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  1. They should put that warning at the start of the book really.
  2. Did they? I forget, what’s the deal?
  3. Kryptonian

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    The dawn wall is disgustingly hard. Can’t see anyone doing that without a rope...
  4. Kryptonian

    Trials Evolution

    I’ve checked and the last one is the ‘micro donkey bike’ and is a trials hd unlock so I’m guessing it’s not a big deal
  5. Kryptonian

    Trials Evolution

    Outstanding! I don’t think I even have the best bike, I have something Phoenix Evo 250cc and one to unlock after that.
  6. Kryptonian

    Trials Evolution

    Sweet. Although your reputation precedes you so I reckon you’re just gonna make me sad. I was surprised to see I had a number of bronzes and silvers on tracks I now (after playing Fusion) consider quite easy so have enjoyed going back through. Backwards compatibility is such a good thing.
  7. Kryptonian

    Trials Evolution

    It was nice seeing people’s names from way back on the scoreboards
  8. Kryptonian

    Trials Evolution

    Yes! And yes, many retries
  9. Kryptonian


    Are you English @Capwn?
  10. Kryptonian

    Trials Evolution

    I’ve just been playing 1 track on this (sewage plant) for 2 and half hours trying to get under 37 secs. The one more go factor is immense. Does @wretcherd still post here? He’s on 34.552 and just romps ahead at a particular bit.
  11. Kryptonian

    Nintendo Switch

    The online tracking on the Nintendo service site for my joycon repair says it was done on the 2nd with no update since. I called them today to see what the hold up is and they say they haven’t done it yet. Seems a bit slack, what’s everyone else’s experience with repairs?
  12. Kryptonian

    Cliffhanger remake

    Alex Honnold assesses the climbing in Cliffhanger here: Cliffhanger is the last one, starts at 13:00. The rest is good as well, he’s ruined Christian Bale’s climb out of the pit in Batman though Cliffhanger is (loosely!) based on a true story, will be interested to see what they do with the remake.
  13. Kryptonian

    Nintendo Switch

    I wouldn’t expect anything else.
  14. It’s how Jane Foster becomes Thor too.
  15. Odin whispers something along those lines before he exiled him in Thor iirc. 2 mins in here:

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