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  1. If you reach level 100 and then buy the battlepass, do you get all the rewards retroactively?
  2. Can you make something to compile from different sources @minstrels? I’m not sure how or what it’d look like but I have faith in you
  3. Ta, not heard of electronic first. I’ll keep an eye out
  4. Where do you regularly get £25 of credit for £20 pls?
  5. The ‘ditching consoles’ one I presume.
  6. The rolling was ok, the flick at the end kept getting me
  7. @sharak - was it the rolling the ball around one? I started the game a few weeks back and thought it was a terrible section.
  8. Luckily it’s really good so far!
  9. I bought Resident Evil 4 the other day, I was apprehensive as I thought the controls might be dated and/or crap but it's been fine so far. I have an issue with the Switch sticks in general as I find them a bit sensitive when compared to the Xbox but I've been pleasantly surprised. I don't think I've played it properly since the GCN or Wii so I'm hopefully in for a treat.
  10. I would always try to buy hardware from amazon based purely on their customer service/returns if it breaks. They have sorted out numerous xboxes for me whereas when I had to try deal with Game they were awful. John Lewis were decent too though so they are always an option.
  11. Obviously you might have picked this up by now but it’s on sale at the moment (as is resi 4)
  12. Kryptonian


    Enjoying Gun Bird 2
  13. +1 for egg box style
  14. I found Bells & Whistles: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Arcade-Archives-Bells-Whistles-1708133.html
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