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  1. Many game moments like that. Playing The Immortal on the Amiga, Zelda on the NES, IK+, Deus Ex, Resident Evil... Lately I have to say Witcher 3 for its sheer scale and attention to detail in everything and Red Dead Redemption 2. When I play it occasionally on the X I still can't understand how these graphics are possible.
  2. That is a good podcast man, well done.
  3. Poster is amazing, classic Star Wars style.
  4. What about the MeToo movement, which exposed powerful sex offenders and helped clear the movie industry at least a little bit?
  5. To a what? Sexual harassment is extremely difficult to prove and extremely difficult to accuse someone of, especially someone with significant more power than you. Rape or attempted rape or sexual assault is also very difficult to prove, especially when years have passed by. If you add how difficult it is to come out with these allegations as a person and the fact that sexual harassment is not even a crime in the states and most countries in the world, you should at least take into consideration how few choices -if any- the victims have. Why do you think that psychologists and most of the times HR and support groups urge for victims to come out and reveal what happened to them? Because it's extremely difficult to do anything else that will actually bring them justice and peace.
  6. Zelda didn't do anything new with its mechanics either. And those open world destructible games are omitting the story. They each advanced games in a certain sector, as W3 did with the integration of open world RPGs and strong narrative, which was considered "impossible" until then. Cyberpunk is going one step further, at least it will try, as it will offer a sandbox gameplay in a strong, open ended story with the quality of a single player game, which is also considered "impossible". The mechanics you are talking about never change substantially unless we get a revolution in AI and super advanced tech. It is the combination of them in new worlds and story design that can bring about new experiences on that front. At the moment at least. If you have ideas of an unprecedented way of doing sandbox questing that has never been done before, then you should have really taken that job in CDPR.
  7. What would make you not turned down the opportunity to work in the game? What would your alternatives be in the mechanics?
  8. You do not know how the systems will interconnect yet, the sandbox, the open world, how the story will play out, what options you will have, what you will be able to unlock for use from quests or street vendors, what roads will "cool" open up, your background, how your companions will play out, etc. Every game that has different styles of play reminds us of Deus Ex. That doesn't mean much. Witcher 3 felt like a normal rpg playing it, with its abilities, its mediocre combat, etc. But the way it combined everything created an experience unlike any other. If this is actually like the last two Deus Ex games I will be gravely disappointed.
  9. So because it has hacking and different ways to approach things you think this is like Deus Ex? If I am forced to crawl through a vent every other minute and make a mockery of super high security banks where I can go in by unlocking a window, I will go full solo rampage on this thing and kill everyone in Night City.
  10. I don't think there's any proper numbers around for all the acquisitions. I'm assuming that they are pretty cheap because there's just so many of them. This model was tried before for many years, when publishers were specifically releasing low quality games but at very low retail prices. Noone knew the games of course so there were no expectations. But Nordic has acquired some proper IPs, which were very good games back in the day. I'm really wondering how this will pan out, because they seem they are only interested in the nostalgia factor to drive sales. Can't possibly have all those "40 games im development" aiming to compete in today's market, so they are going for a business model we have never actually seen in a sense.
  11. Leave Pillars, it’s pretty boring with a shitty story and bad writing. Both Orginal Sins are some of the best rpgs ever made. Go for them in any way you can.
  12. I really don’t understand the business plan here. Are they aiming for low quality but cheaper games, based on nostalgia factor for sales? Nothing really good has come out of the company yet. Where do they find the funding for all these acquisitions?
  13. You would be right if I had a choice as a player to do these side quests in my own time, without locking the progress of the main game for me. Now the progress of the main game is halted unless I engage with the side quests, hence the existence of time boosters. It’s shameful design but, as gamers, we are really used to this kind of abuse, especially since microtransactions became a thing.
  14. I don't get this and we have certainly talked about it before. Why should the players be forced in any way to do things they don't enjoy? It's as simple as that, surely. What is this complex way you are suggesting? This is not an MMO, the level gating exists only to push the players to microtransactions. If I want to do the main story without doing anything else, I should be able to do it. Simple as that.
  15. It's more than a black mark. It's entirely stupid on every level. The only reason this is allowed in design is because they want to push players in microtransactions to buy the boosts. Reviews should have buried the game when it came out, especially since it didn't have level scaling.
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