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  1. I've not seen this being announced.
  2. I've gone the other way over the past few years. I had an Xbox 360 and a PS3 (and at least one console per generation prior to that, going back to the SNES) but skipped Xbox One until the end of 2019 (I think). I found myself watching nothing in particular on TV in the evening after the kids went to bed and thought it would be better to make a positive choice about what I did with that time. Gamepass sealed it so I got an Xbox One S - I never really bought loads of games, so the idea of paying a small amount and getting access to a large library appealed. I bought a Series X close to launch and have Gamepass paid up until early 2025. There's also a Switch, but it's not had any use from me in some time. I tend to play a bit each night. At the moment, that's Halo Infinite multiplayer but I'm on the lookout for a single player game to get stuck into.
  3. One of my favourite things was how
  4. Looks like they're only showing the first episode. No sign of it next week
  5. He's directing all of the episodes in the next series.
  6. Wordle 362 2/6* Snap! Same starting word, and I also tried that proper noun.
  7. "You know when I said Commando was an actual, stone cold classic movie? I LIED." ?
  8. The final episode was amazing, but I don't feel that the rest of the series was as strong as the others, because the storylines for the main characters were quite separate. That's understandable given how the last series ended, but for me it lacked a bit of cohesion. Still very good though. The separate storylines are raised here: https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/bill-hader-barry-arrested-season-3-finale-1235290822/ Seeing Alec Berg's name in the credits always makes say his name in the way Jerry Seinfeld does in this clip. (He was a writer and producer on Seinfeld.)
  9. 1. The Wire 2. The Leftovers 3. Succession 4. Better Call Saul 5. Mad Men 6. Severance 7. Peep Show 8. Breaking Bad 9. I May Destroy You 10. Watchmen 11. Justified 12. 30 Rock 13. Arrested Development 14. The Bridge 15. Flight of the Conchords 16. Curb Your Enthusiasm 17. Silicon Valley 18. Show Me a Hero 19. Chernobyl There were half a dozen shows vying for 20th but the fact that I couldn't decide means it stays empty. I found it easier to order those at the very top but after that the placing is less meaningful.
  10. Hopefully this paves the way for Brian Plank to make a return upfront for Germany.
  11. Not available in the UK (Sky/Now) until June, apparently
  12. Do you mean no more new maps outside of the two coming next month?
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