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  1. Probably just dry hump you in that case. Now let’s stop stinking up the thread
  2. You should listen to them. Else I’ll chew your bollocks off and vomit them back down your neck.
  3. Jesus, who is watching this shit.
  4. Yeah, this was a really nice surprise. Some properly funny lines and situations had me guffawing away, which doesn’t happen often in family films.
  5. Can’t believe You has got a third series given the amount of stuff Netflix has culled in the past with barely a second thought.
  6. Oh sure, I just meant in terms of wishing you had some better drugs
  7. Man, wait til you get to the white album.
  8. Sadly I think Monkey Ball will be down to a fiver come January.
  9. I’m amazed the Dark Pictures Anthology is still going. Who is buying that shit?
  10. I thought the ending was bloody brilliant personally, comparing it to the garbage fire that was Dexter is preposterous. But what was the relevance of the red hair? Did I miss something obvious?
  11. I assume this will have updated controls, mid-mission save points and GTAV-quality graphics?
  12. Goddamit I had zero interest in this but now I really want the white one. Is it in stock anywhere?
  13. Please let there be some closure on what happened to the kitten from the first game.
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