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  1. I stopped playing this for some reason in December 2015 and started playing it again this week. It turned out I was up to Episode 31: SAHELANTHROPUS so it’s a shame I didn’t do it back then. Due to the passage of time, I have completely forgotten the story and it took ages to get used to the controls again. The actual gameplay is great but all the base management stuff can be quite impenetrable. Glad I went back to it though edit - as I didn’t know what was going on I went into the mission with the tranq gun, a stun assault rifle, tranq sniper and Quiet also with a tranq rifle.
  2. Kryptonian

    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

  3. Kryptonian

    The Bookies

    From looking at the site, it doesn’t have to be £20, that’s the maximum they will refund though (for a win bet - each way will get you the win portion back) I appreciate it’s not a big difference but it might matter to someone.
  4. Kryptonian

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

    Re failure rates - I had 3 original Xbox ones die. The S has been ok.
  5. Kryptonian

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    The Dawn Wall is on Netflix now too
  6. Are we? I haven’t thought about next gen yet.
  7. Kryptonian

    Race Across The World - BBC 2

    I’m gonna give it another go, I think there was enough good stuff to see what happens next.
  8. Kryptonian

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    Hah, I also wish I started a lot earlier. I much prefer bouldering but my friends like lead (and top rope) so I have to do that too. What area do you live in? I’m in West Yorkshire but tend to go to the same gym (ROKT) as it’s in the middle of us all.
  9. Kryptonian

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    What kind of climbing are you doing? Indoor/outdoor, bouldering/roped etc?
  10. Kryptonian

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    No ads on the HD channel on Sky for me.
  11. Kryptonian

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    Finally managed to see this tonight on National Geographic as I couldn’t get to a cinema when it was showing. Amazing stuff. The Boulder Problem was intense.
  12. Kryptonian

    Crackdown 3

    After the earlier chatter I had to check I got 500 orbs in the first one: looks like I can rest easy.
  13. Kryptonian

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    I wanted to ping saying I needed health yesterday but nothing seemed to do it - what I am missing?

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