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  1. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    cheers, I’ll take a gander at the links, sounds handy
  2. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    Yes, mostly just unconscious, the fighter failed their death saving throw 3 times though so did end up proper dead. Is there a general consensus on maps? Would a dm usually draw one out or are players expected to keep track of where they’ve been in a dungeon. I’m really bad at visualising verbal directions so I’m utterly lost after taking 2 exits.
  3. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    Ah, that sounds better. Clearly need to do some reading up on status effects. Also quizzed him and he was giving them 3d8 + 2. Foolishly though after defeating us they’ve locked us up in some cells rather than kill us and the fighters wounds aren’t as bad as we’d initially thought, so now to escape! Or fight them again on slightly more balanced note.
  4. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    Ooh, he did mention something about it doing one extra die of damage. Wonder if he thinks it’s doing 2d8 +2 and then another d8 too and not realising it’s already included. I’ll check! Is hold person a bit lacklustre then. That’s like 40% chance it does nothing and if it does, then 40% chance it breaks every turn.
  5. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    So my wife decided she'd buy the D&D starter set (lost mine of phandelver) for my eldest for Xmas, not quite sure she really understood what she was buying, but my son's dead keen on it so family D&D it is. Unfortunately, by virtue of me liking CRPGs they've assumed I'll know what I'm doing and frankly that's wildly optimistic on their part. Also, because my son wanted to DM, I'm not allowed to look at the DM guide - but still have to give him advice on how things work. I'm finding it a bit tricky, but hopefully one of you experienced types can help! I've read the basic rules and we're using the pre-planned characters. I still don't really get spell casting though. I'm the dwarven cleric, wisdom 13. The pre-printed character sheets say, "The saving throw to resist a spell you cast is 13, your attack bonus when casting a spell is +5". Can anyone explain, without using any big words what happens if I try and cast a Hold Person spell? Apparently the target needs to succeed on a wisdom saving throw. Does that just mean they roll a D20, add their wisdom saving throw and if it's higher than 13 they resist it? Also does the DM have to work out what a targets saving throws are, or are they all listed next to monsters in the DM book? And what's the point in my attack bonus for spells? Or is the point that I should be adding +5 to the 13 and monsters have to beat an 18 when they roll? And why is it +5 anyway? Why's it not the same as my wisdom bonus? I feel I should have gone for bullet points of the things above, the scope of my ignorance is rather large. Do components matter, do people track them? I need 'a small straight piece of iron' to cast hold person. I just said I have some nails. Is that good enough, do they get used up? Do I need to restock later.. Also is it meant to be rock hard? Spoilers for the lost mine campaign
  6. Am I missing some trick with healing. Got the mindful meditation power, but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I hold down the left stick.. I feel dumb
  7. Alask

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    It’s the pilot rather than the mech that you can carry over. If your pilot has reactor core upgrades from their skills though, that means you can power the standard mech up more right at the start.
  8. Alask

    Date, cruise, marry

    Mario Kart (any). Horizon Zero Dawn. World of Warcraft. Although with the last one I’m pretty sure we were married, but now we’re divorced and I didn’t get to keep the kids.
  9. Alask

    Christmas Fixin's 2019

    Going to my in-laws so don't think I'm doing much prep this year, although I'll help out once I'm there. I definitely be making some cranberry sauce to take over. It's another Nigella recipe: https://www.nigella.com/recipes/redder-than-red-cranberry-sauce , which reminds me I need to buy some more cherry brandy as I've used up the last bottle. Purely on cranberry sauce I think. I usually make an apricot couronne for Boxing Day/evening nibbles too, so might do that again. http://paulhollywood.com/recipes/apricot-couronne/ Cranberry sauce and everything containing marzipan were always things I hated till I made my own and found they tasted a million times better. So it's either make it myself or go without and I don't like going without at Christmas!
  10. Alask

    Daredevil - TV Series

    Yeah, but the others were weak. S3 of Daredevil is probably the best it's ever been. Certainly the most consistent series and massively benefited from no hand/mystical ninja shit.
  11. Alask

    Inktober 2018.

    I love a story with a happy ending.
  12. Alask

    Doctor Who

    That’s got to be one of the worst episodes ever surely? It’s like someone thought, “big spiders!” and then couldn’t think of anything else at all. The Doctor solution to big spiders was ‘play music to lure them into a room and then lock the door on them so they can starve to death/eat each other and let mummy spider get shot’ . Terrible.
  13. This is a bit of a random question, but what’s the language like on general voicechat? My son’s always played on the PS4, just using PlayStation chat with his friends. He wants to play it on the switch though, which’d be general everyone chat. I’m not so fussed about general swearing, more if there’s rampant homophobic/racist/sexist slurs or not?
  14. Alask

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    I found fighting them properly very frustrating. Getting a couple of nail upgrades, the quick strike charm and some extra health and then just running up to each and hitting it till it dies is surprisingly effective though. Cheap and lacking any sense of style, but it works.
  15. Alask

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    I started off very so so about this game, then got a couple of skills and really enjoyed it. It was awesome, then it just sort of tailed off again. Bosses got more irritating, areas got further apart and the sense of progression and finding new areas seemed to tail off and get replaced by the tedium of trekking around looking for potential new areas only to discover it's the wrong sort of ability to get to that area. Must be some other area to go to, roam around try and find that one. Curse the fact that the icons on the map are vague and you never thought to make sure you left blue dots for where you need jumping upgrades or purple dots for barriers. Instead there's just places where the map shows a gap, so you know there's potential there - just not if it's potential you can currently achieve. The tram stations seem awkwardly placed, as do a lot of the benches. Getting from A to B quickly is hard, or maybe not hard. You don't tend to die wandering around, it's just dull. You've already killed the enemies a hundred times as you went through that same area multiple times before. Really needs more areas like Crystal Peaks, where getting to and from it becomes fun with the appropriate skill rather than just slow. I can see I'm at 62% complete now, I've zero interest in finding the remaining 38% (or more). I don't even go back to see the grub guy anymore as that's going back to dirtmouth, then down the tunnel, through the rooms all for some more geo? Why bother. Similarly all the upgrade people I've ignored recently. I can't even remember where the woman selling charms was. I remember if being a long way from anywhere useful and I don't know which icon she is on the map. Really would a map legend have been so hard to include? Or am I just missing it? Not sure I can be bothered fighting the final guy either. I've still no idea why I'm fighting him or who he is. I know some people love that manner or alluding to the story, rather than telling you it - but I don't know how you make any sense of it. Even using the spirit sword on things, just gives random phrases and precious little context. I think I shall watch the video someone posted earlier, then youtube the final boss fight and call it a day.

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