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  1. It hasn't been explained but each camp or city are within a network and that provides some kind of shielding (see all the little rods around). Everything else built is slowly getting destroyed by timefall. At least that's how I make sense of it.
  2. Timefall destroys everything in time. Unless you have people constantly supporting a specific structure, I don't think this will become an issue. Plus, every new player doesn't see what other players have built unless they connect a place to the network first.
  3. I don't doubt, but aren't they the ones missing the point, like a great movie or a great book they just don't get? Or maybe not? A message of an artist can't really get through to all people anyway. As an example, how many people here play this for the numbers and the likes?
  4. That is a bit subjective, wouldn't you say? Maybe for some fun is actually trying to understand the meaning or the story of this game and how it all comes together, rather than focusing on its systems separately?
  5. But how would he make his point if this feature wasn't in the game? He has it there to actually show you that it is meaningless. I have never once stopped to think how much I like all those...likes. They play no part in my enjoyment of the game, which is the point he is trying to make: that you don't need to depend on likes and such to validate your worth to others. Simply helping and receiving help to get through is enough and more important. (Assuming he is making a point about all that of course).
  6. Isn't that exactly the irony we are talking about? Providing likes for something meaningful, like actual game help, instead of all the fake connection we feel by liking cat pictures who can play the trumpet?
  7. I am not so sure it is trying to replicate that to be honest. I think what it is essentially trying to do with its gameplay is a metaphor about how we are all alone and struggling with menial everyday tasks and how important a little help can be at the right times. I was being chased by some Mules into a mountain and there was no way to climb it, until I saw a rope someone had left there. I used it to climb up and then was able to escape by making it all the way up to the mountain where someone had built a generator (my skeleton needed charging, thank the strands). At that moment I realized that someone else had gone through the same experience and then decided to offer some help in case anyone -this case me- ran into the same thing. The feeling I got from that was something I never got from BOTW. I am not saying this works all the time or anything (I certainly struggle with many of its boring aspects), but maybe we shouldn't be thinking about its gameplay based entirely on norms.
  8. You have to built the generator to charge the bike. Then you can take it over a rocky slope frantically trying to avoid the BTs, get off when you get stuck without looking where you are, slide, fall, drop your cargo and damage everything, then run away to escape and reach your quest destination only to realize you have left the cargo you need on the bike. But, yeah, you need to build the generator.
  9. Its not the dpad, I have to press down the options button ffs. Those fucking fonts man...
  10. So it says I need to build a bridge and that I need to access the terminal already built. How on earth do I do that? I press down on dpad but for structure menu but nothing happens.
  11. You don't, not directly. You leave items for them, they leave items for you. You built stuff to help others, you leave likes to one another and, based on your likes and general status, you get help in some fights.
  12. Unfortunately Outer Worlds is in the same universe as this one.
  13. Also, there should be a fine for any developer who doesn't have proper size fonts or the ability to at least use bigger ones.
  14. Coming to this after the excruciatingly bad Outer Worlds feels like I have traveled into the future. I am only a few hours in but it is incredible to see such a risky design for a AAA game. It is fresh and exciting, even though it is about deliveries. The lore and world concept are extremely original, even though Kojima is still too proud to hire a damn editor. I am very intrigued, although I am prepared for everything going to shit.
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