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  1. This is on Disney+ now! Worth watching if you missed it before
  2. There was a similar topic to this recently and I was whinging about Roblox, my main beef was that my son would be playing a game where you click a button to make your guy bigger/stronger or whatever. He asked to play it on the PC so he could click the mouse rather than a button on a pad as it was easier to do without looking at the screen. This meant he could watch something else on his Switch. Neither of us were sure why he was playing the clicking game, classic gaming watching a number go up I suppose though? I don’t mind the other more social games on there that he plays with his pals.
  3. And the batteries are holding up ok?
  4. "want to own" is part of the problem I would say, it should be "want to play". But yeah, if low numbers are produced there's not a lot that can be done about it
  5. I usually keep on top of my game updates/it does it itself but tonight there’s 23! Has there been something rolled out, I think some said upgrade rather than update? It’s a random bunch - halo mcc, gears 5(? - maybe, I downloaded it for some games pass thing), slay the spire, streets of rage 4, no mans sky (think this had a sizeable update recently so it could be that), fallen order (and the deluxe upgrade), warzone etc Anyone else?
  6. Play has no limits? Besides the upgrade fees I guess.
  7. Yeah, I reckon that’s likely.
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