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  1. I mean, pretty much this entire movie qualifies, but particularly Dustin Hoffman’s line at 1:38.
  2. I’d take Detective Pikachu and Dumbo off your list too.
  3. Can’t complain too much about their top 3 in my opinion.
  4. The fuck? I’ve just realised this list does not have Pan’s Labyrinth on it. Borat and Ted but no Pan’s Labyrinth.
  5. Indeed. One of the most cock witheringly tedious films ever made, never mind in this century.
  6. Perhaps they should have called it 100 Best Pop, R&B and Rap Albums for people who don’t listen to much music.
  7. Has there ever been a top 100 list that didn’t resemble a boiled dog turd?
  8. Only just started listening to the album properly and have to agree with the consensus here that it is excellent, really getting into it. No one else makes music quite like it.
  9. The Guardian’s music section is absolute fucking garbage.
  10. Berk Daft Spunk Goldcrapp Paul Wanka
  11. Fierce Poodle

    The Jazz Thread

    Juicy Fruit was definitely his best work though.
  12. I watched the full Farley stream. Looked very average to me, and I’m not convinced the ‘choices’ you make have any real impact on the story.
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