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  1. I'm another fan of Teen Titans Go. It's so good. Probably the only thing my kids watch that I genuinely enjoy. It's so well written, and densely packed with gags, lots of which are clearly written for adults.
  2. Man, that guy really loves his explosions! His disappointment with Halo 4 makes me sad though
  3. After playing the final third of Halo 5 and being a bit disappointed I went back to the second mission ('Blue Team', on the Argent Moon) and it was an absolute belter.
  4. I finished 5 (again) just now. I picked up an old save point part-way through the game after finishing 4 the other day. I found the revive mechanic really frustrating. I'm not sure if it's actually the case but it felt like it was easier to have your shields depleted, with the intention that it's balanced out by teammates being able to revive you. But it constantly interrupted the flow of the game and it was often hit or miss as to whether anyone was close enough to save me. Otherwise there's plenty to like, but that alone was enough to spoil things for me.
  5. 'Stunts - it's like Hard Drivin' crossed with...Hard Drivin'.'
  6. Rapture by Blondie. Two minutes of awesomeness, then the rapping starts. And it goes on. And on.
  7. I finished Halo 4 for, I think, the third time last night. I played it when it came out, then a year or so ago when I got an Xbox One and started it again more recently on the Series X. I found I enjoyed it more with each playthrough. Some of the levels in 4 are excellent, namely the ones which are mainly Covenant. 'Composer' (on the Ivanoff Research Station) was absolutely superb.
  8. According to 'Burgerlad.com' (!) a large Big Mac meal is £5.19 (I was going to guess around £6), so it's plenty cheaper than Five Guys. I'd say that even a little burger and small chips at Five Guys is a fair amount bigger than a large meal at McD's though. I'd go for Five Guys over Honest myself. Honest is good, but I prefer a trashy burger to a gourmet one. Little bacon cheeseburger, 'all the way, no tomatoes', small fries.
  9. Right, but the unknown voice actors wouldn't be invited onto talk shows or whatever to plug the film. Having a name attached is about recognition and publicity.
  10. Only one more to go I ended up thinking the same
  11. Show Me A Hero (set in Yonkers) was excellent, as I recall, and that was a six-parter as well.
  12. I've been playing it alongside starting Cyberpunk. There's something about its simplicity that I've really liked. And the original Doom, which I'd not really played before. It's not mattered to me that it's clearly dated, but maybe that's because I'd not played it when it first came out, so there's no nostalgia aspect.
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