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  1. *books ticket to Paraguay*
  2. Unfortunate waving style from a German guy in the crowd...
  3. Please, please, please play Xpander in this bit
  4. Doesn't Macca feature at some point?
  5. Beautiful version too. WANT.
  6. Yeah, I think I saw Shep as well.
  7. Another great British invention.
  8. It looks pretty nice and will be an easy choice if you're an existing Canon SLR owner, but I'm not sure I'm seeing anything that really differentiates it from what's out there already. The price will drop, but right now the Canon brand is going to have to work pretty hard to make up a £350 premium over the NEX-5N.
  9. $75 for a lens hood?! $35 for a lens cap?! Ahh, now their pricing policy becomes clear: ://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-28/olympus-ex-ceo-woodford-said-to-seek-60-million-in-suit.html
  10. Worse than DSLRs? It's because they use Contrast Detect AF as opposed to Phase Detect AF, this explanation looks pretty good: http://www.outdoorphotographer.com/how-to/shooting/10-tips-for-better-autofocus.html?start=3 By all accounts though, M4/3s are very quick these days. In fact [from dpreview's review] - "Olympus claims that the E-M5 offers the fastest autofocus in the world when paired with the 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 lens (at least for for single focus acquisition), and we have little reason to doubt that."
  11. So it bloody well should be, IS or no IS. Maybe the apparent £1k price tag is wrong - dpreview and others are reporting the price as 'unannounced' - but it's hard to see why it should be anywhere near a grand. Maybe I'm wrong and the amount of glass in a lens has no bearing on cost - hence FF lenses, as a rule, being more expensive than APS-C. My 16-50mm f2.8 (bought brand new for £520) is looking like a bit of a bargain...
  12. If you paid money to see this film there's a fair chance the IQ issue might have been a pre-existing condition...
  13. Er, have you watched the trailers? You know, the ones where he's playing a 'mong' for the cheapest of LOLs...
  14. If you really need the range in one lens (which I suppose means not wanting to swap lenses) and are happy with 'decent' (rather than great) image quality then the 18-270 might not be a bad choice but I reckon your 18-55 and a 70-300 would do a better job. Too many compromises in a 15x zoom. My only experience of Tamron was the 17-50 f2.8 and it was an excellent lens. For what it's worth, my advice would be to not buy anything (except a 50mm) until you really identify a need.
  15. It's been done for a while hasn't it? On DSLRs with in-body IS.
  16. Dapple


    I rather liked this from the Guardian's live text thingy: "...the visitors' left-back Djamel Mesbah looks like some supporter who's won a competition where first prize was the opportunity to play for AC Milan in a Champions League match."
  17. Ken Rockwell's hyperbole is trying at the best of times but in suggesting that revised placements for the power and DOF preview buttons are reason enough to upgrade he may well have outdone himself.
  18. A lot of the in-store radio stations are run by...Bruno Brookes. "In recent years, Brookes has kept a low public profile but has been financially successful with his company Storm, launched in April 2000, which was the UK's first 24 hour internet radio station. Storm Radio was renamed Immedia in 2002, and the company floated in December 2003. Brookes' stake was valued at flotation at over £2 million. Immedia PLC supplies live in-store radio for UK retail companies including: Game, Lloyds pharmacy, Spar, Ikea and HSBC bank."
  19. Pitbull? There was a guy in my former local (Berkshire House in Oxford, fact fans) who went by the name of Pitbull. He used to turn up on karaoke night and sing a 'blue version' of Red Red Wine: "red, red wine gonna make me feel fine, I want to do it, all of the time." Then he'd start saying "what you lookin' at?!" Might it be the same guy?
  20. The government should do something about this. Without solos, how are kids today going to develop the air guitar / keyboard / drum skills they'll need out in the real world? These guys should be drafted in as solo Tsars: guitar solo...followed by keyboard solo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlq0lYB3iSM
  21. Hot on the heels of the 36MP Nikon D800 is a 41MP model from...Nokia. http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/02/27/Nokia-808-PureView-with-41MP-sensor
  22. All this talk of being rich makes me hanker for a curry made with a delicious sauce from the Sharwood's range. I'll have to buy some when I'm next in Grenada, topping up on salad cream and fish sticks (look them up).
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