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  1. He should be playing Berbatov the old dick. Also AVB should be banned from croaking on my TV screen. He sounds like a demented toad.
  2. I kinda feel like we're shit but getting away with it thanks to Giggs - and now Scholes - running on fumes. Ferdinand, Scholes and Giggs need world-beaters to step up and replace them as soon as.
  3. Superb, thanks Talvalin! Will get reading. I am Dom's brother. We've all got our crosses to bear mate ...I like smileys too much.
  4. Where is good for music reviews? I would like an opinion on the new Cave In LP that isn't Rocksound or hastily written on an iPad while having a dump. Ben if you see this where do you look for metal reviews?
  5. Good shout! Didn't know about this. "Heavy Breathing" makes me want to punch myself in the head.
  6. When I was pushin weight, back in 88 - you was a ballerina I got the pictures I seen ya also Give me a Smith & Wesson I'll have n... undressin
  7. re world class centre mids - Darren Fletcher is one...
  8. Eeyar. I'm into French things at the moment. French football. French food. French TV. I hear the Frogs are good at this hip-hop lark, not sure where to start though - what's good in French language hip-hop? I'm aware of NTM and that's about it.
  9. Brilliant idea. One days eating, done in one tasty sitting.
  10. Gus this thread is top notch son. I think you should consider compiling this into a book come the end of the season, like that Bolton fan did.
  11. Saviours. The best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPqi-QWwB_Y
  12. It looks the same as ever to me. Very arcadey. Improbable (stupid) defending. All the players are blessed with a godlike first touch. Having said that, if it's really fun like pro used to be I will gladly buy it.
  13. That is without doubt one of the best vids I've ever seen. I think my brother showed me the link a few months ago, but I was in work at the time without sound. The man is a genius! Also, the band I was talking about is Shitstorm - not what I expected at all!
  14. Sorry - should have said - not Floor. Like a current band. I'm sure they just put something out! I will tweet hydrahead next time they pop up on my feed!
  15. I remember hearing a couple of weeks ago that a couple of the dudes from Torche had another band. I've read through the Hydrahead blogspot, googled "Torche other band" and I can't come up with an anything. Fail. Can someone please put me out of my misery and tell me I didn't dream this, and what they're called? PS Sunn O))) play through 15W solid state practice amps. All this amplifier worship nonsense is bollocks. They're made from MDF.
  16. The Sword are crackin live. You didn't miss much when they supported Metallica, they played through about 1% of the PA to about 200 people in Manchester, such is life when you're the opening support for the Big Lads. Sounded shit! Not as shit as Machine Head though
  17. Sad day for you LOL. As long as they play Locust Reign I'm happy. I don't know whether they did or they didn't though, cos they played here last week and I stopped in, eating cous cous instead. Sound.
  18. adebisi

    Songs you hate

    that song that was on the Carling advert. GOIN OUT TONIIITE, GOIN OUT TONIIIITE Shit beer, shit song. Also - the Donnie Darko music, cos it has been absolutely rinsed by Sky Sports News - y'know, it goes der-derr, der-der der-derr, der-der der-der-der....
  19. I heart Cursed. Also check out this:
  20. Best album featuring a drum machine: [yt]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/yt]
  21. Cool. I didn't realise until yesterday but the lineup was pretty good. Rage, Deftones, Dillinger are all in my top 10 of bands ever, so to have them at one festival is pretty nuts! I'm just not a festivals guy though. I like my bed too much.
  22. Yep Anyone here go to Download? Was it raging? (excuse the pun)
  23. Yeah I was surprised, I've only had it on a couple of times but it's a good LP for sure. I think I don't get on with the sound of a lot of BM albums, they're just too harsh, but it's very listenable. Not heard those other two you mentioned so I'll try them out tonight!
  24. Also. Here is my metal recommendation. Get Watain's new album. It is great, and I don't generally care for black metul. http://www.templeofwatain.com/
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