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  1. Gamechanger!
  2. I used to have the jamma cab and new all those secrets inside and out. I still have the board (no idea if it works still and no way to test ). I still play on an emulator, it must be the game I have played for the longest period of time, maybe 31-2 years?
  3. This is my take also. Yeah, they are shits but if something good comes of it, I don't mind. I want xCloud on iOS and maybe this could help?
  4. Add me to the beta code list too please if it exists!
  5. If Epic win, it would (should) benefit the smaller companies. They probably can't afford to take on Apple themselves. With this discount thing, doesn't that show that they (Epic) are happy/willing to charge customers less but don't want to because of the cut taken by the platform holder? Yeah they could swallow the cut themselves but the smaller companies might not find it so easy.
  6. PS4 open beta this weekend & xbox preorders (I think) Xbox open beta next weekend
  7. Maybe they were just copying what they did with the N64?
  8. I was in my loft earlier and saw my GCN component cable again. I’ve been meaning to sell it for 5 years+ but never got around to it, maybe this is the year!? Redundancy should be a motivator
  9. It might be but I have no desire to try it.
  10. Stark still looks like Peter Sutcliffe. My kids are interested (in the game, not the Yorkshire ripper) so I guess we’ll be at least trying the beta/demo
  11. We watched some on YouTube and my 6 year old thought it looked amazing.
  12. Ah sweet, that's a step in the right direction at least
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