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  1. Kryptonian

    Xbox One Console Thread

    That’s a bit shit isn’t it? I would’ve expected it to work like other stuff. Surely you have to buy it with a Microsoft account so it should be tied to that? What a swizz
  2. Kryptonian

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Is the fortnite battlepass different to all/most other dlc etc then? Everything I’ve bought on my account the kids can play on theirs
  3. Kryptonian

    Far Cry 5 Photo Mode is now here

    You can access your screenshots and videos through the Xbox app on a phone
  4. Kryptonian

    Destiny 2 - July update inc prestige lairs now live

    What’s this bug @Mr Ben? With the name coming up
  5. Kryptonian

    The Ultimate Burger and Chips

    My wife has requested I make these again. They must have been ok if she remembers them nearly 12 years later.
  6. Kryptonian

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    You’ve taken it a little too far.
  7. Kryptonian

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    Billy the Duck
  8. Kryptonian

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Yeah it was really unintuitive. My son has had his account a couple of years and that prompt came up last week I think so they must have changed something.
  9. Kryptonian

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I’ve had this and I think it’s a bit of a glitch. It shouldn’t be charging you in US$ anyway if you’re in the UK and if you google ‘Xbox asking a parent to sign in’ you will get to the support page explaining how you should be able to fix it. It took a lot of messing about to be honest as their fix didn’t work for me - I had to sign in as my son on a laptop and tried to ‘buy’ a free item (once I had enabled his account to do that) and then in the next screen it says it needs parental permission. I picked ‘my parent is here now’ and I got a security code sent to my phone. When I went through those steps it said his account was now a Microsoft account. Hopefully this fixed it for good.
  10. Kryptonian

    Neo Geo Mini

    The mini part is a guess by kotaku is it not?
  11. Kryptonian

    Sega Announce MD Mini and Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered

    Well they weren’t going to use a debigulator to shrink the original hardware down.
  12. Kryptonian

    You're saying it wrong!

    Any takers for Ikaruga?
  13. Kryptonian

    Destiny 2 - July update inc prestige lairs now live

    It’s too late now, they just shouldn’t have changed it in the first place.

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