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  1. I'd be willing to jump back on this - not played it for a while...
  2. Nope. But I will be doing based on alien/pig hardcore interaction.
  3. Seb seems to genuinely want to make a difference. Despite all the fingers shite when he won with Red Bull all the time, I can't help but like and respect the guy now. None of the other drivers are doing shit like this, except when it's a massive PR stunt. This doesn't smell like that.
  4. Yeah, one episode in and it's looking something very special. The first and last scenes were incredibly well done.
  5. Really enjoyed this, thought it was well put together and different enough to stand out. One thing glares though, and I'm not sure if it's part of the plot or an oversight...
  6. What a game!! Completed it tonight. The puzzles aren't mega-taxing, though there were a few that had me scratching my chin. The last section is a proper 'WOW' moment (You'll know what I mean if you get to it - for the love of FUCK don't use Google). Music is great, and reminded me of the Amelie, it's an utterly charming experience. Just short of five hours to complete.
  7. Watched this on the strength of the recommendations in here. Cheers fellas! An awesome show.
  8. Finally a 'new' game I'm better than my son at. Enjoyed every minute of this, best game I've played all year.
  9. Me and my little clonette will be online from about 6:30 tonight playing this on Xbox for the new pack. We wouldn't mind teaming up with people on here if anyone is after jumping on, ideally in a galleon. We're both finally at Legend, but will happily play with newcomers. GT: Paul3704
  10. It's do-able in single player, but it is much harder. My daughter and I are on tonight if you want to jump on with us?
  11. This is SO much better than winter soldier and his flying mate. Reminds me of The Boys in a lot of ways. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. Don't rain on my parade is great fun. The MGS level is a work of genius.
  13. There's LOADS of loose ends in this. Jon Hamm in two scenes, the Egyptian scene at the start of one of the episodes, the Martian face hugger coming to Earth bit... I quite like there's a lot of depth and shit to call back to. I'm loving this.
  14. I played Railway Empire a lot over lockdown*, and it really scratches that Transport Tycoon itch. Great looking, massively flexible and clearly defined goals for each scenario. Build railways and transport goods into towns, the towns expand requiring new goods, new connections etc. There's around 20 scenarios in the base game and a lot of cheap DLC bringing in other countries with unique goods. Has an online challenge mode (I used to rank between 10th and 20th on the scenarios) but be warned, it's addictive as hell as you try to position your stations and warehouses perfectly to create a route with minimum gradient for the earlier engines. *I sank 477 hours into it on PS4 in 2020, and just bought it again on xbox...
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