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  1. I'd have liked some Loki style scheming.
  2. Alask

    It Takes Two

    Been playing this with my 15 year old son and it's really really good. The protagonists though, they're the worst people in the world. Are spoilers need for this, I dunno. Anyway I'm not at the end yet but.. I mean those are just a couple bits too. The games literally full of them. I'm rooting so hard for everyone else, somehow has to stop us. We're monsters. My son usually goes full dark side/sith lord/max renegade in any game he plays and even he's appalled at us.
  3. So the whole series was building to
  4. I actually think the best thing Critical Role have done so far was UnDeadwood. So if you want something to watch I'd recommend that, it's so much shorter and more focussed too. Which is nice, I'm quite hoping the new mini-campaign thing they're doing is going to be more in that mould.
  5. It might be one of those things I'm meant to not think about, but regarding timelines?
  6. Just finished this today, well mostly finished. I've left a load of side quests, did start to feel it was dragging on a bit. There's quite a lot of samey feeling areas and a bit too many fights in small spaces where something pops up next to you and smashes you. I prefer my baddies further away so I can more easily throw stuff at them. Mission 9 in particular, the fights at the end just go on way to long and I died quite a lot. Then I did the sensible option and switched on insta-kill to blast past it after the ninth death. Apparently I should "git gud", but I don't want to! The level with the headphones was awesome though, more levels like that would have boosted it way up. Don't really see me going back to finish up the side quests unless there's one of them that's as good as headphones level?
  7. I've got an email confirmation now too, which seems promising. I was a bit dubious when I clicked buy and then didn't get anything immediately.
  8. Agent J though, goes from being competent to rubbish as soon as Agent K is back on the scene. Strong Agent J vibes. Black widow troubled by someone on a bike? I don’t buy it, not at all!
  9. Well that clip makes Black Widow look pretty useless.. MIB2 vibes for anyone else?
  10. Can I rejoin the clan, I've been gone for many moons. I'm on 4297 trophies at the mo..
  11. Am I alone in thinking without super strength Sam ought to have been getting crushed between the truck and his jetpack? At least until he hooked up the little falcons anyway..
  12. I imagine Zemo went to the same place each day and waited for him to turn up, seems the obvious place to look for him and what else has Zemo got? He's a sad kind of story now, railed against super powered people due to his country and family being destroyed. Saw half the population of the universe wiped out due to super powered people and then watched them returned again by super powered people. He must go around thinking, WTF is anyone meant to do with all this shit? The entire marvel universe is pretty much the MAD scenario writ large. You can't not have the supes, because if you haven't got any then someone else will and they might just chose to end your existence. In theory essentially every government in the world ought to be in the biggest arms race we've ever seen to create as many and as powerful supes as can be imagined.
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