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  1. Yakuza Zero. Thought this would be the series to replace Shenmue for me. Turned out to be a self consciously “zany” load of nonsense featuring never ending random fights with anonymous goons.
  2. It’s up against some pretty stiff competition, but this has potential to be the worst Christmas film ever.
  3. Agreed, the Leon Vynehall one was a bitter disappointment. He’s put out some great stuff in the past.
  4. Surprised by that, the DJ Kicks albums have been consistently solid in the past @Art Vandelay
  5. Yesterday. 1/5 I’m a Beatles fan but this was cat shit.
  6. I loved Assemble with Care. Really nice, gentle relaxing game - ideal if you’ve got a spare hour to sit down somewhere quiet and enjoy it with a cup of tea / beverage of your choice.
  7. “My aim is not to get on with people.” actual LOL
  8. By a bizarre coincidence I also watched this last night and wholeheartedly agree with your evaluation of the film.
  9. Any chance this is an actual childhood memory of you and your sister going on various family holidays, and you’ve somehow reimagined it as a cartoon series?
  10. I’ve got a 4K Apple TV and certainly all the games I’ve played so far perform really well on it.
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