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  1. Is the online dead on this now pretty much? Can you only get games at particular times?
  2. I thought it wasn’t going to be prof hulk in Infinity War but regular Hulk. The problem that would cause would be that it would undermine them showing regular Hulk not wanting to make an appearance following on from how he felt used throughout the arc for just being Hulk. So they scrapped that, left it as banner saying they had a lot of issues to work out then next time you see him it’s in Endgame as professor Hulk as he’s resolved the issues. edit - scrap that. Just read about the IW Smart Hulk... What I read and paraphrased above seems to have followed that.
  3. As I noted above I did worry it was from MS direct. @womble9 are you speaking to the Xbox customer support guys? Is there a separate contact for the actual Microsoft Store? The support guys might just be blindly following a policy whereas the store could be more knowledgable and helpful?
  4. Don’t those things apply to the retailer rather than the manufacturer? Who did you buy it from? You’re gonna say Microsoft direct aren’t you?
  5. Just tried this on gamepass, nearly turned it off during the first gameplay bit before you find out who you are etc (not played the others in the series), everything about it just seemed a bit rubbish. I did turn it off at a later section after you rescue an old guy near a train and you go outside. The weapons feel lame and the movement a bit janky - I assumed from the E3 announcement this was a big deal but when I searched here there was this 9 page thread from a while back and that seems to be it. Am I being overly harsh or is it a bit rubbish?
  6. Your stuff looks brilliant @Wiper
  7. It’s clearly Peter Sutcliffe
  8. That was my first thought, seems harsh.
  9. How many 360 games are backwards compatible and how many have already been on Games with Gold or whatever it’s called?
  10. Shame it’s the last batch though. Although they also said the aim is (still) to make all titles available.
  11. I know! And I saw the majority and just didn’t get around to playing
  12. It's a great game. I drifted away from it and have missed a few elusive contracts now
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