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  1. Was one installed internally and one externally?
  2. Kryptonian

    Anno 1404

    I bought the ‘gold’ edition of this on the PC for £3 at the weekend and after a decade away from PC gaming it’s a lovely way to ease back in
  3. I’ve just inherited this case from my father in law as he was going to chuck it out. The innards were from the Core2Duo era I think so I reckon I will transplant my stuff from my HP business mini tower into this. Going to make sure there are connectors on the motherboard I have that will work with the sockets etc on this before I make 2 PCs unusable...
  4. I had one of these: and one of these: My mate raved about the quickshot so I got one but thought it was a bit crap.
  5. Aha, probably yeah. They (and everyone else) seem to have got their shit together with family stuff this gen
  6. My kids both have child accounts and I've had no issues - I've just set the things in the family settings bit and it all just works...
  7. @metallicfrodo ?
  8. Oh and after the previous picture I opened the case again and gave everything a good clean which made the temperatures drop by about 8-10 degrees Now I suppose I should look at some more arcade games that would work well or something.
  9. It was a different one after a bit of faffing, thanks for your help with this though - I appreciate the guidance. I’ve been pleasantly surprised what you can do/get with a relatively small outlay too.
  10. Yeah, it's really enjoyable despite me not totally knowing what I'm doing at times.
  11. http://www.8bit.dk/pictures/Amiga & Commodore/Joysticks and Mouses/Power Play - Crystal Turbo Joystick/index.html
  12. After getting a PC again after a near enough a decade without, I downloaded this on impulse (and had to reset my password so I must’ve at least registered at the start or something) and have made a start with a Sith Assassin. Really nice so far
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