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  1. Good luck finding that without a guide!
  2. Sorry, wasn’t sure how vague you wanted! You can ignore it basically, it’s interesting lore is all but you can’t progress it.
  3. It’s one to stick on the interesting but not currently going anywhere pile.
  4. I've always bullied her with the Blasphemous Blade, so can't comment. By the late game I have never managed to resist the lure of Faith.
  5. I've just started this after it appearing on GamePass and have very little idea what I'm doing. I quite like it though. I've made some sort of tortoise snake thing which looks nice. Mostly I am just fusing things together to try and get a persona that matches the type of each of my confidants, as I think it said that'll improve my connections quicker? Otherwise I'm bumbling along. I did read some starter tips, but quickly realised it was all too complicated and I don't think doing everything perfectly can possibly be necessary when playing on normal. It's crossplay between Xbox and PC on gamepass, which is nice but it does seem prone to crashing on my laptop. Typically when saving or loading a game, don't suppose there's a known and easy fix to avoid that? Also unless it's a persona I've not seen before, I tend to go for the all out attack option on hold ups rather than talking for items/money, is that the sensible approach? I seem to have rather a lot of money, is that normal or was that a DLC boost thing?
  6. I never get bored of Bloodhound's Finesse. It always immensely satisfying.
  7. He's really weak to Scarlet Rot and you can craft rot arrows if you go buy the recipe off one of the merchants in Caelid. It's the one south west of Souther Aeonia Swamp Bank. They'll probably make the fight a lot easier, I've not tried them but I've usually enough faith/arcane I can use the dragon breath on him. Arrows should work just as well though and require no casting stats. One's he's infected with scarlet rot, just stay on Torrent, keep away from him and re-summon your buddies as and when you can. You'll need to re-apply the rot in phase 2, but one's he got the rot on him he can't help but die. You just need to stay alive long enough for it to work it's magic.
  8. It was a rhetorical question, but for the people in the know is it an entirely different production team behind it? Writers, show runners, directors, etc? I guess because it was Disney I stuck it under the general banner of all Disney things and figured it'd be on par with the rest, but have been pleasantly surprised.
  9. One thing I don't understand, is given Rogue 1 was just ok. The Mandalorian was kind of dull. The Book of Boba Fett was a crime and I never even watched Obi Wan. How is this so good? It makes no sense.
  10. Can recommend Stormhawk Deenh. He is a hawk. He does barrel rolls. What more could anyone want?
  11. Can't remember if I've mentioned this recently, but if you summon a player and they die mid fight. If you toggle your furcalling finger off, you can then summon your ash to help out. Rather than try and battle through the rest of the fight solo.
  12. Spirit Calling bell, you might not have it. Should be for sale from the Roundtable Hold vendor if you didn't get given it by Renna. Frankly the fact that you can actually miss it is absurd, it ought to be something that's impossible to miss. Not a "go to this particular church at night time, fairly early or you never know about it". edit: Church of Elleh is where you ought to get it. If you've not got it, you can either go straight to the roundtable or you can fast travel to the Church of Elleh first to see if Renna is chilling out there and if she isn't, then it'll be for sale at the roundtable. I think given how far into the game you are she won't be appearing there anymore, but I don't actually know what the trigger is for her to give up and put it up for sale instead.
  13. Fight tips Phase 1 should be quick, run around hitting the scribes with the golden halo throwing books at you. They die in a single hit, then murderise her when she falls. The only slow bit of that should if one of the scribes is hiding behind a pillar and takes awhile to track down. At most you should have to drop her twice in order to transition to phase 2, so that's potentially 6 scribes to whack. If you can't get through her health bar in at most 2 goes, then you may well struggle with phase 2 as you're probably not dealing very much damage. Phase 2 you should be able to attack quite a lot of the time, generally I only run off if she summons a dragon or when she does the moon spell as that's got big splash damage. Everything else, dodge past and start hitting her. She's a mage, give her space and she's a pain. Ashes Stick them on a button on the triangle pouch. Then when you get an icon appear on the left hand side of the screen that looks like a ghostly grave stone. When it's there you can summon, just press whatever button combo you assigned them to. If you scrabble at your pocket and do nothing you may have picked a summon you don't have enough FP to cast. Pick a different one . For this fight in particular, if I can't force her to transition on a single drop I'll summon the ash as she starts falling the second time. They transition into the next bit with you and will be a useful distraction.
  14. You can keep your fancy looking armour on, it won't affect how well you block at all. Armour has poise, which is how resistant you are to flinching when you get hit. Guard boost is just on shields and weapons and affects how much endurance you lose when you block an attack. They're not quite the same thing. Poise is essentially what you want if you want to be able to trade blows with an enemy without flinching out of your attack animation each time they hit you. 51 is the magic number for what it's worth for most stuff in PVE. If you haven't got 51 points of poise, you basically aren't getting any benefit from it Vs most of the enemies in the game. If you block with your shield though, you aren't taking any poise damage so it's just a case of is your guard boost high enough and have you got enough endurance to take the hit on your shield.
  15. Yeah, it's the Golden Retaliation ash of war which is unique to the Erdtree Greatshield so only works on that. The skill parries incoming incantations and sorceries retaliating with golden power. As the discus spells boomerang back at you, it means you can parry them and reflect a massive holy blast back from your own incantations. It's not super hard either, I can do it fairly reliably and I'm rubbish at parrying. Plus there's no real downside if you miss time the parry. Your own discus won't hurt you and you only use FP when you successfully parry. Might get patched out at some point I guess as it's maybe not intended, but it's fun and while effective it's not overpowered.
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