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  1. I think I've broken a controller for every console I've owned (except the Wii and 360). And a DS. And a PlayStation. And put my foot through a plaster wall whilst trying to finish the last level on GoldenEye on 007 Agent. SERENITY NOW! SERENITY NOW!
  2. Part of me was a bit disappointed that the ending didn't offer any 'closure' but I think that would have given a quick fix and wouldn't have been in keeping with pretty much every episode before it. The Sopranos has never pandered to its audience, it's always been about multiple stories and season-long story arcs. It might have been that the guy at the bar came out of the loo and killed Tony only moments after the show ended. If not, there's a court case hanging over him and the fallout from Phil being killed. Business as usual, then. Time to go back to the start. So much that I'm sure I missed first time round...
  3. I've sorted myself out with a headset so should be OK for tonight (unless my flatmate's around and watching the telly...): Monophobe Sarcadia Pompey88 jaymbee Nap0le0n Lilman UK wics PenitentSlayer Digimortal UK SaltyOldSeadog Meerman BastyBoo Dapple 101
  4. Cheers for the invite - thought it was best to drop out as I'm currently headset-less which isn't ideal. Will sort one out and hopefully come back tommorrow or Monday.
  5. Total Live noob here, please add... Dapple 101 Cheers!
  6. I really enjoyed playing Sonic on VC. I don't think I would have finished it were it not for being able to save but was a lot of fun to dip into every now and then.
  7. Sorry for the bump but Season 9's coming out on the 9th November. It's the one I've watched the most and contains my favourite episode, The Merv Griffin Show. Each character has a great storyline (Kramer has the Merv Griffin set, Jerry is going out with the woman with all the cool toys, Elaine is dealing with the Sidler and George finds that the pigeons have broken the deal). The Butter Shave, The Serenity Now, The Reverse Peephole and The Betrayal (played back-to-front). All great stuff. I hadn't realised that Larry David returned to write the final episodes.
  8. What's that hand doing in the bottom-left corner of the picture? And, more importantly, what am I doing in this thread?
  9. Right, I'm giving up on getting it early. I'm out tonight and away for the weekend - it would have been more painful having it and not being able to play it than to wait a week. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. By the way - the 'buy or reserve' page on the Argos website appears to be down.
  10. Gah - I just tried the Argos on New Oxford Street, didn't have it in. Balls. Maybe I can try the Holloway Road store on the way home... I'm finding all this very distressing. So impatient.
  11. I've got a fiver on Twyford working for HMV/Virgin/Game/A.N.Other high street store...
  12. Yep, Super Space Invaders http://www.taitolegends2.com/game.aspx?GID...48-98BF04E11DCD. They had it in my local years ago, the cattle mutilation round was great. Poor cows Am sure I played it on the Game Gear as well.
  13. Did you ask for a table near the window? It's not like any table is that far away but it will make a difference.
  14. Three sprang to mind - Claridge's is the most 'special' restaurant I've been to. Food was amazing and the service was second to none. http://www.gordonramsay.com/claridges/ Hakkasan's worth a look (absolutely superb Chinese food, very stylish). http://www.theworlds50best.com/restaurants...taurant_19.html Perhaps the Oxo Tower as well - food and service is good, if not great, but it's all about the view... http://www.harveynichols.com/output/Page128.asp#
  15. This sketch from Absolutely is surely worth 2 minutes and 37 seconds of anyone's time. "My ambition is to live forever...So far, so good."
  16. Dapple


    You've answered both of your questions right there.
  17. Correct. The only thing funnier is when you dress them up or get them to flip the bird. Exhibit A:
  18. I bought Contact Note after hearing one of the tracks on Radio 6, really good stuff. Favourite tracks are Symmetry and 100. *makes point of listening to Contact Note on the way home*
  19. Bodean’s is an absolute paradise for meat lovers everyhere (well, those near London anyway). Pretty much everything they do, from the Buffalo Wings (with blue cheese dip) to the amazing racks of ribs, via the pulled pork, burnt ends and BBQ beans (which have meat in them), are top-notch. Delicious.
  20. That Ang Lee bit is nothing short of spectacular. DVD sale +1.
  21. This was the best I could come up with as well, but I'm never sure I thought the ST was better, it's just that I was a bit of an Atari fanboy (my dad worked for them in the early 80s so I'd only ever had Atari kit). At the time, the Amiga hadn't really taken off and the ST was being sold for £399 plus 40 games so it wasn't that bad a decision. A while later, though, a mate showed me Obliterator running on the Amiga and I kind of knew (even though I didn't really admit it) that I'd got the less powerful machine... Saying that, I did get to know one of my current best mates through the ST, but I guess there was just a lull between the ST 'dying' and me getting back into games (via a SNES and Street Fighter II - £90 in Colchester Our Price...) that probably wouldn't have happened had I owned an Amiga. I bought a Lynx over a Gameboy as well...
  22. Wasn't the problem with the initial announcement of the DS that they mentioned the two screens but not the touch sensitivity? I remember wondering what the fuck they were doing (action on one screen - maps on the other?!?) but as soon as they said it was touch sensitive, everything fell into place.
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