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  1. Day 04 - The oldest track you love Blue in Green by Miles Davis (1959) I’m probably going to regret blowing my load too early on Miles, but I can’t not include this track.
  2. Day 3 - The newest track you love Never come back by Caribou Tricky category this one, but my pick is this melancholic classic by Dan Snaith & co.
  3. @Waggo Yeah you’re right, I must be getting it mixed up with something else. Fuck knows what though. Sorry, it’s been a long day.
  4. The Rolling Stones song that really hasn't aged well is Paint It Black - it's basically Mick drooling over scantily clad underage girls. Not easy to listen to these days. Oh, and anything by Morrissey obviously, but that's purely because he's an obnoxious racist dick.
  5. Day 02 - Album you never tire of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd There are several albums that fit the bill for this category but this masterpiece just about edges it.
  6. I’ve no idea really, but I have heard it’s a bit better than it was when first released. But probably still shit. Either way, it’s Fallout innit?
  7. Fallout 76 should have been on GP from the start. Quite looking forward to giving it a spin.
  8. Day 1 - Track you never tire of Birdland by Weather Report I notice, with mild disgust, that there is no day devoted to favourite Jazz Fusion track, hence my inclusion of the awesome Birdland here.
  9. I don’t know if my opinion counts for anything, but I thought it was cat shit.
  10. Ha, no worries fella. I’m far from a Pitchfork apologist, it just felt like a bit of a pile-on on my poor little post
  11. Fuck me, I just thought it might be an interesting article for people who enjoyed this album. Personally I wasn’t that bothered about the album and only skim read the article, I didn’t expect a critique of Pitchfork’s editorial policy.
  12. Yeah this really came out of nowhere didn’t it? Listened to it a few times now and it’s already growing on me, I reckon this could shape up to be at least as good as Song for Alpha. As you say it’s loaded with bangers, but at the moment I’m preferring the more low-key comedown of the second half of the album. Either way it’s a stone cold contender for AOTY.
  13. I’ve watched the first six episodes on iplayer. As kerraig says, it’s brilliant. I love it.
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