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  1. I’ve played it on the lite and have a problem with an eye. I don’t remember the font size being an issue though. edit - gonna have another look to see (hopefully)
  2. Does anyone have a duplicate Bunny Day Flooring recipe I could have please?
  3. I assume the PM/code system is currently in progress?
  4. Hmm, not showing up here, do we have to have met in game?
  5. I would like to join @Larsen B's queue if that's the process
  6. Thanks, let me know the cost and shipping arrangements please!
  7. Can anyone hook me up with a climbing wall please?
  8. This mirrors my situation. We bought another Switch (lite).
  9. Why is there no nip talk in here? 88 on my island, the pricks. Got this text from my wife “46 bells per nip. Fucking thieving shits. ”
  10. It sounds like you have a system that works now at least despite it being a faff
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