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  1. I mean, I like it but just wanted to check in here before committing a dreadful faux pas by admitting to it in polite company.
  2. Is this album considered Balearic?
  3. Wait, you can boost?
  4. Agreed. All I can say is I have felt very safe the two times I have been to the cinema since it reopened (the second time we were the only people in our screen).
  5. Yeah it was Kaufman’s partner on that film that came out with that line. The pair of them came across as a pair of miserable, pretentious arseholes in that interview. Maybe they were just having a bad day.
  6. If you actually listen to the review, Kermode makes it clear that he thinks Kaufman is a genius and has made some fantastic films, although he was not completely sold on this new movie. In fact it is Simon Mayo who launches into a rant about what a load of self indulgent drivel it is.
  7. Fierce Poodle

    The Jazz Thread

    Great compilation of, well, jazz from Japan. Some terrific tracks in there. http://bbemusic.bandcamp.com/album/j-jazz-deep-modern-jazz-from-japan-1969-1984
  8. The actual story is very straightforward though, and not difficult to follow. It's all the time bending stuff which fucks with your mind - whether there is any actual depth to this or if it's just smoke and mirrors will probably reveal itself (or not) over several viewings. Anyway, I loved it and it was great to be back in the cinema again. Whether you like Nolan or not, there aren't too many other directors doing this sort of thing for mainstream audiences. Not sure how people are saying the action sequences were poorly executed, the highway scene was fucking ace!
  9. The key to enjoying it is not to overthink it, just go with it and have fun. Unless you get a kick out of overthinking things, in which case knock yourself out.
  10. Snowpiercer Made by Bong Joon-Ho before Donald Trump had heard of him. Fucking magnificent. 5/5
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