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  1. FYI, a VRcade has just opened in Shepards Bush. Its right outside the BBC Broadcast centre, a minutes walk from White City station.
  2. Re-watching episode 1 now. Might be an overreaction but I feel like there's so much to take in on every shot now knowing whats to come.
  3. I created a meme to accurately reflect my 2v2 experience
  4. Post times you stood against the french column and fired 3 shots a minute. Expeditions in the British Royal Navy are also acceptable.
  5. You're missing one http://www.astrocityamusements.co.uk/whats-on-free-play/4591894446
  6. Ghostbusters is great. I came second in my first ever pinball tournament playing on a Ghostbusters table against a guy called Jim Wizard who was literally dressed as a wizard.
  7. I got really into pinball this year through a friend. Checkout out http://www.pinformer.co.uk/ to locate machines. Still haven't seen Special when lit though. If you're talking about Chiefs by Turnham Green tube station then yeah its great.
  8. are you on fightcade shendru?
  9. I never knew how much god hated me until I drove the renault alpine. I'm in rllmuk lurkers and feel like i'm the only one contributing to the club, I play several days a week so hit me up if you think you have a place that needs contribution.
  10. Does anyone know if this game has a split screen mode on the ps4? Thanks
  11. Would like some people with good connections to do decent practice sessions with. psn: ollly3
  12. Yeah it will crash whenever it fails to find a path. I'm new to pathfinding and A* is the first thing I came across. I was hoping there was just some known edge case I was missing because this is a pretty simple implementation and it really should be able to handle it. I thought I'd ask around before putting a lot of hard work in to debugging it. I will work harder.
  13. Does anyone have experience with A* pathfinding algorithms? I'm looking for edge cases where it fails to find a path. I'm using one heuristic variable which is the manhattan method of finding the distance to the goal. Demo here It seems like once a path gets too long and complex it just fails to find the goal but I don't have much idea why.
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