying games I wouldn't have done otherwise. I tended to read this as not enjoying gaming as much but it was all about the specific games I was buying/playing. At the moment I'm enjoying something of a gaming revival and am part-way through Okami, God of War, GRAW2 and Splinter Cell: Double Agent, all of which I'm really enjoying. In addition, I've always got Wii Sports, Wario and Guitar Heroes one and two to occupy my time. Not that I have any with all these games to play...
  14. By typing 'voiceover e4' into Google and having a bit of a dig around. Old bloke: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Allen New bloke: http://www.peterdickson.co.uk/main.asp?ID=6 "In 2006 - Voiceover Man was picked from a field of 86 total no hopers, to succeed the late great Patrick Allen as the voice of "Yoof" entertainment channel - E4. He's not worthy to even lick the great man's boots. He is also the voice of "The Sun" - on all of that title's radio and TV campaigns in England. We love it! Too bloody right we do."
  15. Dapple


    I really loved this when it came out. After seeing it me and a friend made our own version of the glade (is that what it was called?) from five rectangular pieces of metal, fixed through the middle by a screw. Managed to lodge it in some corrugated steel...
  16. I'm up to episode 10 or 11 in season two and was a bit disappointed (maybe that should be disorientated) at first, given how the story changes focus, at least to an extent, to the docks rather than the drug dealers. This being The Wire, you just know that it won't let you down. Absolutely amazing stuff. The Nation of Islam guy who turns up is an incredible character. Just brilliant. Season three should be at home this evening.
  17. Just go to the Guardian website and search for Charlie Brooker - tons of articles going back to 2000.
  18. Pedantic perhaps but this is one of my favourite bits of the film so I think it deserves to be quoted properly: Randolph Duke: Ezra. Right on time. I'll bet you thought I'd forgotten your Christmas bonus. There you are. Ezra: Five dollars. Maybe I'll go to the movies... by myself. Mortimer Duke: Half of it is from me. Ezra: Thank you, Mr. Mortimer. [mouthing silently] Ezra: Asshole.
  19. There aren't any spaceships or robots in The Wire.
  20. I can sense the hacks at the Daily Mail working out how much of YOUR LICENSE FEE HAS BEEN WASTED...
  21. Dr Emmett Brown Hill Valley California USA
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