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  1. Are you sure local profiles aren’t still a thing?
  2. If you fall off something a bunch of times it does go to respawn which is a bit annoying. I genuinely couldn’t do a slidey bit where you jump onto ropes and across gaps and it put me way back somewhere Oh and there was a glowy thing out of reach which I presume was my xp etc
  3. My kids both have email addresses but they don’t have access to them, I do all that. It means they have Microsoft accounts so are within the family and get access to stuff and I can set time limits, view activity etc. I think you might need that type of account for cloud saves etc too
  4. If no one wants their tracksuit codes could I be a cheeky **** and ask for it please? The reason is that my eldest will be getting it for his birthday (soon) but my youngest won’t be getting it until Christmas and I’m assuming the promotion will have ended then and he does like to copy his brother.
  5. Yes & no. It’s entirely subjective, for every person who cares about x (not Pokemon x) there will be another that doesn’t. Which is what you went on to say. The problem is, you can’t make the people who don’t care care by pointing it out repeatedly because they don’t care and because they don’t care, they certainly aren’t going to boycott it because they don’t care and are just wanting to play the game. I wonder if anyone has videoed themselves explaining to their kids they aren’t going to get the game for them due to the pop up, crap shadows and ropey backgrounds?
  6. I’ve heard my kids talking about shinies in Let’s Go, what are they? Sorry, I should google this shouldn’t I
  7. Yeah, the shadows in the queue are insanely cut off.
  8. You could start a new thread, would be better I’d have thought?
  9. I like how this could easily be a post of yours in off topic about something that’s happened to you.
  10. But this is you not going on and on about it? And your point now seems to be that if people didn’t reply to you, you wouldn’t have to reply to them? I’m pretty sure everyone who has read some of the last 6 pages are aware that the game world isn’t as polished as other games.
  11. I've only just come into the thread as my kids want this and I thought I should see what the deal is and the guy you're quoting is right, the last 5 pages have had you repeatedly saying the same stuff over and over. Maybe I noticed it more as I've just read them all in one go but your posts come across needlessly negative. I initially thought I would be making a terrible mistake picking this up and clicked through on the review you posted a snippet of but thankfully saw that what you had selected and posted was a pretty negative paragraph of a review with lots of positives in it too.
  12. If anyone sees a decent (original style) Switch deal could they post in here please? I’m waiting for Black Friday but would happily pick one up beforehand if it’s a decent price
  13. The shift button + d-pad/face buttons sounds great
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