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  1. That may be true up to a point but Sony’s first parties don’t sell very well compared to other 3rd parties and sell very low in analogy to the established PS player base. Microsoft does indeed need a couple of AAA games which can capture the public’s imagination but the problem is more about brand loyalty than availability of games. Sony was kicking ass way before they had any real AAAs. With some exceptions they only managed to create their first party portfolio this generation. It’s not something that can be done in a generation or two, it takes time. Sony is amazing in “selling” th
  2. Well, today it only takes a random screenshot or image to label people anything. Heaven forbid someone claims something about someone on Twitter. You are fucked my friend.
  3. If we were aiming for different things you would be right.
  4. It is one of the main problems of that post. It actually creates more polarization than education, even though it is important for it exist based on the things that CDPR has actually done wrong.
  5. Your solution to this supposedly transphobic poster is to dictate to the artist where and when things should be allowed? The poster makes sense for the world its in in my opinion and as an ad it needs no other context than what we get in real life as well. Its dark and suggestive theme is precisely the point. If there is indeed a correlation of many things like this in the game and a transphobic pattern arises, then absolutely the use of this ad will be revealed as shameful and transphobic. So let us wait and see if the game is anything like that first.
  6. The twitter comments made by those people at CDPR were awful and I believe at least one of them has been fired and an apology has been issued on behalf of the others. Does this show that there may be people with that frame of mind working there? Absolutely. And CDPR should be on top of it as much as they can. Does this prove that the company is transphobic, as the resetera post states? No, not really. The post is eloquent and well researched by it fails to be objective enough. The argument that there is no depth to the character in the ad poster makes little sense. Ads do not have
  7. The only thing Microsoft needs to complete their victory is Atlus on gamepass, all Personas included.
  8. Yeah. I really think we are witnessing something unprecedented in the industry. This is now beyond fanboyism and it feels like a mass delusion of lost and psychologically confused people. So, yes, a cult is a suitable moniker for them.
  9. Ι actually think that may be his only way out. Any amount of unfinished game with the "released" moniker on it will satisfy the, frankly, almost deranged crowds. Then all he has to say is "nothing released is perfect, huge patches coming soon" and probably have another kickstarter.
  10. How is it possible for a company of this magnitude, at such an important time and launch, not to be able to properly word some very simple things regarding their flagship product? Such incompetence.
  11. This is technically beautiful and runs much better than I expected. I was worried from the videos because I did not like the tone or the writing much. It felt very "Divinity", which means being light hearted and silly for most of the time. I am still worried. Not that the Divinity writing didn't fit its style but I was expecting a darker and more mature writing based on the history of the series and how writing has generally evolved. This probably means that it is going to be Divinity essentially but in a different costume and rules, which is ok, I guess, just not what I was expect
  12. Graphics are amazing but what actually matters, like animations, AI and simulation I doubt they we’ll have serious gameplay improvements. It’s 2K we are talking about so, for me, it’s kinda disappointing people consider paying so much.
  13. But what makes your argument different than Poland then? In Poland it is expected to work Saturdays, overtime and with less benefits if you want to keep your job. It is a twisted expectation much like Japan. They both have it in their culture as it is now. This is why you are using double standards.
  14. Sure, but it’s not usually simple overtime where you work some more hours during a week. Usually you reach the crunch period after you have already worked overtime for months and months. Crunch entails days where people work much more than 8 hours every day, sleeping in offices, etc for months. Companies bend the laws by having private agreements with employees who in turn are worried about losing their job. It’s a seriously unhealthy period which leaves many people disillusioned or depressed. A big percentage actually of young devs who go through this actually quit the industry. S
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