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    Free Games

    I got SOCOM II beta this morning. Should be... um... thrilling, I'm sure.
  2. decider


    Xbox Live doesn't have an exclamation mark. Never has, never will. I'm at a loss as to where it's come from. Excuse me.
  3. I'll post my impressions. Oh wait, no I won't because I still haven't got mine from DVDBO. I want this for Christmas!
  4. I saw your thread on the SA forums, hope it's all going well, there's some great desktops there already. Now, I just need a bigger monitor so I can use them!
  5. You can rotate that model with the right stick. I bet everyone knew that already too
  6. I'm up for it if you want some target practice.
  7. decider


    Big Ak just got bigger - 6132 Also, I upped my Dieselboy score to 4619. However, I could only manage a measly 5679 on Mekon. I'll be back for that Quarashi score later*. *Not a promise
  8. decider


    The one thing that stuck out was the ENORMOUS amount of adverts in the magazine. This might have altered my opinion somewhat.
  9. decider

    Deus Ex 2

    Nope, I thought it was great too. BTW, check your DVDBO filled order status page to see if it's been shipped. Mine was shipped on Friday but I only received the email a couple of hours ago.
  10. decider


    Quarashi - 4921. Dieselboy - 4193 Make with the touching
  11. I want it too. Best bit of Driver for me.
  12. And maybe that's a good thing...
  13. Flying lizards? You're a moron. God was fucking with you! It seemed so plausible! I have nothing else to add to this thread.
  14. The 'bath 'o' blood' advert for Resident Evil 2 has that beaten.
  15. ASDA or Play.com do it for £29.99 http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=mchp&pa...S2&title=122656
  16. decider


    Only got one score worth mentioning: Logan 7 - 5374 Edit: Two. Garbage: 4560
  17. Why? It reminded me of Red Faction, generally just bland and dull. I quite enjoyed the space combat bits though, reminded me a lot of Starlancer (as it should).
  18. I thought it was shit. I got it pre-owned the day after its release(!) and it soon found its way back to Gamestation.
  19. It's great. Please stop using the exclamation mark. Thank you. PM me if you want a free 2 month trial code.
  20. Xbox Live content is tied to the machine it's downloaded on. It's really not that bad. £3 isn't a lot of money for what you're getting.
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