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  1. First one I've watched since the very first one, so I'm quite enjoying it. I think it might drag after a while, but I'll see how it goes. Makes a nice change from football being constantly rammed down my throat.
  2. I don't think it was fixed as such. It was mentioned before the woman went in that she was quite desperate to get into the house, paying as she did four grand for a ticket. If it came out AFTER, and by the newspapers, that she went into the house that by paying so much, it'd seem a little suspicious. The clothes being there; C4 probably just covered all the options with an alternate set of clothes for different people. She doesn't seem terribly bright though does she, being outwitted by three doors in 15 minutes. Grace doesn't look happy at all.
  3. When I got my first computer (Toshiba MSX) I got Jet Set Willy 2, which had Moonlight Sonata as the theme. For some reason, when I hear that music, I always have a flashback to the game. My favourite, and perhaps most nostalgic, music is the haunting music on Ocarina Of Time. It set the tone of the game so well.
  4. I had the same issues with Half Life 2. It's very pretty graphically, the physics are good, and the storyline isn't too bad, but as a game I found it an utter chore to play. I ended up getting about halfway through and then legging it through to the end just to see if it improved and lived up to the hype. Horses for courses and all, but I just didn't enjoy it and found it a charmless experience. I've also found that a lot of games (but not all) seem too similar too each other, and it's hard to get enthusiastic about completing, or even continuing with them.
  5. I quite like Ashleen in all honesty. It seems the camera isn't on her a great deal, and although she looks like a pig without her makeup, she seems a reasonably decent sort. I've not noticed her bitching too much either, and she seems to be the only person to mention Sams overbearing niceness to her directly, without it turning confrontational.
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