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  1. I had one for a while - an excellent lens, definitely an improvement over kit lenses.
  2. http://m.dpreview.com/news/2013/06/11/leica-announces-x-vario-zoom-compact-with-apsc-sensor That Leica is real. £2250 for a non-removable f3.5-6.4 zoom. Mental. EDIT: £2250 includes a carrying thingy. Without it, it's *only* £2150...Bargain.
  3. Leica clearly saw Hasselblad's bastardised NEX-7 and wanted in on the 'What kind of idiot would buy that?' segment of the market.
  4. Dapple

    The DJ Thread

    Re: 'galloping horses' - I'm guessing he meant when beat mixing is out of sync and sounds really jarring
  5. Is 154 the magic number? Not sure how many times I've tried but I can't be far off. REDIAL...BEEP, BEEP, BEEP*! *Unfortunately that's the engaged tone, not the start of Radioactivity.
  6. Looks like the website's given up, the booking button goes straight to this: Tickets for Kraftwerk at Tate Modern Kraftwerk at Tate Modern has just gone on sale and we are experiencing a phenomenal demand for tickets which is affecting our web server. Please try to buy tickets online again later, or call 020 7887 4919 to join the telephone ticketing queue. We have extra staff on hand today but demand is extremely high. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, and hope you are successful in getting your tickets. - Tate Bloody balls. Well done oinkster though.
  7. What difference will a new logo make?
  8. From Russia With Love is the only Fleming novel I've read and it was excellent. I also read Devil May Care and remember being a bit disappointed - I think by the last third or so.
  9. He tweeted this a while back: "Walking and drinking gatorade and some guy just yelled out "gatorade me bitch" and then I tossed it to him. I want it back so bad. #regret"
  10. I think the comment was just about how big it was with the adapter + Alpha lens attached. That said, it is a handy option for people with Alpha lenses and with an E-Mount lens the NEX won't be much/any bigger than the GX1.
  11. I can only comment on Lightroom but I find it to be extremely easy to use and consistently able to improve the appearance of photos. Give the trial version a go.
  12. So, the RX1 is real, a bit lovely and very flippin' expensive...And that's without the $599 viewfinder(!), the $179 lens hood(!!) and the $249 thumb grip(!!!). http://www.dpreview....ershot-dsc-rx1/ Also announced today were the 24MP FF SLT A99 (http://www.dpreview....-alpha-slt-a99/) with standard and on-sensor PDAF, and the VG900 - a full-frame E-Mount camcorder which has to mean that a FF NEX camera is very much on the cards.
  13. There's talk of a full-frame NEX, apparently the E-Mount can accommodate a larger sensor.
  14. I'd imagine it's a practical decision - a FF zoom lens, especially one with a fast max aperture, would negate any size advantage provided by the (relatively) small body.
  15. I only noticed that a while after I took it. If I'd seen it when taking it I would have moved over a little, so it was more 'ZING' and less 'ZILNEG'.
  16. Always plenty of things to photograph on the South Bank...
  17. I'd imagine there'll be some decent bargains but, by the same token, can also see a lot of people bidding not far off RRP for ex-demo stock and forgetting that they need to add 15% (auction fee) then add 20% VAT.
  18. That's quite a big gap and goes from the D5100 to the D7000, D300s (or their respective replacements, if they're due) or even the rumoured 'cheap' full frame D600. Not sure what new models are expected but I doubt they'll come in at £800 - if memory serves I think even the D7000 was over a grand (including kit lens) when launched and is still close to £900 with lens, by the look of it. Would you not consider something like the D5100? £800 will buy it with kit lens and give you enough for an additional lens on top. camerapricebuster.com will point you in the right direction of the best prices.
  19. Dapple

    Acid Trax

    Wot no Acperience? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SGH_ZwGcZ0
  20. An interesting and very positive review of the Nokia 808 PureView on DPReview: http://www.dpreview.com/articles/8083837371/review-nokia-808-pureview As a current Windows Phone user, I'm looking forward to seeing where Nokia go with this.
  21. I had one for a while and would definitely recommend it - I paid something like £330 for it and was happy to recommend it at that price so at £180 it's an absolute steal.
  22. Just bought the soundtrack. The remix of Rez is just lovely, as is Caliban's Dream (which I think was the tune playing when the torch was brought into the stadium).
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