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  1. I watched both recently. Shadow in the Cloud is a load of nonsense, but not enough nonsense to be satisfying. If they’d dialled everything up, it’d have been a much better movie. Blood red sky was much better, actually made a bit of sense and upped the action quite nicely. Definitely the better movie.
  2. I'd have liked some Loki style scheming.
  3. Alask

    It Takes Two

    Been playing this with my 15 year old son and it's really really good. The protagonists though, they're the worst people in the world. Are spoilers need for this, I dunno. Anyway I'm not at the end yet but.. I mean those are just a couple bits too. The games literally full of them. I'm rooting so hard for everyone else, somehow has to stop us. We're monsters. My son usually goes full dark side/sith lord/max renegade in any game he plays and even he's appalled at us.
  4. So the whole series was building to
  5. I actually think the best thing Critical Role have done so far was UnDeadwood. So if you want something to watch I'd recommend that, it's so much shorter and more focussed too. Which is nice, I'm quite hoping the new mini-campaign thing they're doing is going to be more in that mould.
  6. It might be one of those things I'm meant to not think about, but regarding timelines?
  7. Just finished this today, well mostly finished. I've left a load of side quests, did start to feel it was dragging on a bit. There's quite a lot of samey feeling areas and a bit too many fights in small spaces where something pops up next to you and smashes you. I prefer my baddies further away so I can more easily throw stuff at them. Mission 9 in particular, the fights at the end just go on way to long and I died quite a lot. Then I did the sensible option and switched on insta-kill to blast past it after the ninth death. Apparently I should "git gud", but I don't want to! The level with the headphones was awesome though, more levels like that would have boosted it way up. Don't really see me going back to finish up the side quests unless there's one of them that's as good as headphones level?
  8. I've got an email confirmation now too, which seems promising. I was a bit dubious when I clicked buy and then didn't get anything immediately.
  9. Agent J though, goes from being competent to rubbish as soon as Agent K is back on the scene. Strong Agent J vibes. Black widow troubled by someone on a bike? I don’t buy it, not at all!
  10. Well that clip makes Black Widow look pretty useless.. MIB2 vibes for anyone else?
  11. Alask

    Clash Royale

    Can I rejoin the clan, I've been gone for many moons. I'm on 4297 trophies at the mo..
  12. Am I alone in thinking without super strength Sam ought to have been getting crushed between the truck and his jetpack? At least until he hooked up the little falcons anyway..
  13. I imagine Zemo went to the same place each day and waited for him to turn up, seems the obvious place to look for him and what else has Zemo got? He's a sad kind of story now, railed against super powered people due to his country and family being destroyed. Saw half the population of the universe wiped out due to super powered people and then watched them returned again by super powered people. He must go around thinking, WTF is anyone meant to do with all this shit? The entire marvel universe is pretty much the MAD scenario writ large. You can't not have the supes, because if you haven't got any then someone else will and they might just chose to end your existence. In theory essentially every government in the world ought to be in the biggest arms race we've ever seen to create as many and as powerful supes as can be imagined.
  14. So I did give up on this, then I was bored and re-installed it. Started from the beginning and picked up Leverage III pretty quickly and it's so much better when you can pick up everything and throw massive cargo containers at the enemies. I don't know who recommended it in this thread, but they were very very right. Sneak attack, Leverage 3 and the game opens up massively. Cleared it all, even the outside annoyed me less though it was still a bit irritating floating about if I'm honest. Throwing stuff around though, that's great. I think it's possibly the one true way to play.
  15. It all feels all a bit dull to me, and the whole "oh they might make more super soldiers" so what? As we saw a couple of episodes back, super soldiers aren't all that great. That one guy pushed over a telephone pole to slow down some cars and then got riddled with bullets. None of it really feels like it warrants Sam and Bucky getting involved, much less busting Zemo out of prison. I can't help thinking just leaving it to the police would be a better idea? Then if they want to arrest some people they'll turn up with body armor and a whole lot of guns, which'll probably work much better than relying on punching people and hoping for the best.
  16. I think I'm giving up on this, I quite like it bar two things. Combat seems really swinging and goes one of two ways, either I see the enemy and they're somewhere I can run up to them and shotgun them; in which case they die very quickly. Or I don't see the enemy/I can't get in shotgun range and that means I die very quickly. Every fight seems to last 5 seconds at most and if I have to fight at range I basically lose. Not sure if that's me, but none of the guns seem any good at range bar the zappy thing and that's rubbish as most of the stuff I fight a range zaps me back and de-powers it. The other thing I hate and what's actually going to encourage me to give up, is the exterior stuff. I hate it, floating around with loads of black everywhere trying to work out what the hell is going on and where I'm heading? It's horrible. It's almost a great a game though, but not for me. I agree on the specialisation thing though, I'm really discouraged from going deep into any tree because it's a massive sunk cost that I'm not convinced will actually be really useful. I maxed out hacking, I'm not sure I've ever really needed it and only times I've used level 4 hacks I've invariably found an alternative way to achieve the same goal.
  17. Dammit, I've just finished Season 3 of the shield. I've not going to manage the next 4 seasons in 12 days. I'm going to have to watch it on All4 aren't I? That's going to suck. Argh!
  18. It's pancake Tuesday in my house, makes more sense. Pancake Day : what day? Could be any day? Shrove Tuesday : What's a shrove? Nobody knows. Pancake Tuesday : ding ding. Winner.
  19. Breakfast: Fluffy American style pancakes with streaky bacon and maple sauce. Lunch: Peperino pizza. Tea: Cheesy pancakes Desert: Pancakes with golden syrup. I know it's called pancake Tuesday and therefore I've somewhat let the side down with the lunch item there, but it's at least keeping with the spirit of the day with it being both round and also flat.
  20. I mean the biggest problem with the show at the moment is there's not enough Amos. I think it actually all works better when you have the main characters grouped together, everyone's scattered this season which means they all get less time as it cuts between them. Episode 8 was ok, felt like it focussed to much on dragging out some stories rather than expanding on what's going on elsewhere.
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