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  1. Paul3704

    XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen

    Agree with the above about the GTS & AWS. If you've got the expansion, get an infirmary and a Training centre. With the expansion it is possible to make do with a single resistance contact room and a single power source - but probably not on your first playthrough. Find 6 soldiers at least one of each class, and when they get to the top rank, make them bright yellow or something so they stand out and remember to look after them. Make sure your grenadier has a WAR Suit at some point, everyone else can get the advanced light armour (forgot the name, but it gives extra health and armour - it's a squad upgrade). If you've got the expansion, I found the reapers incredibly useful, as are the covert missions which allow you to build up ability points to spend on your yellow soldiers (as well as other perks like free resistance contacts and free power upgrades. Don't kill the chosen straight off - as the covert missions drop in quality, and you can't meet the chosen again to kill them in a regular mission (each kill grants 5 ability points). Get used to saying "FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!" a lot.
  2. American Werewolf in London?
  3. Paul3704

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Quick question about the Wii U version - can you have multiple saves going (a game for my son and a game for me) or not? He was playing yesterday and I don't remember seeing the traditional three save spots for different adventures.
  4. Paul3704

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I think he meant Seeker.
  5. There was an Imax trailer that came on before Star Wars which I can't seem to see online. Felt about 7 minutes long and told three different stories (the pier, fighter planes over the sea and a small boat being requisitioned by the Navy). It was incredibly tense. The entire cinema went silent.
  6. Paul3704

    The Flash - TV series

    Did Arrow get good again or did it just keep spiralling down? Gave up after S3. Also, Supergirl and LOT worth watching?
  7. Paul3704

    The Witness

    Desert Area - what's with the markings on the floor in front of the temple? I can't get them all reflecting in the sun.
  8. Paul3704

    The Witness

    The final tree puzzle that people seem to force - it's to do with the branches not matching up with what's on the panel. Not sure what to do in the small courtyard it opens up to though.
  9. Paul3704

    The Witness

    Where can I find this for the PS4? Thought it would be promoted on the Playstation Store - but can't find it anywhere.
  10. Paul3704

    The Flash - TV series

    The kid at the end - that's Olivers son isn't it - as revealed in Arrow season 2?
  11. Latest episode - in the elevator with the mirrors, how the fuck did they film that?
  12. Paul3704

    Arcade Club (Bury, near Manchester)

    I'm going tonight. How busy does it get?
  13. Paul3704

    Fear the Walking Dead Thread

    It's not THAT bad - as in The Strain levels of badness, whereby there's a vampire apocalypse in Manhattan - yet nine months later you can still order Indian food for delivery. Characters are alright, pace is decent (from nothing at the beginning of episode one to neighbours being eaten by the end of episode two and the power starting to fail). The acting isn't bad - and whilst the writing isn't Fargo - it does the job and moves the story along. TWD as a whole package is watchable and entertaining - but nothing special. This is no different so why expect anything else? As long as the next four episodes aren't set on a farm where fuck all happens, it's not doing too badly.
  14. Paul3704

    Mobster movies/TV shows

    Gommorah (the series) is pretty incredible. much better than the film in my opinion
  15. Paul3704


    I was into this about fifteen years ago, but forgot about it as it was a ballache to find coverage once Sky took over. Been getting into it again lately, mainly because I need my racing fix - and F1 is becoming so dull to watch, it's embarassing.

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