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  1. How is the performance on this? Any changes after the patch or should I wait for more fixes?
  2. I do not accept that because Microsoft was doing that before the acquisition, it’s a difference in strategy. Sony was not forced to choose their strategy because they don’t have 70 billion. They just thought it would be the best way to go. Anyways. That’s all.
  3. My points have been very clear, maybe you haven’t read carefully. This acquisition cannot destroy Sony, as Sony claims. But it can certainly harm them and the reason is that they haven’t got an answer to GP offering more and more games, games which will cost full price on their platform. That is a difference in strategy between the two companies. Microsoft has built their strategy to allow that, while Sony has built their own needing the full price of their AAAs or 3rd party games.
  4. Thank the lords your post is a shining example of proper arguments against my nonsense then.
  5. Well, if poor and weak Sony cannot afford a strategy, how on earth are they on top of the world? Oh wait, they also used a shifting time in the industry to take advantage of their new technology and throw money at it until customers had only one choice in the end. Thats a great strategy in my book, since this is all about business. 🙂
  6. I replied clearly to everything, you just didn’t have any arguments, so you kept posting empty questions like “what do you mean by Sony exclusives?” So let’s just drop it and move on.
  7. I just quoted another poster about 3rd party exclusivity. Have no idea what’s going on with Stanley, so I’ll just move on.
  8. Well, it was just feedback on why my response was like that. From your tone now it certainly doesn’t feel your comment was lighthearted in the first place, which, it really wasn’t, right? edit: English is not my native language so if “sorry to inform you” has any insulting meaning or tone I wasn’t aware of it.
  9. It didn’t read like a lighthearted comment coming after my post, sorry to inform you. But it’s good to know that it was. Just try to be less provocative, no reason to be like that in what already has been a heated discussion for months.
  10. No one is keeping you here. Your constant and, frankly, useless remarks are beginning to tire.
  11. I am not sure what you are arguing here. 3rd party exclusives have always been a good choice to get games out there, yes, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s just using money to limit customer choice and advance a platform in the market by creating a huge advantage which translates to sales to marketing and eventually to brand strength and awareness. Are you saying that this is all good because games would not get made any other way, ever? If so , that is quite a ridiculous thing to suggest.
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