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  1. @Paulando and possibly @watusi I'm thinking of getting my friend an RG351 for his 50th birthday, but wanted to understand - do you get games pre- installed on the SD from Droix? Is it relatively easy to play some/ most games straight out of the box? I'm trying to gauge of it would work as a nice gift, my friend had all his retro consoles stolen, so this could potentially work as a great present, but don't want to get one of it means he has to tinker with downloading loads of ROMs and updates to play a decent range of games from the get go?
  2. The only game my wife actually likes/ plays is Tetris and weve had great fun playing Tetris Effect Connected on Game Pass ... for those of you who have played local multiplayer, do you know if there is a way to change the music or theme? Weve settled on Zone Attack as our favourite game mode, but getting bored of the default tune and background it offers. We were hoping to tap into the amazing back ground graphics and tunes from the main game but cant see an option to change it within the local multiplayer menus? Anyone else had any luck with this?
  3. It's currently taking me to the Microsoft store to pay for Reach or ODST as DLC after downloading the Game Pass version of MCC... 1 - 4 are included and 5 is also available as a separate download.
  4. Easier than I thought then, cheers @Hitcher
  5. Quick question for Halo fans with the new consoles. I bought a hard copy of master chief collection on/ near release back in the day and I seem to remember I had ODST and possibly Reach included. Last night I downloaded the Game Pass version of MCC & Microsoft want me to pay for them both as DLC. If I was to delete the game pass version, then install my older hard copy, would it then allow access to both games free (as I believe was the case on the Xbox one previously?)
  6. For those looking for an X and also awake already... I've just bagged one from Argos for click and collect from my local store, apparently available for pick up on Saturday, so it maybe worth checking availability!
  7. Just finshed Season 3, for me Cobra Kai gets better with every season and I thought it was amazing. So many of our 80's childhood favourites have been revived in recent years only to be disappointing, but I really think they've nailed the balance with Cobra Kai, awesome and I can't wait for season 4.
  8. Thanks for all your replies, It would seem holding out for the X is the better option, I just have to address the main bottle neck of funding a decent 4k telly to go make it all worth it
  9. Thanks and points 1 & 3 here I could live with, but it's point 2 here that's the biggest concern ... if it's not much if greater experience to what to you've outlined here, I may just stick with the Xbox S for the time being and get the X at a (much) later stage
  10. Cheers, this was the initial plan and your probably right to be honest ... it's just the time and patience needed to save up for the X (and a decent OLED/ 4K TV to go with it)which is tempting me to get the S in the interim.
  11. For those of you who have bought the Series S, do you feel its worth the upgrade on the base Xbox One or Xbox S? Does it feel like good value or enough of a "next gen" upgrade versus the last gen base consoles? My original intention to hold out for a Series X, but as its unlikely that I'll have the additional £500 - £1200 for a decent 4k/ OLED telly needed to go with it for quite sometime (a few years) I'm now thinking of of getting the Series S but would love to know if those who've made that leap feel it's worth it? I'm aware of the drawbacks of the lack of a disc dr
  12. Tim

    Oculus Quest

    Not sure if it's the best, but I got this one for mine and it does the job/ should keep it safe from dogs - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07SVVMK4N?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I thought the official case looked really good but couldn't bring myself to spend £50 on it!
  13. I had this - https://gamemedium.com/console/light-games the grandstand gaming projector with a few games in the early 90's? It came with the game Auto Race, so kind of fits your description.
  14. My code has arrived this eve, delivery on or before Monday 14th Dec... I'm happy with that.
  15. Yes ... I should've mention this also, in that as I understand it, although Cyberpunk will be accessible on the 10th Dec, technically as per the T+C's you've quoted there, I could actually be waiting until early/mid Jan for the code to claim the stadia premium edition. Now that's worse case scenario and I'm hoping the code is sent 10th Dec or there abouts ....but it's a risk I'm willing to take as I can't conceivably get started on Cyberpunk Day one anyway, just have my fingers crossed to have it at Christmas. For anyone considering the deal but also want Cyberpunk on t
  16. Ive just ordered the Cyberpunk bundle but it took me a while to decide if I should .. I was looking for a catch as it seemed too good to be true? If I have this right, you get - - Cyberpunk 2077 on release - The Stadia Joypad - A Google Chromecast Ultra (which as a bonus, we were looking at getting anyway which is usually £50 - £60?) - 1 month Stadia pro which gives you 20 ish games to play for your free month - £10 voucher to use on the stadia store. All this for £50 seems to be a good deal? I to
  17. Tim

    Oculus Quest

    Thanks @Thor I will pick up Beat Saber & Rez with the cash I would have spent on a "cheap" gaming pc! Another few questions if anyone can help - Is there an inexpensive third party charging cable of a decent length (3m +) that can be reccomended? it would be great to watch a film without worrying the battery will go ove the regular 2 hour charge and the supplied cable is woefully short. This might sound daft, but if I buy the "virtual desktop" for £14.99 from the Oculus store, does that then mean I can link my laptop via WiFi and access/ play my steam g
  18. Tim

    Oculus Quest

    I just folded and picked up a quest 2 this afternoon for my birthday! Ive never owned my own VR headset before and I have to say I'm really chuffed with it from first impressions! Thankfully, it was dead easy to setup, it works well with my glasses on with the spacer fitted and the lense adjustment seems fine for me on the medium/ middle setting. I don't seem to have any issues with the standard strap either thankfully, so maybe able to save £50 on the elite strap. A few novice questions I could do with some help with Any reccomendations on "go to" apps or g
  19. @Rob_Pulsar or @Lorfarius could you post a link from eBay where you bought it? At £26 I might take a punt myself.
  20. I couldn't agree more with this, becoming a parent has massively diminshed my gaming time, and the energy I have to put into it ... if there is any form of unexpected "bottle neck" between hitting the power button and entering a game I just loose my patoemce and enthusiasm, I think thats why my switch gets more playtime than anything else these days
  21. Tim

    Xbox Game Pass

    I need to go back to that and get it finished once and for all!
  22. Found these collection of big box PC games earlier there is a boxed Gravis Game Pad in there too which came with a free copy of Commander Keen. I'm happy that Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle are in there too.
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