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  1. https://archive.org/details/tosecYour romset nightmare can finally come to an end. Hey, why not download some magazines while you're there. Nb. I know they aren't 100% but beggars can't be choosers, eh?
  2. Yeah, Nintendo games tend to keep their value, even titles like Nintendoland, a game that they were virtually giving away a year ago has shot back up in price.
  3. Yeah, that's a StackSocial storefront. I've never bought anything physical from there but they do occasionally offer some reasonable Mac software deals.
  4. Any time. I bought Codename Steam for a fiver yesterday as well.
  5. I might actually give this a go after picking it up in ASDA for £8 a few weeks ago.
  6. Qlcrew.com gives you some in depth options when it comes to searching videos, most are tagged with games and the people on the show. They also let you relive the chat on some of the more recent streams, if that kind of thing is your bag.
  7. The new GAME in the Gateshead Metro Centre is pretty nice, well lit and spacious. There's an increasing amount of 'gamer gear' creeping onto the shelves so that must be a decent money maker. There's so much of the stuff that it's not hard to imagine that our post-nuclear economy won't be run on bottle caps, it'll be Funko Pops.
  8. "Gamer Claus". Fuck me, it almost makes me wish they'd bring back Fat Chris.
  9. Yeah, pretty much. I ordered it before there was a price in place, and when they finally added one it was £79.99. Of course, once it hit the news they actually adjusted my price UPWARDS to £129.99, rather than cancelling the order outright and then didn't inform me of the change. I got in touch with them and explained that by adjusting the price of the order upwards they were undermining their own pre-order price guarantee. After all, if they did it once there's nothing stopping them from adjusting the price of another pre-order without warning, and without notification. They adjusted the price back after that. Now I order all my games from Simply anyway.
  10. Hey, thanks Amazon. Too bad I won't get to use it until tomorrow.
  11. The Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Quick Look is up there with the best.
  12. That's a drawback of the Win8 tablet I had - 1080p would bring the refresh rate down to 30hz, whereas 720p would give 60hz. Might be for power consumption reasons - one of my laptops defaults to a 40hz refresh on battery for similar reasons, although that got switched off ASAP.
  13. Far from a joke, Jeff was legit upset about it. They used his likeness to advertise an upcoming game that he's previously been an outspoken critic of. That's a shitty thing to do, especially when he goes out of his way to distance himself from endorsing the podcast advertisers. In his words, they didn't ask but if they had he'd have probably said no.
  14. It's the same as in live action only instead of recognisable faces, game devs and publishers want recognisable voices and If voice work is your bread and butter then you can't afford to turn roles down.Nolan North has a lot of range, but as he's said himself after Uncharted he was being contacted by publishers who were specifically looking for the "Nathan Drake" voice. Specifically, I think of Prince of Persia (2008): For what it's worth he's stated that this role is the one he'd like to re-record if he was given the option.
  15. That's kind of a shitty thing to do. The video is behind a paywall and the panel will end up on their site eventually. They had to sign a contract so it feels like it could negatively impact the likelihood of them doing similar things in the future.
  16. That sounds goo... "you already own this game". Of course I do.
  17. decider


    The ones you're missing from the ten are: Ultrabots Seal Team Grand Slam Bridge II The disc is the Electronic Arts Top Ten Pak. That's a lot of decent game to stick on a CD. EA really had a great run for most of the 90's. I think you'd find something worth playing on virtually any EA compilation from those days, up to The Biggest Names, The Best Games series (despite the fact that they look like an own-brand Daz). The fourth release in that series has Wing Commander Prophecy Gold, Dungeon Keeper 2 and System Shock 2 on it!
  18. Battlefield Hardline is such a weird single player game. They incentivise non-lethal approaches by awarding points for arresting enemies instead of shooting them but your reward for doing so is more lethal weapons that you should probably be ignoring. At least until you reach max level, then you might as well kill 'em all. Still, I enjoyed playing through it. Does this mark the fastest entry into the Vault for a non-sports title?
  19. The series will likely be overlong, repetitive and have little story content. So it'll encapsulate the MGS V experience perfectly.
  20. decider


    I got Ultima VIII Pagan on a CD, along with Wing Commander 2, Strike Commander and Syndicate Plus when I rejoined Special Reserve one year, there was also a disc with Jungle Strike and a few others, and one full of Gremlin Actua games.
  21. decider


    Obviously I don't know for sure, but Ultima is owned by EA, and the name is still being used on games (Ultima Forever only just shut down last month) so it's not quite the same situation as System Shock whose rights they ended up purchasing from the insurance company that bought Looking Glass' assets. I think Night Dive wants to acquire the licences for the games they remaster so the option might not be on the table at all unless EA has an interest in allowing them to do the work.
  22. decider


    £3.99 if you own System Shock 2 on GOG already. Definitely picking it up, I have both System Shock games on CD but I could never be arsed to go and dig them out, not to mention classic SS1 has a really terrible control scheme by modern standards. This is another release through Night Dive, who put out System Shock 2 and are doing the two Turok releases.
  23. I'm not complaining about unlocking items, I'm complaining about the completely arbitrary additional 18/36/2hr30 timers that run once you've actually unlocked the item. It's literally a waste of time, fuck that. At least Dragon Age had timers that ran in real time when you weren't playing.
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