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  1. Still not recieved code from Amazon, Have checked junk folder & deleted just in case the wife has moved it there but still no luck. If anyone has a spare xbox one code i would be very gratefull, cheers.
  2. Pre ordered from amazon yesterday & haven't received beta code yet, is there anywhere on my account page it might be hidden? Cheers.
  3. A bit disappointed, went through every case & entered them all in, have 3750 points & nothing to spend them on.
  4. Not sure if anyone saw my little plea for an invite as it might have drowned amongst everything else, so please invite me. GT: Dazzx
  5. Hi, any chance of a preview invite as well please Gamertag : Dazzx
  6. You get Sky Go Extra for free if you have multiroom. You have to go onto their website & activate it though.
  7. The use of QR codes is so bloody easy. Installing Forza while shooting into town to pick up DR3. Also the machine is so quiet, if the lights weren't lit I would think its off.
  8. Updated. Took about 2 mins to download She won't but the kids will.
  9. Set up & updating 507mb. Pad feels very comfortable.
  10. Kenny is currently making delivery 1, I am delivery 4!! Havent told the wife I've bought it yet though.
  11. Have to agree about all the positives for Brothers. Short but doesn't feel short. Shame it finished as it was a pleasure to play from start to finish. The puzzles are fun more than head scratching, but that doesn't take anything away from it. If you're thinking about it, buy it. Also do not look at any spoilers, experience it for yourself.
  12. pong clone with 3 different games zx81 spectrum 48k, 128k+2 master system nes mega drive snes Gameboy Gameboy colour amiga n64 Saturn gba gba sp dreamcast xbox ps2 ds psp wii xbox 360 ps3 ds lite ds xl 3ds 3dsxl vita wii u several pc machines iphone 2,3,4,4s ipad 1, mini I think that covers it. I think I still have at least half of those machines in my loft.
  13. Beat em ups. Cant see the point after winning a couple of times. Except Powerstone, absolutely loved that one.
  14. Dazzx

    Getting old

    loved reading this thread, and have a lot to compare with other 40 plus gamers (was 42 in February). One thing Ive noticed though is that I can complete games easier now then a few years ago. My son of 11 tells me on averave a game takes me 4 days to finish in single player. But theres no way I could play a soul calibre like I used to years ago. I also agree that a game needs a bit more to hold me till the end then just 'cool moves' and a 'kick ass gun', although the latest dmc was fun from start to finish.
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