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    Games. And many more stuff. I particularly enjoy reading long books about story analysis, characterization, etc. Yup. My life is super interesting.

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  1. Microsoft certainly should be doing better after such great build up and the Halo situation is a blow. But I just don't think first party titles matter as much in the traditional sense, certainly not for the audience Microsoft are aiming for, which I believe to be a more mainstream audience this time and quite far from the likes of us here. We usually demand from developers to take their time with their games and I am glad they are doing that with Halo. Their strategy is all about the game pass and the most "powerful console" moniker. Seeing how Sony really doesn't have anything worthwhile first party wise during lauch -and they won't for at least two years imo- it is not such a big blow if you look at it from a macroscopic view. Would it be great to have a good first party title at lauch? Sure. But would the availability of Halo give her any major advantage in their strategy? I'm not sure. It seems their plan is a slow burn this time.
  2. Where were you some pages ago when I argued about the same thing?
  3. Yeah, Destiny was quite a unique case, although to be fair the "infinite" on the title definitely suggests some kind of mmo/subscription approach to design. But 500m? After the latest showing? I highly doubt it.
  4. Just to be clear, that is an unconfirmed rumor.
  5. If by some miracle CD has the Cyberpunk next gen patch out and Microsoft does a console pack with the game claiming it has the best version, well, absence of Halo or Forza will mean very little.
  6. And it's -technically- not even next gen. I cannot begin to imagine what a full blown production of the Witcher for the new consoles will look like.
  7. FS 2020 is the main attraction for me as well at this point and I have high hopes it will be great on the SX based on its power. I would appreciate some more information about it though. Also, the possibility of playing CP2077 at its best.
  8. I meant about how they launched the One. That showed very little expertise about their audience's habits. Thank God they have started to regain some ground.
  9. No, Phil said "august" generally. I am wondering when they will decide to reveal the price.
  10. Of course they are, we are just expressing opinions here. To be fair though, that expertise didn't really appear last gen.
  11. Sure, but that has nothing to do with game pass though. My point is about the S being a good strategy to lure people into game pass. I don't think it is. Sure, it will bring some but will it be a game changer? I doubt it. I believe one console, totally dedicated to game pass, cheaper than the PS5, no drive and a strong offer for ultimate sub would be a better solution to send their message. We can just wait and see, no point in going around in circles.
  12. As I said, and others have told you, the circumstances are completely different. The psychology of the buyer is completely different when it comes to new consoles or redesigns. People who buy two or three consoles will have no problems to buy their S, alongside the X, as @JPL said. But very few people have two or three consoles.
  13. Yes, you can simply fuck off and it will bother you no further.
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