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  1. Or the first 5 seconds of Expert 7 on Super Monkey Ball @Tim (@tbb)
  2. Serves you right for wanting a biryani x and pilau s rice though really.
  3. I don’t think anyone is saying that are they? I wasn’t, anyway.
  4. I think the names are a bit shit but they started down that path and now have to make the best of it, I’m assuming with the One S & X they’ve established the base and pro models are are just continuing that. However, I do think the ‘series’ part of the name is superfluous and rubbish. Is the Series S model actually an official thing or is it something that everyone is assuming at this stage?
  5. Back to Xbox stock drying up, I assumed it was down to lockdown and people buying them for something to do as well as lower numbers getting made/sent to stores due to the global pandemic. Is that unlikely then?
  6. @cohen205 - what’s going on here please?
  7. The BR is a watered down pistol
  8. Loads of good ones I can relate to in here, as well as this (technically cross gen) one: @metallicfrodo @Mystacon @kwakpriest @MalevolentPanda @Andy_Why
  9. Just book a repair through Nintendo
  10. My wife bought these for around £20 and will keep us going a while. If it’s something you’re going to make reasonably regularly the cost is ok. If you’re only going to use them once, it’s not very economical obviously.
  11. Depends on your definition of waste, if the kid likes it and it makes them happy it is that a waste? I wouldn’t buy that stuff myself (and don’t) still though.
  12. It wasn’t aimed at you, I was thinking more like if someone asked me now how much ‘screen time’ my kids have now and I compared to January it would be very different.
  13. I’m coming around to this to some extent. It’s still very much an occasional thing but I don’t mind so much. One of their pals spent £60 on Fortnite levels for the battlepass though (rather than levelling up) and then complained about not having anything to do which I’m totally against.
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