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  1. This has nothing to do with what we were discussing. What we were discussing and what my post was about is that articles like the one posted on the previous page are ignorant because they present an extreme view on the game's state, what it "means" or what it "represents", not unlike the extreme views which defend its faults.
  2. Sure, yes. Except the game isn’t broken, it’s not the worst thing a publisher has put out there, its working conditions- which is sadly an industry staple- do not cause a crisis of conscience (not more than other games), it doesn’t have toxic masculinity and it’s not the ultimate example of what’s wrong with the industry, especially when gamers have behaved much worse in other situations or when it actually tries to be ambitious compared to other AAA titles or while it’s offering storytelling, writing and characters which most people find amazing. So, yes, a lot of extreme shit has be
  3. Things can be equally bad for different reasons. But yes, it's not a 1:1 analogy.
  4. I guess you are going to have hyperbolic opinions like these when you post articles which include things like this: This is actually equally as bad and ignorant as those on the extremes who are attacking or defending the game.
  5. I do hope they have a 2K res mode with better graphics and full detail, photogrammetry, etc.
  6. This looks incredible. It can’t possibly look like this on SX, can it?
  7. Ok, I have finally be getting around to spend time with this great console. Can someone please tell me what is the consensus with color depth, 442 stuff, etc? They are way over my head and I googling it really didn't explain what I should do. I have an Oled B7, so its 4K@60.
  8. Becoming Rockstar is something impossible to force. On the other hand, Rockstar hasn’t produced something equivalent of Witcher 3 since San Andreas imo so...
  9. Oh yes, the famous approach of “post a Twitter clip analysis of gameplay systems at work”.
  10. It was reviewed on PC and it certainly wasn't unplayable. Besides, bugs can exist and the game still be able to showcase its merits. Releasing it on this state was certainly the right decision for the company at this moment, but reaching this moment was a string of bad management and shitty decisions. Either way the game looks really amazing and hopefully the more serious problems will soon be fixed for everyone.
  11. Ah, I didn’t know you care. I played some hours over the prologue as well and I stopped because I would never play it without the next gen patch, as I have said months ago. Why would I? Even in these hours though and despite the bugs (haven’t had major ones on the SX yet), I have seen things other RPGs have only ever dreamed of, especially on now the main story and characters are intertwined or express themselves. The city itself is something never before seen. I hope CD gives a much needed break to their team and then proceed with fixing any major problems. T
  12. How else is he going to use those fancy sky color changing mods?
  13. It was worse when I had done the LoUII review and was talking about it in the thread with another reviewer (I don’t remember who, apologies) before anyone had played it. At least now I have only dabbled with the prologue which is very extensive, White Orchard style, so not too much to share.
  14. My Greek gaming site, I write there for game reviews.
  15. It will probably be the ultimate edition by then.
  16. Not for consoles. There were no reviews sent for consoles, I just have the game early through the site, so I can’t even play it and show I’m playing it online actually until tomorrow.
  17. You will, can’t actually share anything until launch day. But I won’t be properly playing it until the next gen patch so my impressions will not be extensive.
  18. CDPR has said that the day one patch will be 43GB on consoles and on PC.
  19. That was about the review process, as a whole. I have only had the game since yesterday. You must have a lot of free time in your hands.
  20. I am not doing that though, my previous post was the first one about reviews I enjoyed or didn’t enjoyed, but feel free to assume whatever you like. I only got the code yesterday morning for the SX. CDPR hadn’t sent anything console related earlier.
  21. I have actually been playing it on the SX the last two days but will generally wait for a full play through for when the next gen patch comes.
  22. I find the backlash in these situations almost always unwarranted because no one has actually played the game to compare thoughts. Purely as a writing piece I found the review mediocre and unfocused, with arguments like “side quests don’t advance my main character feel in the main quest” (bit paraphrasing here, dont remember word by word) very general and without merit. The actual writing skills felt like a teenager was writing sometimes so I wasn’t won over. On the other hand I found her clean points about the trans advertising not being explored more in the game much more balance
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