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  1. Just watching the “highlights” of the opening ceremony on BBC 1. Compared to the other recent displays this is utter cat shit.
  2. I heard Mark Kermode review this. He basically described it as one of the greatest music documentaries ever, which certainly piqued my interest.
  3. Tim Reaper has been putting out some really strong stuff recently. His last couple of EPs are absolute bangers. This one is a collab with Comfort Zone. Worth a listen if you’re a jungle/DnB head!
  4. Lead single from Lone’s new album out in October. Edit: listened to this several times now and I love it. The video complements the music well too.
  5. Which one? I didn’t notice.
  6. Don’t let their bitterness get to you. We’ve got to the semifinals and the final of the last two tournaments and we have a team we can be proud of, unlike some.
  7. A real shame but it could be worse, we could be Scotland fans.
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