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  1. E06 is all sorts of amazing.
  2. Paul3704


    Christ that was funny. "Get me to the airport, at Diana speed"
  3. Paul3704


    No, I think Ann's right. Apart from the cinematography & food - it is pretty bad. Season 2 started well enough but has gone full retard this last couple of episodes. If you stop and think about any of it for too long, it all falls to pieces (story wise). I'll watch it to the end (because the wife is somewhat enjoying it), but it's just daft - and takes itself too seriously. Edit: Orphan Black, Fargo, Continuum and to a lesser extent Dusk till Dawn are all better than this.
  4. Deadlight reminds me of Persian Gulf Inferno from days of yore. It's alright.
  5. A weak season, but a great finale with some impressive cameos. Surprised there's another season though, I think it's run its course. There's nowhere to go.
  6. Really enjoying this. Excellent characters and dialogue. Billy Bob is particularly menacing.
  7. Just got back from this with my son. It's really, really good - in my opinion it's just as good as Avengers. The action scenes are particularly outstanding, with set piece coming straight after set piece. Puts together an introduction for the next avengers film - and namedrops a few other characters from the Marvel universe. Can't do spoiler tags on a phone because I'm both old AND reluctant to learn new things - but it's lively.
  8. And that's it!!! Series 2 starts in 2015. That was slow to start but decent once it got going; as soon as it got going - it was finished.
  9. Last couple of seasons have gone pretty poor I think. I'm not finding it funny anymore, even my kids seem bored with it.
  10. Yeah, I prefered the Dawn of The Dead remake, much tighter I thought.
  11. Just watched this with my son - he was suitably impressed with the three helicarriers attacking each other. Looks awesome.
  12. Paul3704


    This has got really good as of late. There's great new characters being drip fed into the series - and existing characters changing, but none of it feels rushed. It's all happening at just the right pace. The action sequences have come on a lot, Roys are a real highlight.
  13. Yeah. Been watching it with the Missus and it's 'alright' in a safe, White Collar kind of way. It has picked up since the Christmas break though.
  14. Yeah, same here. Thought it was a beautiful story and really well done. .
  15. Paul3704


    I really thought this went a bit Dexter midway through season one. The present Mrs. 3704 & I spent the season one finale wondering why the entire FBI never put together that Hannibal was a bit of a killer, despite all the evidence pointing to him; two corpses being found in his office might warrant an investigation, rather than visitors being sidetracked by the fact that he has a library and drapes that contrast nicely with the rest of the room. It seemed it was just spinning time away until the second season - which has Will Graham in prison looking a bit confused.
  16. Gave up into series 2. There's better things out there that are far more worthy of my time. The first series was entertaining enough but I think it badly lost it's way, I don't care about the characters, what they're doing or where they want to end up. There were funny bits in the first series, I've seen none since.
  17. Brooklyn nine nine is actually pretty decent once the characters settle down. The wife and I have been enjoying it, and it's one of the few comedies with genuinely funny moments.
  18. I felt the same way watching this that I felt watching Goodfellas back in 1990. It's completely captivating and brilliant.
  19. Good episode, caught quite a few send offs of other shows. I liked Abeds Will Graham from Hannibal. He's right, it IS poorly written.
  20. Nah, his show is excellent and he has a real passion for the music. Always worthy of a listen for the diversity if nothing else.
  21. Anyone else think that random homeless woman looks a little like bi-polar girls mum?
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