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  1. This was the best I could come up with as well, but I'm never sure I thought the ST was better, it's just that I was a bit of an Atari fanboy (my dad worked for them in the early 80s so I'd only ever had Atari kit). At the time, the Amiga hadn't really taken off and the ST was being sold for £399 plus 40 games so it wasn't that bad a decision. A while later, though, a mate showed me Obliterator running on the Amiga and I kind of knew (even though I didn't really admit it) that I'd got the less powerful machine... Saying that, I did get to know one of my current best mates through the ST, but I guess there was just a lull between the ST 'dying' and me getting back into games (via a SNES and Street Fighter II - £90 in Colchester Our Price...) that probably wouldn't have happened had I owned an Amiga. I bought a Lynx over a Gameboy as well...
  2. Wasn't the problem with the initial announcement of the DS that they mentioned the two screens but not the touch sensitivity? I remember wondering what the fuck they were doing (action on one screen - maps on the other?!?) but as soon as they said it was touch sensitive, everything fell into place.
  3. I downloaded the demo last week and really had no idea what was going on. After having seen plenty of good words written about it (here) I downloaded the full game last night. Even then, as I was playing I wasn't sure whether I was doing it 'right' or just blundering through. Having read some of the tips, I think it's more the former. Definitely well worth the download (what does it cost, £3.40?) and the game has a real pull to better your high score, like nothing else I can think of recently. I've been playing Geometary Wars but just get to a point where it gets bastard hard and makes me cross. I've a feeling that I'll get much more mileage from SG.
  4. Somehow I've managed to DJ at about 10 weddings over the years, mostly mates (so quite easy as there's tons of stuff I know everyone likes). Stuff that always works a treat: Jackson Five, Michael Jackson (loads of stuff from Off the Wall / Thriller), Barry White (You're the first, the last... or Can't get enough of your love), Kool and the Gang (it's the law that if you play 'Celebration' you HAVE to cut the volume at the point where they go 'ya-hoo!'). All together now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwEMxYggoKQ Good luck, but wouldn't you rather be in front of the decks than behind them?
  5. I paid £60 for Mario Kart 64 at a time when I was earning around £100 a week... So disappointed. So skint. I'd pay full price for something like Halo 3 in order to guarantee getting it (in a shop) on release day. If Bioshock's anything to go by it should be well discounted though. Don't think I've paid full price (other than maybe for a DS game) in ages. Maybe RE4: Wii.
  6. I gave it a 10 for angel, to balance the MASSIVE INJUSTICE that is the Edge 8.
  7. If only they knew that when writing the review, I'm sure things would have turned out differently.
  8. Do you know why they did this? I saw Ultimatum last night after having re-watched Supremacy on Monday and it totally threw me. Can only imagine it was a 'flash-forward', if there is such a thing, at the end of Supremacy but just seems like am odd and confusing thing to do. Great stuff, by the way. I thought the Waterloo scene, with him directing the (rubbish) reporter and the rooftop section / fight in Tunisia(?) were fantastic.
  9. Dapple


    That guy's middle finger is very long. Let's not forget the album art in Experience, which included the band members' special skills and key stats, kind of like Top Trumps. Have tried finding some pics online but to no avail.
  10. Dapple


    That doesn't sound right. Surely they were all released on XL, no?
  11. I only ever played it for a fairly short while (on a friend's GBA), seem to remember enjoying it though. I should look out for a copy, shouldn't I?
  12. Just my two-penneth but I’ve felt that the Mario Kart games since the SNES version have missed what was so great about the original (whilst improving other aspects – namely multiplayer). I absolutely played single player SNES Mario Kart to death. I couldn’t begin to guess how many times I played Mario Circuit 4. Mess up the first corner…start again...Over and over again. Cut corners by jumping around them. Just to improve my time by a second. I think that’s what the SNES version has over the others (IMO, etc.) – that you can always improve your technique and, therefore, your times. There’s a complex mechanic behind the very simple looking game. N64 Mario Kart (and subsequent versions) traded the precision handling, hop-slide-grip technique for longer, wider courses and OTT power-ups and boosts. And that’s what I’ve never got to grips with. I never got the feeling that I could finely hone my technique with the newer games which means I never gave them that much attention, once they were beaten. Granted, they’re great in multiplayer, but that’s not why I played the original.
  13. It's an episode they had to make really (well, in terms of ackowledging the events of September 11th). I think it would have made more sense, and seemed less 'preachy', then rather than now, where there's 6 years' worth of perspective. Given how close it was to 9/11 and the kinds of reaction elsewhere at the time it's very even-handed as I remember. As you might expect, I suppose.
  14. It's called 'Isaac and Ishmael'. From IMDB: "The west wing goes under lock down as a suspected terrorist is found to be working at the White House. Stuck with a group of high schools students who were visiting the White House, the staffers, President Bartlet, and the first lady all debate the issues regarding terrorism."
  15. I spent ages playing Forza on the Xbox but never really got away from the feeling that the main reason I was playing was purely to unlock stuff, and not because I was playing for playing's sake (if you see what I mean). I've never been able to recreate the feeling I had when playing Gran Turismo (the first one) when I could really feel the effect of different tuning options / gear ratios etc. on the way my car (Impreza) handled. The feeling of throwing the weight forward when going into a turn, making it stick then powering through was so satisfying. Sega Rally 2 - now THERE'S a driving game, be it in the arcade or on Dreamcast... GAME OVER YEEEAAAAAAAAAH!
  16. Panasonic TX28PS5 28" CRT. And proud of it.
  17. 1. Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time (N64) 2. Resident Evil 4 (GC/Wii) 3. Halo (Xbox) 4. Super Mario 64 (N64) 5. Goldeneye (N64) 6. Dungeon Master (Atari ST) 7. Super Mario Kart (SNES) 8. Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past (SNES) 9. Star Raiders (Atari 800) 10. Sega Rally 2 (Arcade) Hadn't really considered Star Raiders before but it's one of the first games I remember playing and had a great combination of action and strategy. And I could pretend I was Han Solo. That and Rainbow Islands are probably the ones most affected by the nostalgia factor. EDIT: I knew I shouldn't have looked at other people's lists...Rainbow Islands out, Sega Rally 2 in...
  18. Their falafel in pitta is about the best I've had as well - really light, fresh and crispy falafel. Delicious. I used to work near Oxford Circus - HT Harris on Great Titchfield Street does some amazing sarnies - all of them HUGE. Another place to check out if you like salf beef.
  19. Dapple

    360 price cuts

    But given that someone has already chosen the Core over the Premium (for price reasons, undoubtedly) I dare say they're not that bothered by the extra features of the Elite. I bought a Core over a year ago and it's been a hassle forking out £60 (today) for a hard drive so I can utilise Live but I knew what the deal was when I bought it. The Core probably appeals to a lot of people who (like me at the time) didn't see themselves using Live. As such, it seems reasonable to offer both.
  20. Noooooo! It was shocking. I spent a stupid amount of time playing PGA II and European Tour on the Megadrive with my flatmates at uni - both excellent games. The SNES version was awful, losing all the depth and finesse of the MD version. And the graphics were dire.
  21. Obviously going for realism.
  22. Saw this last night and really enjoyed it. I thought it was pitched really well - the comedy really worked because it was fairly consistent (as opposed to being a serious film with some throwaway one-liners) and was actually FUNNY. The action was pretty muddled quite a lot of the time but some scenes were spectacular (the slo-mo shot of, er, the big truck Decepticon ploughing into Prime on the freeway was great). The human characters were, on the whole, pretty good (Shia LaBeouf was excellent) and I want to be a kid again because Transformers are so fucking cool. Seeing this and Die Hard 4.0 in the space of one week - great stuff. Proper action movies.
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