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  1. It was just far away.
  2. I’ve been working on making a bar:
  3. I've added you as I have been getting back into this
  4. do you still have the ironwood dresser and the piano?
  5. Just beat my high score in ‘Evolved’ 12 years later. I was previously on 3.7m and just managed 8.2m! I wasn’t online though so it didn’t save Tried again and then got 12.7m!
  6. Although you can carry the pistol through most levels as there is ammo strategically placed. On truth & reconciliation you can carry the sniper on to the ship (it will be empty for a while I imagine) and there is ammo up there too!
  7. No worries, I would find it irritating so happy(?) to give you the update.
  8. Old old pad connects fine!
  9. @Billy Brown I should have an original non bluetooth, non headphone socket pad so can see if it connects to my Series S, assuming the tech in the S & X will be the same for pads.
  10. A 14 pint can sounds massive.
  11. On the older models it was something like 15w vs 0.5w. I'm not sure if the figures are out there for these new ones. In the world of updates n shit though, instant on means it can download them without you forcing it to by trying to launch a game - it will do it itself overnight or whatever.
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