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  1. It was marketed as a 1440p machine wasn’t it?
  2. You ****, now I think I need to do this
  3. A complaint you made or a complaint about you?
  4. This is all bang on. The other thing I would add about the swarm of flies is that it can slow her down too which can give you an extra second or 2 to heal or cast something etc. There's a set thing for avoiding the waterfowl thing as noted above in reading the patterns, run off when she jumps up, roll back. For her 2nd attack roll towards her then keep on that path for the 3rd iirc edit - @NickC, you got this!
  5. yeah, but I fought my way there and wasn’t about to bail I already had a bunch of tools to fight her but tweaking my gear and levelling up a few (5?) more times for some extra stats helped. Switched from the flamberge sword to rivers of blood although both did bleed so not sure if it was needed. The swarm of flies was handy though as it slowed her down and my poise was something like 80 with a talisman but I still had medium roll. I did the fire giant then took a detour to see her so will get back on track now.
  6. Me too! I’m no expert but am happy to try help through summoning.
  7. Just beat her about 10 minutes ago. She's a massive prick. Ended up being able to do the first phase not taking a hit repeatedly but the 2nd phase was a shitfest.
  8. I hadn't see this before and just tried it on the latest version on the xbox and did it ok.
  9. I'm sure they've made the bird less likely to jump off. Or the one in my game got smarter.
  10. I expanded my repertoire for Melania - I have the rivers of blood sword, the swarm of flies (missed this first time through that area) as well as the icy dragon mist I got yesterday. She’s still really tough. A few times I get to the 2nd phase barely taking a scratch. Others, not so much.
  11. I had a number of goes against Melania tonight after a couple of weeks off due to covid. Resorted to trying to summon help as I was getting annoyed and although I didn't beat her, I had to same coop buddy twice who then messaged me about some tactics which involved Borealis's Mist (this was over xbox messages). I didn't have that but we met up over by the boss you need to kill to get it and did that - and were also invaded by some knobhead who we killed. So whilst not achieving what I set out to do, it wasn't totally unpleasant. I did have a solo round against her where I got to phase 2 with a full healthed mimic but got caught with her initial attack and died instantly which was annoying as I was in great shape at that point. After a real shit day it was nice to have *some* positivity and maybe I'll do that thing where I get her right away tomorrow (I won't)
  12. To cheer you up, I embedded the video in your post for you
  13. I assumed it stops the camera rotating automatically when you’re moving so it stays where you left it? I haven’t tried it yet though
  14. @NexivRed - I think you mentioned this as something you wanted?
  15. I seem to have a few more FP points, they must've rebalanced it or something.
  16. 4.67gb update on my Xbox for this - anyone know what it is? edit - it's the 1.04 patch and the notes aren't out yet apparently
  17. As you’ve seen, the other route is quite drawn out but I was going that way anyway and didn’t know it was like a back way in until I did it, it’s no shortcut. That being said, I found the sentinel quite straight forward with torrent and a cold sword iirc. I guess it depends on your set up which is easier but it’s nice to have the option to go a completely different way and not be ‘stuck’ at a point.
  18. I got in that way without fighting the tree sentinel
  19. I refused to do that incase it impacted anything else probably just made it harder for myself too
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